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General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149705
11/28/2019 1:23:46 AM

In the case of APPS, the trend is strongly bullish. Guppy separation is big. Low bounced off $8.00 (whole numbers are natural support/resistance zones). The volume of red Monday was less than the previous 5-day green/red volume ratio which indicated profit takers instead of a mass sell off.

General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149702
11/27/2019 7:54:37 PM

@manojb21 That's what I did. Ran it about 5 minutes before close Friday and entered an orders to my broker about 30 seconds before the bell. You won't always nail the close, but should be within a few cents. If you want to get in at the exact close, you can wait until after the bell then enter a limit order and enable after-market execution. You'll usually get filled, but it's not guaranteed.

Don't place stop loss order before market close. Do it after and make sure it is not set for after-market hours. I didn't place any stop loss orders, only alerts at 3%. If it triggered I wanted to see the technicals and judge whether it may bounce back.

When to take profit is up to you. I made the decision to let mine run to 2% and entered a trailing stop of 1% so i was guaranteed at least a 1% profit. Note: trailing stops can backfire if there is an event and the stock drops precipitously.

General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149696
11/27/2019 1:21:14 PM

@kossvet With TDA doing commission-free trading I decided to jump in feet first on the strategy. I committed $1200 and took the top 4 results in the filter. I entered at the close on Friday and set a mental stop-loss at 3%. If a ticker hit 2% profit, I entered a trailing stop of 1%. Below are the results.

Other than APPS, they all hit 2% on Monday and I enacted the trailing stop. They all stopped out the same day.

Only APPS failed to reach 2% Monday and actually ended the day below the 3% mental stop loss. The technicals looked good though so I held. Tuesday it gained back a little but was still below my entry. Today it shot up and I entered the trailing stop.

Week 1 worked as advertised. Let's see what Week 2 holds.

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149694
11/27/2019 7:49:39 AM

just happened to see a big candle dwarf the 3 candles prior (is there a name or script for that?)

What you see there is a doji candlestick after a downtrend. Doji's are candles whose open and close are pretty much in the same spot. It reflects an even tug-of-war between the bulls and the bears and often signifies a reversal in the trend.

Specific doji more strongly predict a trend change:

  • Gravestone doji
  • Dragonfly doji
  • Morning star doji
  • Evening star doji

  • Stock Picks and Trading · CLVS
    msg #149692
    11/26/2019 8:50:34 PM

    Mac, is there a filter you use to catch these breakouts?

    I've pieced together one based on your criteria mentioned over the last several posts.

  • Guppy trend reversal
  • Break above 3-month high
  • Day range exceeds the average 30-day range

    This filter caught CLVS and RLGY, but missed MRNA (too much separation between guppy cross and 3-month break). It also found some other gems:

  • 10/18/19 STT
  • 10/25/19 URI
  • 10/28/19 FIT
  • 10/30/19 TAK
  • 11/13/19 HALO
  • 11/14/19 QGEN
  • 11/15/19 LK
  • 11/19/19 LABU

    Of course, as with any filter there are losers in there. I feel with a good stop loss plan this would make a good strategy for breakouts.

    Anyway, here is the filter:

    /* River Rat wants a new boat */

    chart-time is 4 months
    average volume(30) > 1234567
    close > 5

    set{3mh,high 3 month high}
    close crossed above 3mh 1 day ago
    close crossed above wma(150) within the last 7 days
    close > wma(150) for last 2 days
    close-to-open gap < 10
    day range > Average Day Range(30)

    draw price line at 3mh 1 day ago

    draw EMA(3)
    draw EMA(5)
    draw EMA(8)
    draw EMA(10)
    draw EMA(12)
    draw EMA(15)

    draw EMA(60)
    draw EMA(50)
    draw EMA(45)
    draw EMA(40)
    draw EMA(35)
    draw EMA(30)

    do not draw high 3 month high
    do not draw average day range(30)
    do not draw day range
    do not draw 3mh
    do not draw close-to-open gap

  • Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
    msg #149679
    11/24/2019 9:00:43 PM

    Although KMX did have 5 down days, the bottom on 12/20/18 was not a doji.

    Let us know if you encounter success with the strategy though!

    General Discussion · Fibonacci screener
    msg #149676
    11/24/2019 5:44:54 PM

    @nibor, it appears to be some wonkiness with SF. Most of the extra tickers your filter displays have candle bodies of less than 0.01. Most of these are obviously penny and micro stocks, but not all of them. In this sense your filter is more accurate than mine.

