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To Mike Tranz- Your filter & my Alzheimers    new!karennma182/23/2017 11:59:51 PM
A NEW ^VIX TRADING SYSTEM    new!Kevin_in_GA4692/23/2017 7:39:06 PM
HOLO - HIGHEST OPEN / LOWEST OPEN    new!TheRumpledOne272/23/2017 7:22:34 PM
Breakout Trading Filter - GREAT RESULTS!    new!wilson382/23/2017 9:22:36 AM
need help with a long cosolidation screen    new!fwankie02/23/2017 6:29:56 AM
Interesting short term swing trade screenerselfhigh0502/17/2017 7:55:01 AM
Question about Delta Percentagesdavesaint8622/16/2017 8:05:01 PM
Short term (1-20d), directional, option trades, is there any...ricksieminski32/16/2017 6:05:56 PM
5% A WEEK FILTER (BASED ON TRO'S CROCK POT)Kevin_in_GA3292/15/2017 3:42:27 PM
Sharpe Allocation Filter - 11 ETS Want to Add Two Moredavesaint8692/15/2017 10:04:42 AM
Question about this Filterdavesaint8602/14/2017 9:12:42 PM
Shills ultimate $1 Filtershillllihs1752/13/2017 1:39:28 PM
Filter Helpirishpitbull32/11/2017 9:45:47 PM
Stan Weinstein Methodtxtrapper82/7/2017 3:03:55 PM
EMA(3) crossing EMA(21) on Volume spikearimont52/7/2017 3:32:17 AM
Bottoming & J Hook Formation Chartahcsim7202/3/2017 9:56:05 AM
Who is playing the weekly MACD?marine291/29/2017 4:39:47 PM
4% breakout scan:ham119811/23/2017 6:12:36 PM
% movent up from the 30 day low to the 30 day highTheRumpledOne11/23/2017 4:27:35 PM
Van Tharp Position Sizing - Need Help to Correct This Filterdavesaint8611/19/2017 12:44:56 PM
How do I convert the below filter to a alert for swing tradi...shastry1731/19/2017 12:33:40 AM
Weekly Price Filter - Need a Little Helpdavesaint8611/16/2017 2:13:56 PM
Filter Questionpthomas21521/16/2017 10:47:32 AM
Need Just a Little Helpdavesaint8641/14/2017 7:23:16 PM
RSI-9/30 Dailydavesaint8601/10/2017 9:34:07 PM
Relative Average Oscillatordrew991/10/2017 3:31:20 PM
Trend Template by Mark Minervinidonaldtrump51/9/2017 9:03:18 AM
Need a Little Help - RSI(14) is making a new three year hig...davesaint8631/6/2017 1:25:25 PM
Ichimoku chartingmistlethrush431/6/2017 8:47:16 AM
RSI(2) - The Little Indicator That CouldTheRumpledOne2561/6/2017 8:04:26 AM
Color a region in indicatorDITMTrader112/30/2016 11:06:33 PM
Finding the end of a counter trend move.DanPettit57512/29/2016 4:55:51 PM
Removing an Indicatorgot2bfree112/24/2016 9:47:51 PM
Highest close within last X days?got2bfree412/24/2016 8:31:36 PM
I have been working on this for a whiletkirkpatrick1112/24/2016 9:36:13 AM
I need a fresh set of eyes to look over this code.SAFeTRADE312/21/2016 12:49:28 AM
Trend Confirmationsvishaljvora412/20/2016 11:34:05 PM
IBD Relative-Strength Filtervishaljvora012/20/2016 11:32:44 PM
Setting a Buy Limitwcurtis212/20/2016 10:29:21 PM
help incorporating S&P or NasdaqEightball212/12/2016 9:30:28 AM
POPS: I need coding helpSFMc01312/11/2016 5:26:29 PM
Pretty Great Shortshillllihs612/9/2016 12:24:48 PM
Need a little helpdavesaint86212/7/2016 8:22:51 AM
VarOffset not working?davidricardo2017212/4/2016 6:42:30 PM
Filter Requestmiketranz212/4/2016 8:19:24 AM
Go Slow Accumulation Dollar Cost Averaging Strategydavesaint86012/3/2016 9:17:31 PM
An Interesting XIV VXX and SPY FilterSAFeTRADE5512/3/2016 7:30:23 PM
Including indices in symlist?davidricardo2017112/3/2016 10:58:40 AM
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