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General Discussion · SWING MACHINE - Amazing Picks for Todays Trader!!!
msg #41261
2/16/2006 9:40:41 PM

The Swing Machine(tm) identifies stocks that are ready to rebound in 1-5 trading days.

Thursday 17-Feb-2006



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General Discussion · SWING MACHINE - Amazing Picks for Todays Trader!!!
msg #41227
2/15/2006 5:10:37 PM

The Swing Machine(tm) identifies stocks that are ready to rebound in 1-5 trading days.

Thursday 16-Feb-2006



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General Discussion · something wrong with the stockFetch, help!!
msg #40539
1/21/2006 10:47:41 AM

It's working because if you change price to 1 to 100 the filter came up with 20 stocks.


General Discussion · DMI and Parabolic SAR magic
msg #38796
11/9/2005 6:32:20 PM

Noahedwinbeach2 6/27/2005 9:26:26 PM

that ok to sell and ok to buy thing isn't correct.

ACI for example. If a stock's parabolic crossed over but the DMI never reversed in the first place that means the stock is a hold if you had already owned it but it is not currently a buy. For example the stock went down on ACI and the parabolic switch to the topside but the +DMI never went under the -DMI so this stock was a hold. Only when the +DMI crosses under AND the parabolic crosses to the topside is a stock a sell. I would never buy a stock at this point because I consider it too late. I consider this stock a buy at 5/27/2005 when the parabolic crossed AND the dmi crossed like I explained in my first posts.

ACI should have been sold on the first "red candle" below previous days low @ $78.46 looking at 3m/d chart, saving a lot of your profits. The DMI signal to sell on 3m/d chart was at $76.65 way too late IMO.


Filter Exchange · THE PERFECT FILTER!
msg #38707
11/4/2005 7:16:05 PM

Have you looked at the backtest results? add AND DATE OFFSET IS 1. Surprise.


General Discussion · BottomLineStocks
msg #38682
11/3/2005 8:20:53 AM

These stocks closed higher EOD (end of day) Wednesday, they are "not"
from a StockFetcher Filter. Watch for "green" and try to sell at the
high of the day. These stocks all crossed a key resistance to make
this list. Some a critical MA (moving average) some a recent new
high, but all are showing momentum.

Use an interday chart, like 2d/10m and set up with indicators you
trust. I prefer the EMA(18)as my "pivot" since on most online pivot
calculator it gets to within a penny of most of them.

If the stock is crossing or above the EMA(18) and goes "green" it's
safe to enter. Then watch your key indicators RSI(2),WILLIAMS %R
(10),DPO(7) and the EMA(18), if stock crosses below EMA(18) on 2d/10m
chart get out. I have found this my most trusted indicator, the EMA
(18)on this chart time frame, you may find something better.

All I use is the 2d/10m chart with EMA(18)and DPO(7)with
(realtime), nothing else, keep your charts (clean), you don't need 15
indicators I personally have never found any "setup" that even come's
close to matching this "entry/exit method".

Each person may have their own personal favorite indicators, please
post your comments/results and the indicators you used to make a
trade with this list of stocks, we need to share and help other
members make $$$ money $$$.

Remember, wait for "green".

CMGI - my BLS pick today



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General Discussion · BottomLineStocks
msg #38572
10/25/2005 5:43:40 PM

Here are the results of today contest

October 25, 2005

Name Stock Open Close Gain (%)

tdavisfn NVAX $4.24 $5.53 30.42%
deejdelight WHRT $0.78 $0.87 11.54%
TxTrapper CLRT $1.15 $1.21 5.22%

traderjr TERN $2.93 $2.94 0.34%

mi jen ICNS $1.40 $1.40 0.00%
isawit2 BTUI $13.95 $13.95 0.00%
moonshadowus PPHM $1.08 $1.08 0.00%

gpfraser ALO $25.55 $25.25 -1.17%
techmeister ETGMF $0.62 $0.55 -11.29%

Come join us it's fun and educational;


General Discussion · Newbie: Which should I use Web or Desktop Fetcher?
msg #38332
10/4/2005 8:18:47 PM

I am sure a lot of people will offer to help you. But what I did when I first joined SF was go to message #1 and read them all, took about a week but it will bring you up to speed real fast.


General Discussion · SWING MACHINE - Amazing Picks for Todays Trader!!!
msg #37587
8/22/2005 8:02:06 AM

The Swing Machine(tm) identifies stocks that are ready to advance or
rebound in the next 1-5 trading days.

Picks for Monday, 8/22/2005



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Filter Exchange · magic box
msg #37561
8/20/2005 8:44:52 AM

TheRumpledOne 8/19/2005 4:17:18 PM


The reason that I named this setup the Magic Box was so that you could relate to it and remember it faster.


Avery how would a "normal person" decipher the above statement?


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