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Filter Exchange · X days down followed by y days of up
msg #149811
12/4/2019 10:22:47 PM

I didn't change anything on your filter and it is working just as you described. 3 days down then 3 days up. Maybe you're actually thinking of something else, like 3 red candles then 3 white candles (not the same as 3 days close decreasing then 3 days close increasing)?

close 10 days ago had been decreasing for 3 days
and close 7 days ago has been increasing for 3 days
and close is more than 20

Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149810
12/4/2019 9:12:16 PM

A doji is simply when the open and close are very near each other. Where that open/close happens in relation to the legs of the candle has different significance.

Types of doji.

There are also Morning Star and Evening Stars.

General Discussion · Fibonacci screener
msg #149788
12/3/2019 5:34:06 PM

This was one hell of a workup nibor and Cheese! As for the backtest results, it's clear I need to revisit the filter some day. The key to Fib is combining it with existing support levels or trend lines, both hard things to code on SF.

Still love the work on backtesting. Great job!

Filter Exchange · count
msg #149749
12/2/2019 12:02:23 PM

You're right, count limit is 252 (1 year in trading days). Change it to 253 or higher and it breaks.

set{var1,count(close > 1,100)}
set{var2,count(close > 1,101)}
set{var3,count(close > 1,252)}

add column var1
add column var2
add column var3

General Discussion · "Within" parameter appears broken....please help!!!!!!
msg #149748
12/2/2019 11:33:35 AM

Reading the SF manual, as best as I can tell, "within the last" applies only to the following statements:

"crossed above/below"
"gained/lost more than"
"reached a new high/low"

How to fix your statement? Two ways:

CCI(20) crossed below -200 within the last 6 days
draw CCI(20) line at -200

set{var1,count(CCI(20) < -200,6)}
var1 > 0
draw CCI(20) line at -200


Filter Exchange · Swing trading filters
msg #149731
12/1/2019 7:29:34 PM

@arenas, I did not realize you were saying the "gap up" was the trigger to enter the position. I thought the Doji was the trigger. Here is the revised filter with the "gap up" as the trigger. You have to go back to 10/30/19 for the first hit, but you'll start seeing more results in mid-September and later when the markets were sideways.

/* After down trend of 5 days */
close 1 day ago < close 2 days ago for last 5 days
close 2 days ago < open 2 days ago for last 4 days

/* Stock drops into the Stochastic oversold area */
fast Stochastic(10) Fast %K is below 20 1 day ago

/* it is a doji candlestick */
set{body,close 1 day ago - open 1 day ago}
body between -0.05 and 0.05

/* The next days open is a gap up */
open > high 1 day ago
close > open

do not draw body

Filter Exchange · count
msg #149725
12/1/2019 12:36:05 PM

Note: count limit is 100.

close > 1

set{hi,count(high > ma(180),1)}
set{lo,count(low < ma(180),1)}
set{trigger,hi * lo}
trigger > 0

set{hits,count(trigger > 0,100)}

add column hits
draw ma(180)
sort column 5 descending

General Discussion · MACD and Hull on 2 Day or 4 Day charts
msg #149715
11/29/2019 1:08:36 PM

Unfortunately, StockFetcher only supports daily charts and weekly charts.

General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149705
11/28/2019 1:23:46 AM

In the case of APPS, the trend is strongly bullish. Guppy separation is big. Low bounced off $8.00 (whole numbers are natural support/resistance zones). The volume of red Monday was less than the previous 5-day green/red volume ratio which indicated profit takers instead of a mass sell off.

General Discussion · The Rumpled One crock pot filter
msg #149702
11/27/2019 7:54:37 PM

@manojb21 That's what I did. Ran it about 5 minutes before close Friday and entered an orders to my broker about 30 seconds before the bell. You won't always nail the close, but should be within a few cents. If you want to get in at the exact close, you can wait until after the bell then enter a limit order and enable after-market execution. You'll usually get filled, but it's not guaranteed.

Don't place stop loss order before market close. Do it after and make sure it is not set for after-market hours. I didn't place any stop loss orders, only alerts at 3%. If it triggered I wanted to see the technicals and judge whether it may bounce back.

When to take profit is up to you. I made the decision to let mine run to 2% and entered a trailing stop of 1% so i was guaranteed at least a 1% profit. Note: trailing stops can backfire if there is an event and the stock drops precipitously.

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