Introduction to StockFetcher Filters

Dynamic filtering

StockFetcher's text-based filtering is a unique method for creating high-powered stock screens, using plain-english phrases. The fundamental concept behind the free-text filters is to provide a natural, non-mathematical way to tap into the power of the technical analysis features available on StockFetcher. Through a mix of well-defined and clear-meaning phrases, along with popular and powerful technical indicators, StockFetcher provides an incredible amount of screening power.

Once you've defined the filter you're looking for, all of the dynamic screening is perfomed in real-time on the latest end-of-day data using StockFetcher's proprietary technical indicator, stock price data, and charting engine. The results seen from the free-text queries have not been pre-built, it's the result of the specific phrases created.

Multiple Combinations

Another powerful aspect of the free-text filters is the ability to create combinations of stock filters. By joining several well-defined phrases, StockFetcher will dynamically build a filter using each of the specified indicators. Suppose you're looking for stocks between $10 and $40 and stocks which have an average volume of more than 100,000 shares. The following is an example of the text you would enter to create this filter:

Show me stocks where the price is between 10 and 40
and average volume(10) is above 100000

Next, suppose you wish to add a filter which further restricts the results to only stocks trading close to the lower Bollinger Band. Just modify the phrase to the following:

Show me stocks where the price is between 10 and 40
and average volume(10) is above 100000
and the price is near the lower Bollinger Band(20)

Notice that the text entered for the filter creation is not much different from the description used to define the filter. This natural phrasing is the basic idea behind the free-text filter creation. Also notice that the period of the Bollinger Band and Average Volume is specified in the above example. Since the free-text filter creation is dynamic, you may specify the periods and other parameters that are needed to create the specific filter you're looking for.

Phrases and Indicators

StockFetcher provides a set of well-defined phrases and indicators that are valid for creating stock filters. By using semantically and logically correct combinations of these indicators and phrases, a practically unlimited number of filter combinations is possible. The remainder of this manual will illustrate the actual phrases and indicators available. Additionally, multiple examples are provided to demonstrate how all of these pieces can be put together.

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