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General Discussion · 7 reasons for market rally...
msg #72830
3/17/2009 12:04:46 AM

Union's worked to DEPRESSED WAGES ????? What planet did you and your folks live on? Unions have upgraded
the wages of workers, and set rules that huge corporations had to follow if they wanted to work other human beings !
Management at the very top level don't mind a union in their plant. Unions guarantee wage rates for the next few years, and
this allows the real management ( not some little tin god stupid-visor on the shop floor ) the opportunity bid contracts that come right to the best price. Which brings in more business and the company & union each can grow. It's a win win !
Another plus for the company is that the union is a built in police force to expose unqualified management personal that are
suck'n up lot's of profit dollars every time they take a pay check out the front gate. Even non-union workers enjoy higher wages because some union raised the playing field. And these non-union workers even spent their wages at your place ! Which helped YOU along the way, the next time you meet a union worker you should shake their hand and say " Thanks".
But, you probably will skip that as you drive away in you little rice burner. I don't belong to a union, but I can see and read.

General Discussion · Volume * Price Momentum Oscillator (V*PMO)
msg #71026
1/28/2009 4:22:01 PM

Many thanks to you two guys! S F has a lot of unselfish talent. This is a NICE FILTER !

General Discussion · Foxfire internet browser chart opening problem
msg #69904
12/17/2008 4:35:14 PM

I found that " Adobe Flash player " - WORKED !

General Discussion · Foxfire internet browser chart opening problem
msg #69902
12/17/2008 3:18:50 PM

I changed to the foxfire internet browser and now my filters charts will not open up.".
They say I need a plugin, but can't find out which one.

General Discussion · scam e-mail
msg #59776
2/19/2008 8:52:22 AM

AT -40 F & C are the same temp. I hate the creep that invented the wind chill factor!!! I was cold enough already.

General Discussion · ZIXI
msg #56727
11/13/2007 7:45:23 PM

I'd like it better at the 2.10 level with the ma(7) heading north.

Just a thought. Happy trade'n

General Discussion · Earnings
msg #56201
10/30/2007 5:08:07 PM

Howdy Frank,

Here's my 2 cents. Ya made a little money today, set stops. If they run up tomorrow like they did today sell, sell and sell. Even if the earnings come in good you can still get drilled. GMR is going head first into some pretty good resistance just north of 28. And ENDP looks kinda tired. I'm puttin ENDP on my watch list just in case I'm wrong again.
Some folks use me as a reverse indicator and they do well. I'd sell before earning-if the two stocks get strong, buy'm back. - Bill

General Discussion · New Forum Post
msg #55028
9/21/2007 4:28:41 PM

karennma, that did it - thanks !

General Discussion · New Forum Post
msg #55011
9/21/2007 1:11:58 PM

Lost in the Stock Fetcher universe. Can't locate the old page that had all the pre-written filters to choose from. If I wanted to look for stocks by price there was a price section, MACD had a section etc. etc. I tried to build a filter, but could'nt get any matches. If anyone can point me in the right direction of the pre-written filters page I'd really appreciate it.

General Discussion · How to code (easy)
msg #48417
12/6/2006 1:29:24 PM

This site has a big bunch of very helpful and talented contributors. I feel that there are many like me that stand back and watch as new filters, ideas and personal experiences are brought to light for the benifit everyone. We try your filters to see if they will work for us, your experiences & ideas are the iceing on the cake. Thank you !!!

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