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Filter Exchange · I have an idea, anyone wanna help?
msg #155417
1/23/2021 2:14:56 PM

Here is the filter for returning the number of points since a crossover event happened.
Today (T - 0) = 1 point
Yesterday (T -1) = 0.8 points
T - 2 = 0.6 points
T - 3 = 0.4 points
T - 4 = 0.2 points

not otcbb
set{points1,days(ma(13) crossed above ma(25),6)}
set{points2,-0.2 * points1}
set{points,points2 + 1}

draw ma(13)
draw ma(25)

points1 > -1
points1 < 5
add column points1 {Days since crossover}
add column points

General Discussion · S&P Short Term Oscillator
msg #155413
1/23/2021 11:23:23 AM

The S&P Short Term Oscillator formula is a closely-guarded secret. You must pay $500/year for the privilege of just seeing its chart.

Below is a close approximation based on my limited understanding of it. If you can find the actual formula, post it here and we can give it a shot.

Fetcher[/* Poor-man's Short Term Oscillator */

set{x1,close * .1}
set{x2,close 1 day ago * .9}
set{50trend,x1 + x2}

set{y1,close * .05}
set{y2,close 1 day ago * .95}
set{20trend,y1 + y2}

set{diff,50trend - 20trend}

add column diff
draw diff
draw cdiff

draw diff line at 0.5
draw diff line at 0
draw diff line at -0.5

draw cdiff line at 0.1
draw cdiff line at 0
draw cdiff line at -0.1

General Discussion · RULES
msg #155404
1/22/2021 1:11:00 PM

I like sandjco's rules back in March 2020 and view them as a good 10 commandments for discipline and emotions:
3/18/2020 12:53:30 AM

What I've "uncovered"...I'd like to call them "rules" but I know I will most likely break a few here and there and then go back to "self therapy" to try not to do it again!

1. You are only as good as the last trade. Not complicated. Check your ego at the door.
2. Stocks don't have feelings; go long or short.
3. Do not trade during the first 15 minutes.
4. No revenge trade. Babe burned you; no need to chase. There are other babes.
5. Adding to a losing trade is most likely a crap shot. Set your limit; let it go. Hard to fix ugly.
6. Technique/Plan is useless if the mind is weak
7. You don't have to label yourself...swing or scalp or ? All you need to know is that you are not buying and holding if you are trading off charts
8. Profit is profit. So what if you may have missed the big run...knowing you called it correctly builds habit and the ability to spot the next one.
9. shooting consistency all the time is better than going for the home run all the time.
10. Market can be illogical. Being "right" can be expensive as time may not be on your side to fix the wrong entry

General Discussion · EDGERATER discussion
msg #155387
1/20/2021 9:06:19 PM

Thanks for the followup nibor. Good customer service. Did the corrected summary result in a significant difference to the ending equity?

If the stars align later this year - I have free time and lifetime sale comes back around - it's going to be hard to walk away.

General Discussion · EDGERATER discussion
msg #155340
1/17/2021 9:55:28 AM

Okay, it's actually comforting knowing the strategy was doing great up until a Black Swan event.

Looking at UAL and going off what you said, seems a simple check is in order. If you're willing to take this further, let's just add a very basic uptrend indicator as a go/no-go entry:

low > ma(200)

P.S. - How did the strategy end with negative equity? No margin was to be used and trades only taken with available capital. The worst the strategy should theoretically end at is $0.

Filter Exchange · Anyone willing to help build filter.
msg #155335
1/16/2021 10:40:59 PM

ema(5) crossed above ema(20)
count(MACD Histogram(12,26,9) crossed above 0,3) > 0
count(rsi(14) crosed above 50,3) > 0
close > 10

General Discussion · EDGERATER discussion
msg #155331
1/15/2021 8:31:33 PM

Yikes. Well I guess that answers that. I'm going to have to learn Edgewater so I can tweak the rules. Thank you again for indulging my curiosity, nibor.

General Discussion · Is this possible ma(200) on 15min?
msg #155330
1/15/2021 8:23:33 PM

Nope, all indicators return in either daily or weekly formats. Nothing else.

Filter Exchange · Bottom Breakout Filter Help
msg #155300
1/13/2021 9:10:00 PM

My argument still stands. It would have to have reached a 90-day high in its history at some point. How far back is long enough? In this filter, I said no new 90-day highs in last 90 days. You can change to suit your needs.

close < 1
close reached a new high 90 day high
count(close reached a new high 90 day high 1 day ago,90) equals 0

draw high 90 day high

General Discussion · EDGERATER discussion
msg #155297
1/13/2021 6:06:34 PM

Well, that was a fail on my part. My zero key must have gotten stuck because I certainly didn't mean 200 million but 2 million in volume. Sorry!

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