SymbolCompanyLastPrice ChartChg(%)VolumeVolume Chartmaxplmaxplpcthigh5open4f14xf14Fast Stochastic(14,3) %Kbbtrendatrtrendvolcntvdblvolpcthioptrendcxc_cxe5e3xe6e13xe26cxm50cxm200m50xm200
USERUser Testing Inc7.4-0.13,009,3000.050.687.457.40-261.292-12045.930.0110-4-4-92828281
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NINENine Energy Service Inc8.9-1.71,597,4001.1911.9511.1910.00-441.83-112-10-23.780.46111-3-2-2434549-1
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