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General Discussion · The 5% , 1-3 day hold system.
msg #48807
12/28/2006 9:56:38 AM

From the chat minutes ago:
(Dec 28-09:32) Muddy: SCLN 3.3 THLD just over 3.5
(Dec 28-09:32) deux: do you guys usually trade right after open, or wait for settle
(Dec 28-09:33) Muddy: fav like THLD i'd jump it

See,thats the power of realtime hod,especially on ones you know,as i know the ones on my favorites list.

THLD just hit 3.88,you can trail it up or take quick profit and roll it over.
BTW,the market is pretty red right now,these momos it doesn't matter.

General Discussion · The 5% , 1-3 day hold system.
msg #48806
12/28/2006 8:51:13 AM

"The real time to screen is after the market has begun trading ... to catch the un-foreseen breakout"

Exactly, to catch the real smoking ones you need to watch right from the open.
For folks that can't log in to their broker at work or have a broker with no streaming hod,vol increase scan SF realtime probably would be the answer.

General Discussion · What trends are profitable ?
msg #48798
12/27/2006 10:57:53 PM

I do not wait for a 2 day confirmation on any stock,especially ones like ZICA that is a feeding frenzy momo.I love even dollar crosses and just happened to catch ZICA as it had hit 1.01 from .94 on big vol for it Friday morning.Plus the fact i knew this stock is capable of putting up some big white candles in the past few years.

The squeeze part i'm referring to is the Bollinger Band tightness.
When a stock breaks out i like the bands to be of a tighter variety.
Look at the ZICA chart,you'll see the tight squeezed bands until its breakout.

No,i have no target profit in mind when i enter a trade.
I figure it this way,if I can get 70% Fri and 30% Tues on a stock like ZICA after it holds green,why should i care if a stock i enter stalls and goes nowhere not hitting that 5% price target.
A few % here and there for myself makes no difference at all.

I see you mentioned OLAB,my guess it was not even over 4.50 judging by the time of your post.
You did an excellent job finding that as a price/vol breakout.It really busted it around 3:25 and then went to hod of 5.76 !

Keep up the good work.
You have the right idea looking for price and vol increase breaks.

General Discussion · What trends are profitable ?
msg #48778
12/26/2006 11:01:30 PM

"Lately I have been looking at the short term, 1-5 day trade and jump back into another stock"

If you are flexible enough to do a 1 day trade I use the squeeze/volume increase/price breakout method to catch some really good profits.
And like yourself I turn them over frequently for the power of compounding.
Some trades may last until near the close,some only an hour or so to catch the pop,using a trailing stop.

I only watch ones that traded over 500,000 shrs on that sq/vol/break and wait for them to go GREEN from red or very slight green.
Today there was ZICA and RPRX,ZICA especially nice coming from deep red to catch green at just a little past 10 a.m.

This is what a ZICA Monster looks like

Filter Exchange · High Tight Flag search (or MOMO search)
msg #48731
12/21/2006 1:03:14 AM

Simply these for finding sq/vol/br,WHITE candle must be pierced by UBB:

stocks where close gained more than 8 percent over the last one day

stocks where volume is 300 percent above average volume(90)

Use the date offsets to find losers and small gainers in the "performance" column to find the flag pattern AND the Zone pullbacks.
Also use: stocks where close reached a new 52 week high 1 day ago
for finding nice Zone pullbacks on uptrending stocks.Again use date offset losers and chart them.

Myself i never enter on red,only a green hold,that is a price above yesterdays close with at least average volume,preferably greater than average volume

All the info on these patterns is detailed here:

Please search the older posts in the archives for info and previous picks i found on the recorded dates so you can chart them for an idea of what i look for

Filter Exchange · High Tight Flag search (or MOMO search)
msg #48728
12/20/2006 9:26:41 PM

Thanks Traderblues,

Really this thread should be kept alive,this pattern can really give some great results.
Today MAMA gave another 33% for a total of 68% since going green from the flag on 12/15.
SKNN gave another 20% today for a total of 31%

These are pretty big numbers in such a short span.
The really cool thing about the flag,as i mentioned in my blog,is that ones like SKNN can fail the flag pattern to the downside BUT can become ZONE ( ema13/sma20 ) pullbacks.
And the flag pattern all comes from what i think is the best all-purpose filter ever (though they must be charted and i'm afraid too many folks just want the matches and that's it )the Squeeze/Volume increase/Pricebreakout ( sq/vol/br ).

Filter Exchange · High Tight Flag search (or MOMO search)
msg #48716
12/19/2006 11:30:09 PM

After 3 days NYNY 12% , ALIF 19% , MAMA 35% , TSTC 40% , GNVC 56%

"This is a very profitable pattern :-)"
I'd say you're right if you find the correct pattern

"Is anyone interested in helping refine the search for Stock Fetcher?"
My post was last post on this thread 3 days ago and the thread dies out,a shame cause this is "a very profitable pattern".
I've been here almost 4 years now,this is about the deadest i've seen it on anything of substance.

Filter Exchange · White candle
msg #48704
12/18/2006 3:39:08 PM

Fetcher[where close is above open and price is below lower bollinger band(20)and volume is greater than 100000 and price is between .30 and 15
offset is 1

TREN BPUR both on abnormal volume scan today.
BPUR closing well

Filter Exchange · White candle
msg #48688
12/17/2006 8:12:51 PM

I use "where close is above open."
FWIW, I combine it with "and price is below lower bollinger band(20)"

Just as red candles above the UBB can find really nice shorting candidates,white ones below the LBB can find some nice longs.
See DGIT 12/12 AOOR HDTV 12/13 PVRS DOIG 12/14 for examples of the chart pattern.

General Discussion · my holygrail
msg #48684
12/17/2006 1:11:29 PM

Thanks for the clarification,i was really confused.

Ha,since I (Muddy) wrote that screen and posted it in Oct,I did manage to find it.
Like i said 2 hours ago it is in the Public Filters Forum.

Fast%K Reversal

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