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Filter Exchange · Is it possible to create this scan?
msg #52838
7/6/2007 7:59:41 PM

Thanks alf and the rest of you guys for helping me, I really appreciate it. To be honest with you a good friend of mine asked me if i could create a scan like what i asked for since he knows that i am a subscriber to this site. I have only been using my own basic "breakout" type scans which work pretty good for about a year. So if you need more specifics to actually narrow it down for another scan I will email him and post what he says asap. But by the looks of it Alf seems to be pretty close based on what my original question was.

I guess maybe i didn't word my original question properly but i think what my friend was asking is if it's possible to create 1 scan that would show the results of stocks that have closed 1.618% above either their 13 or 21 or 55sma and when i added "on the first day" i meant if stock XYZ gained .10 on the day is that the 1st day it was either above the 13-21 or 55sma? But like i said the scan alf posted seems like what the answer is or maybe i'm not smart enough yet to figure out what exactly i'm suppose to be asking, but i appreciate your time and help.

Filter Exchange · Is it possible to create this scan?
msg #52813
7/5/2007 5:34:47 PM

can you create a scan which lists stocks that have closed 1.618% ABOVE their 13, 21 or 55sma on the first day?


Filter Exchange · Is it possible to create an ascending triangle scan?
msg #48028
11/18/2006 12:41:02 AM

Thanks TraderBlues,,appreciate the help. Is there anyway to change the scan to where you can only see results of stocks that have yet to breakout or go above the top line of the triangle?

Filter Exchange · Is it possible to create an ascending triangle scan?
msg #48024
11/17/2006 9:01:40 PM


Filter Exchange · Is it possible to create this type of breakout scan?
msg #47970
11/14/2006 6:36:44 PM

I'm trying to create a breakout scan that will show results of stocks in NYSE or NAZ that are just below the breakout area on a chart, not just stocks that are close to the 52 week high but close to a breakout at any area in a chart. Also want to stay within the $1-$10 range and vol above 300K.

If you look at ESLR today 11/14 the breakout on the chart was around $8.50 so im looking to create a scan that would show ESLR when it was in the 8.40 area before it actually broke out.

thanks for your help

Filter Exchange · Trying to create a super tight Bollinger band scan
msg #47686
10/26/2006 5:42:44 PM

I'm new a creating scans so any help would be appreciated.

I'm trying to create a scan that has a super tight bollinger band
nyse and naz stocks, 300k average vol, price range between 1-10$.

anything else you might think would be good to add would be appreciated.

Filter Exchange · Need help creating a breakout scan
msg #47453
10/13/2006 8:31:54 PM

looking to create a breakout scan where the share price is 5% below the 52 week high and the 52 week high was 6 to 12 months ago.
above average vol. and price range is 1-10 and it's naz and nyse.

not sure if i need any additional criteria, but any suggestions or advice
would be appreciated.

Filter Exchange · Winning Streak!
msg #45985
7/19/2006 10:09:03 PM

traderblues, maybe i'm not understanding your last post about this scan, but are you adding something to the scan other than what is posted to get a closer buy area?

Open between 1 and 8
and average volume(20) above 500000
and vvv above .1
and market is nasdaq
and RSI(2) decreasing 2 days

i usually look at the scan results, look at the charts, write em down and then put em on my watchlist the next day and watch for a pullbacl or volume increase and then watch for a sma line cross to the upside. Maybe i'm not using any of my scans correctly but i don't expect a scan to pinpoint my buy spot but if you have any info on this scan that you think i need to add or know about i'd appreciate your advice. sure wish there was a way you could contact me.

Filter Exchange · TheRumpledOne,,have a scan question
msg #45537
7/7/2006 8:56:32 PM

was looking at your gap fill scan and since i'm new to creating scans
i was wondering if you could tell me how to create a gap fill scan
for stocks under $10. I looked at your scan and didn't want to
mess it up by trying to figure out where to change the closing price.

thanks for your time

Filter Exchange · Winning Streak!
msg #45405
6/30/2006 10:34:10 PM

so is that the total formula for the scan?

Open between 2 and 5
and average volume(90) above 750000
and market is nasdaq
and RSI(2) decreasing 1 day

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