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General Discussion · ZICA
msg #48897
1/2/2007 1:35:27 PM

the post from my blog: FINDING UBB ZONE PULLBACKS 12/5

Use it to find flags also.
The matches don't just fly out at you,Takes eyeballing.
Like most things in life,effort = rewards.


General Discussion · Squeeze 'em by the "BOLLs"
msg #48875
12/31/2006 12:02:24 AM

Ok,i found my reply 26 months ago:


10/27/2004 8:21:57 PM

Dick,IF you're talking about its break on 9-21,i've said this a few times here, you DO NOT need a filter to pick these up,all you need is a site such as i use ,,punch in abnormal vol increase (in this case a nothing vol stock to 120k) and abnormal price increase,and for myself i like to use 15 and 80 day resistance break at smallcapcenter, i know that it picked it up that day because i remember looking at it,for squeeze breaks scans beats filters everytime imo

You can use this scan at the end of the day and CHART them to see if the stock is breaking on the exact first day of it's breakout.
ZICA from that breakout at around $2 ran to over $4 in 2 weeks.
8 weeks later this stock broke again at 4.50 on 12/9/04 to a high of 8 on 12/27/04
See why it's rewarding to remember these former runners?
Some things never change.

General Discussion · Squeeze 'em by the "BOLLs"
msg #48874
12/30/2006 11:35:19 PM


10/27/2004 2:33:25 PM

"How do you write a filter to get a bollinger band squeeze like ZICA?"

Too funny,26 months ago,same stock,same problem.

do a search on Bollinger Band Squeeze here at SF,you'll have over a dozen filters to look at.

General Discussion · ZICA
msg #48869
12/30/2006 8:04:36 PM


I had no clue they had news,because i really didn't care much, until i read your post here and was curious.
I just went to and read the Market Wire news and just had to laugh to see the times the NEWS broke.
News broke according to that article 12/22 at 11:18 and 11:19.
Here's an excerpt from my blog,notice the time I alerted it,11:20,no more than 2 minutes after breaking news.Read the importance of knowing former runners,that's why i can jump these kind while others are busy reading the news.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

I know most folks that have traded for years have a list of stocks in their heads that once they start to run on volume can just take off.So this post is mainly for the newer traders that haven't been around long enough to have that list in their heads and the feel for how they can trade.
It's my opinion that newer folks spend too much time on too many filters and the backtesting of them.
I feel more time should be spent scanning for stocks each night that gained say over 10% that day on larger than their average volume and charting them to see under which circumstances they ran,such as out of the ema13/sma20 UBB pullack zone,very low rsi2,very low fast%k14,UBB flag pattern or any other indicators you may favor.
Now please check this out:
(11:20) Muddy: ZICA low vol runner at 1.01
This is what I said in the live chat Friday.I knew this stock from the past as a low daily average volume stock that had the ability to run once it started to go with volume as it was starting to do at around 11:20 p.m when I saw it on the high of day list.Look at the 1 day/1 min chart for it on Fri, you'll see I saw it almost at the start of it's run.This because I stay glued to the HOD list most of the time I am in front of the computer trading.This is because it works for me,it's my way and if you find your way then you should stick to it until/if it starts to fail.

(11:42) Muddy: 1.37
(11:47) Muddy: more vol spikes!!
(11:47) Muddy: 1.46
After it runs from $1 to 1.37 it's getting more volume coming in at a furious pace,spiking,in 5 mins it's at 1.46 running off to an unreal hod to 2.30. If you chart ZICA you will see why i remembered it,huge white candles on 2/01 3/20 7/19 9/27 plus 4 more times in 2005. I might have trouble even remembering what day it is but i don't often forget those kind !

Here's just another example of knowing stocks that can run,especially lower daily average volume stocks that are picking up abnormal volume.
Notice that both ZICA and ATEA were just crossing even dollar marks which often make an entry for me much easier to decide:

(11:24) Muddy: low vol but ATEA can run here
(11:25) Muddy: 6
Exactly 1 hour later:
(12:25) loki3361: Your ATEA at 7
(12:29) Muddy: yes!
Minutes later it hit hod 7.37
Using a trailing stop to protect your profits you get around an 18% profit,in this case a little over an hour.
I don't keep a log of these kind because i have them all in my head from so many years of trading but if I was newer to trading a log of these would never leave my side during trading hours.

Both ZICA and ATEA were probably unknown or little known stocks to the average investor.
Having a list of these stocks and access to a HOD list i feel gives me a tremendous edge in the market.


General Discussion · lockwhiz
msg #48863
12/30/2006 12:29:59 AM


Wallman is aka Muddy

Do a search on SF for Wallman,it all goes back to 3/2003 when we started the SF/Muddy method site.There's still a bunch of stuff in the files over there if you care to read them

Now you can find me at:
Every trading day there's a live chat beginning at about 9 a.m.where we follow/trade stocks.
Drop in sometime if you can.

There's also a filter in the Forums Public Filter List section here on SF posted by me that works great for me called Fast%k reversal.Also on that list are many of the original Muddy filters kindly posted by Murkund.
With those filters as always my motto WAIT FOR GREEN.

General Discussion · lockwhiz
msg #48861
12/29/2006 9:45:37 PM


HOD = High Of Day
These are stocks that are hitting new price highs from the previous price quoted for that day.
If you see someone saying "new 52's",this means the stock has also surpassed it's high price of the last year(52 weeks).

General Discussion · lockwhiz
msg #48856
12/29/2006 9:03:10 PM


From last Fridays chat:
(11:20) Muddy: ZICA low vol runner at 1.01
(11:40) Muddy: ZICA,vol spiking
(11:41) Muddy: 1.31 hod
(11:42) Muddy: 1.37
(11:47) Muddy: more vol spikes!!
(11:47) Muddy: 1.46

From Yesterdays chat:
(11:38) ian5300: PARL worth watchin
(11:39) Muddy: agree
(11:39) Muddy: CHINA to
(11:39) Muddy: at 9 here
Today,after 2 down days on ZICA,we waited for a green hold on it,we got it at 2.05 after it was red and watched it climb to hod 2.54,trailing it up trailing stops.

That's how we find them ,off the HOD list,if you are free during trading hours you might try it.

Oh and there was this beauty today:
(09:35) Muddy: CPSL 6
(09:53) Muddy: CPSL upping again 6.25
It ran to hod of 13.78
Was really neat cause it's old symbol OLAB was a featured watch for today on our blog,so we were watching it from the start anyway.

Filter Exchange · One Line Filter Revisited
msg #48831
12/29/2006 7:02:08 AM

Hi Stocksight,
Yes i agree,Avery is as an unselfish person that one will ever find.
The last couple of weeks he's been dropping into the chatroom with his insights,he's become the official Fib Retrace guy,ha.

Filter Exchange · One Line Filter Revisited
msg #48825
12/28/2006 10:38:04 PM

links to chatroom and logs on right side

General Discussion · The 5% , 1-3 day hold system.
msg #48823
12/28/2006 8:46:38 PM

I use Scottrade.

Love that streaming hod list.
THLD which i mentioned in earlier post today as being seen at 3.50 cross hit a hod of 4.23 just before the close to give me a 17% profit.
That was the lowest profit i had on the 3 stocks i played.
FFHL and ASIA were the other 2.

Glad you dropped in today,Hope to see you again in chat.

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