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General Discussion · **** USEFUL SITES *****
msg #49024
1/7/2007 12:55:52 PM

For Sharing Ideas (FREE):


Thanks everyone!

General Discussion · Backtest challenge
msg #47993
11/15/2006 10:10:55 PM

Hi Tradeblues
You're welcome for sure!
I'd love to play alone but can't figure out how,I have enough problem turning on my computer each day.
That's why i stick to ONE LINE FILTERS,ha
BTW,I've visted that site before,think it was a link on Top10traders? Is this your site,if so,I was very impressed by it

General Discussion · Backtest challenge
msg #48061
11/19/2006 7:06:50 PM

I went and looked at your closed trades and on second thought ahhhhhhhhhhhh ..
Very glad i don't know how to play against you
Awesome work my friend!

General Discussion · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #33707
10/27/2004 8:21:57 PM

Dick,IF you're talking about its break on 9-21,i've said this a few times here, you DO NOT need a filter to pick these up,all you need is a site such as i use ,,punch in abnormal vol increase (in this case a nothing vol stock to 120k) and abnormal price increase,and for myself i like to use 15 and 80 day resistance break at smallcapcenter, i know that it picked it up that day because i remember looking at it,for squeeze breaks scans beats filters everytime imo

General Discussion · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #33733
10/28/2004 9:47:21 PM

Dick ,i use price 1 - 15, country USA, abnormal activity price up,abnormal volume up, 80 (and then 15)day resistance breakout,short term bullish,that's all ... the reason scan beats filter hands down imo is that with bb squeeze breaks they can be violent up moves that first day,with the scan if you can watch intraday you will catch them as they occur,if you can't you still have them for the next day,2 i caught huge recent were HIET on 10-18 for 85% one day profit and a beautiful squeeze break on ADSX for 38% on 10-13,look at the vol increase on those days they broke! ... i know you're in my stockfetcher group so i know you'll understand when i say both these stocks are included in my favorites list,a reason i wanted to jump them right at the start and not wait for an eod filter

General Discussion · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #33740
10/29/2004 12:41:30 AM

Dick, one thing i forgot to mention,if you want to follow up on these with the stocks on my favorites list a really great way to do it is to take a stock that hit this scan (either or as i do both 15 and 80 day resistance) and wait a day or two for it to close down,then wait for a green hold and if the volume is average or above it is a good % play very many times ... it can be dramatic like ZTEL break of 80 day was a day ago or more subtle like ARDI break of 15,both have kept their volume up in the last day,ARDI in fact has the 3 day stairstep increase that i always like,i expect if either ARDI or ZTEL can hold green Friday they can run some good %

General Discussion · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #33851
11/9/2004 11:46:00 AM

the smallcapcenter scan mentioned in the 10/27 post brought up SPAB at 2.05 and GOAM at 6.63 today,SPAB has hit a high of 2.73 and GOAM 7.83,some nice profits in between there also caught GOAM at $3 yesterday

General Discussion · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #33900
11/12/2004 6:53:50 PM

Today GOAM closed at 11.78 , up 292% from when it was caught at 3, umum

General Discussion · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #34100
11/24/2004 3:02:11 PM

GIGM picked up at 1.64 , VDSI at 4.58 from SC screen ,both hitting hod here with hour and a half to go .... happy Thanksgiving everyone !

General Discussion · Bollinger Band Squeeze
msg #34133
11/25/2004 7:54:58 PM

Zub,ok scan doesn't beat filter in ALL cases , nothing is 100%,but to quibble over your entry of 4.09 or mine of 4.40 is silly,mine still gave 43% in 2 days and i can pick up a bunch of nice ones every week with the scan,maybe you can with your screen ,maybe you can't,but surely you can't agrue with GOAM,as the earlier post said it picked it up at $3,even if you don't believe this i said it picked it up again at 6.63 and was over 7 AT THAT TIME,no faking here ,it hit a high of 14.50 yesterday ! ... anyone interested, in my Stockfetcher group, , ARDI was the top watch for the 29th,read msg # 6010, out of the 28 watches 17 hit 10% profits,some nice ones,IO 29%,SNWL 20%,ADSX 36%,NMGC 42%,PARS 41%,TGLO 30%,MOBE 34%,NNPP 23%,MONE 16%,SWKS 14%,ANSR 14%,IPAS 13%, and both EMRG and IIJI went OVER 100% since that time !! ,so Zub i know all about screens,just trying to help out some folks that might be interested in some intraday profits with the scan

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