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General Discussion · comparative relative strength indicator wonky?
msg #148953
8/19/2019 9:29:39 PM

I use an expression for Mansfield Relative Strength and all my picks were showing -10 earlier today. It seems ok now. I have been using SF for a couple of months now, and I have not seen such quirky issues before. Probably just an isolated incident.

General Discussion · IF?
msg #148919
8/15/2019 10:40:07 PM

I don't understand SF's rationale for not having Boolean operations. I thought I would throw this question out in case there is a work around. Is this expression possible in SF?

If close is greater than open, cp =1, else cp=0

General Discussion · IF?
msg #148932
8/16/2019 10:54:40 PM

Perfect! Thank you two for the help.

General Discussion · Interest Rates
msg #148432
7/8/2019 11:52:44 PM

I would not be surprised to see NIRP in 2019-2020.

General Discussion · is there a stockfetcher type of program that will work for intraday trading?
msg #148120
6/11/2019 10:07:24 PM

You may want to check out TradingView. It has a true intraday scanner and it seems to OK (not great). Unfortunately, it is limited to a set of canned (not customize-able) criteria. This is unfortunate as they have a powerful Pine Editor that lets you define and manipulate indicators for graphing purposes.

General Discussion · List of Index Symbols?
msg #148439
7/9/2019 10:52:21 PM

What the heck is the symbol for DJI? I tried just about everything. Has anyone compiled a list of index symbols? Thanks!

General Discussion · List of Index Symbols?
msg #148451
7/10/2019 7:28:36 PM

Thanks everyone!

Stock Picks and Trading · MU
msg #148610
7/20/2019 9:49:02 PM

The sellers took control of MU one day last week and it seemed breaching the resistance at 45 was impossible and I sold. It made sense at the time to take the profits and get back in above 45 when the trend was confirmed. I am also concerned that the overall market is overheated and in need of a pull back. I am watching next week as well!

Stock Picks and Trading · MU
msg #148611
7/20/2019 10:22:30 PM

Also, since gold came up, I recently made this filter that uses ETFs to get a feel for what is hot. Right now it's gold, semi-conductors and inverse oil and inverse natural gas...

chart-time is 20 months
market is etf
chart-display is daily
Relative Strength(^ixic,100) is above 1.15
10-day slope of Relative Strength(^ixic,100) > 0
add column Relative Strength(^ixic,100)
draw weekly wma(30)
draw Relative Strength(^icix,100)
draw rsi(14)
draw Stochastic %K(15,5,3)
draw MACD Fast Line(12,26,9)

General Discussion · Price and Indicators
msg #148475
7/11/2019 10:06:35 PM

I am an expert at going long into existing trends hours before they plummet :(

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