    Still if you want to match my filter as closely as possible, you can eliminate these. It still does not mirror the filters perfectly but it's a lot closer. Plus, it gets rid of micro stocks too.


    average volume(30) > 1234567

    close 1 day ago < close 2 days ago
    close 2 days ago < close 3 days ago
    close 3 days ago < close 4 days ago

    set{Body1,open - close}

    Body 2 days ago > 0.01
    Body 3 days ago > 0.01


    Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
    msg #149673
    11/23/2019 11:28:51 PM

    /* After down trend of 5 days */
    close < close 1 day ago for last 5 days
    close 1 day ago < open 1 day ago for last 4 days

    /* Stock drops into the Stochastic oversold area */
    fast Stochastic(10) Fast %K is below 20

    /* it is a doji candlestick */
    set{body,close - open}
    body between -0.02 and 0.02

    /* The next days open is a gap up */
    /* Profit? */

    do not draw body

    General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
    msg #149657
    11/21/2019 6:30:17 PM

    Okay I've started and scrapped this request several times before finally settling on this. It's a bit cumbersome, but I think it mostly gets what you need.

    To start, you have to move the day back to a Friday for it to work right, From there you can jump back 1 week at a time.

    The top line represents a 5% profit
    The middle line is a 1% profit
    The bottom line is a stop loss set 3% below your entry (the close price on Friday).

    At a glance, hitting the 1% profit before a 3% loss during the week is highly probable and occurs often enough to offset the occasional 3% loser.

    Trade idea: Set stop loss at 3%. At 1% profit, set a 1% trailing stop.

  • I had to remove the weekly display.
  • I removed ETFs from the results as there were just too many that move really slow and never cleared 1% during the week.
  • I added the suggestion in the original TRO thread about only entering during an uptrend. My loose definition of an uptrend is low > wma(150).
  • I added "Gaps" which shows you how many times in the last 52 weeks the weekly open was higher than the prior week's close.

    /* Enter Friday at the close added by Xarlor */

    set{whiop, weekly high - weekly open}
    set{Long_Profit, whiop / weekly open }
    set{wkProfitPct, 100 * Long_Profit }

    set{C1A, count(Long_Profit > .04 , 52)}
    set{C2A, count(Long_Profit > .09, 52)}
    set{C0010, C1A - C2A}

    set{D1A, count(Long_Profit > .09 , 52)}
    set{D2A, count(Long_Profit > .19, 52)}
    set{D1020, D1A - D2A}

    set{E1A, count(Long_Profit > .19 , 52)}
    set{E2A, count(Long_Profit > .29, 52)}
    set{E2030, E1A - E2A}

    set{F1A, count(Long_Profit > .29 , 52)}
    set{F2A, count(Long_Profit > .39, 52)}
    set{F3040, F1A - F2A}

    set{G1A, count(Long_Profit > .39 , 52)}
    set{G2A, count(Long_Profit > .49, 52)}
    set{G4050, G1A - G2A}

    set{H1A, count(Long_Profit > .49 , 52)}
    set{H2A, count(Long_Profit > .99, 52)}
    set{H5052, H1A - H2A}

    set{I52, count(Long_Profit > .99 , 52)}
    set{fivepct, count(Long_Profit > .05 , 52)}
    set{ziphi, count(whiop equal 0 , 52)}
    set{ziphix, count(whiop below 0.10 , 1)}
    set{onepct, count(Long_Profit > .01 , 52)}
    set{twopct, count(Long_Profit > .02 , 52)}
    set{halfpct, count(Long_Profit > .005 , 52)}
    set{qtrpct, count(Long_Profit > .0025 , 52)}

    add column wkProfitPct
    add column qtrpct
    add column halfpct
    add column onepct
    add column twopct
    add column fivepct

    add column ziphi

    and add column separator
    and add column C0010 {4_9}
    and add column D1020 {10_19}
    and add column E2030 {20_29}
    and add column F3040 {30_39}
    and add column G4050 {40_49}
    and add column H5052 {50_99}
    and add column I52 {100}
    and add column separator
    and add column weekly open {wopen}
    and add column weekly high {whigh}
    and add column weekly low {wlow}
    and add column weekly close {wclose}
    and add column separator

    close is above 1
    average volume(90) above 500000

    draw whiop
    draw ziphix
    sort column 9 descending

    date offset is 0

    /* Buy at close on Friday. Sell at 1% profit the next week */

    market not etf
    low > wma(150)

    set{1p,Enter * 1.01}
    set{5p,Enter * 1.05}
    set{Stoploss,Enter * .97}

    draw price line at 1p
    draw price line at 5p
    draw price line at Stoploss
    add column close
    set{Gaps,count(weekly open > weekly close 1 week ago,52)}
    add column Gaps

  • General Discussion · how to set a time dependency for 2 indicators
    msg #149611
    11/15/2019 2:46:37 PM

    This will get you close.

    /* Example CCI(14) below -100 within last 3 days and RSI(5) below 30 4 days ago */

    set{var1,count(CCI(14) < -100,3)}
    set{var2,count(RSI(5) 4 days ago < 30,1)}
    var1 > 0
    var2 > 0

    /* Aesthetics */

    draw CCI(14)
    draw RSI(5)

    draw CCI(14) line at -100
    draw RSI(5) line at 30

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