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General Discussion · Quote.
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1/2/2022 7:21:22 PM

Life is tough. Life is tougher if you are stupid. - John Wayne -

Stock Picks and Trading · 10/11/2021 Ticker: ALL
msg #157840
10/11/2021 1:13:41 PM

S is crying again.

Nobody cares what you think ! Everything you post is " a crapload of junk" .

General Discussion · Let's Play "The Falling Knife" Game
msg #157749
10/2/2021 7:12:05 PM

Congratulations Mac !!
Retirement is a different situation than anything else a person can imagine. The best thing is everyday is a Saturday. The downside is ya never get a raise. It takes about 2 months to get into the idea. Don't sit around a lot. Buy some worthless stock, shut the computer off and take a walk. You've got time now to make some more good friends, some real interesting friends. Don't worry about the money ( unless you trade like me ) . I've learned many good things from you here in S F . I wish you all the best !

General Discussion · Missing person's
msg #157023
6/17/2021 4:07:10 PM

Where's four ? Has anyone been in touch with him lately ?

Four is a great TEACHER, I miss his creativity and his willingness to share a few thoughts.

Filter Exchange · Upcoming golden cross
msg #155975
2/27/2021 10:35:17 AM

Welcome 2,

cut and paste golden cross into the search box at the top of this page. Golden cross's can be anywhere not just in Moving Averages. Indicators that come with two lines that cross can become a "golden cross".
There are ton's of helpful talent on this site. I've learned a lot here and you can too.

Filter Exchange · I've got the Histogram blues
msg #154731
11/24/2020 12:02:05 AM

Cheese, I can't thank you enough.

I was out of town for a while and a perfect solution was waiting for my return. Thanks again !

Filter Exchange · I've got the Histogram blues
msg #154627
11/15/2020 7:50:58 PM

I've recently taken an interest in the TSI indicator and I would like to remove the Histogram. It blocks lines on the chart. How can I do that ?
I'm liking TSI (8,4,7) below the 0 line. But, the Histogram gets in the way.
Wondering has anyone had any positive results using the TSI ?


msg #154258
10/10/2020 12:07:01 PM

Not Bad, graftonian !


General Discussion · Fundamental Analysis
msg #154018
9/12/2020 1:52:49 PM

After all this politics stuff has come and gone. Left or Right, we need to remember that it's the herds choice and that we really do hate each other. ( Antonym sentence for today) !

Filter Exchange · MACD Not Bad
msg #151792
4/9/2020 7:50:53 PM

@ Shillllihs - This is close to yours. What do you think about it ? There is always room for improvement.

show stocks where the cema(trix0204,5) crossed above cema(trix0204,5) 1 day ago
draw cema(trix0204,5)
volume is above 100000
price is below median bollinger band(20)

Close is between 5 and 15
CHART-TIME is 35 Days

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