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General Discussion · Charts logarithmic!?!? Difference
msg #65850
8/5/2008 6:28:39 PM


Log scale is based on the percentage move of the price and linear scale is a fixed scale with equal spacing of prices. So if you look at a stock like ABK that has dropped so much in the last year, it looks more volatile on the linear scale than it does on the Log scale.

Hope this helps,


General Discussion · SF guys...what about adding Renko Charts to the mix ???
msg #65707
8/1/2008 10:49:13 AM

Alf44, offers free Renko charts.

If you've never used, click on the free charts tab, then place stock symbol in SharpCharts box. Renko is found in drop down menu on Type


General Discussion · How to make real money in the market:
msg #64323
6/25/2008 10:23:13 AM

Sorry the previous post is not clickable. I thought I knew how to do that, apparently I do not.


General Discussion · How to make real money in the market:
msg #64321
6/25/2008 10:21:32 AM

Here is a filter that is my take on Darvas style momentum stocks. I would appreciate any advice from Mike, TrendSurfer or anyone else on ways to improve the entry and exits with the pullbacks or stronger RS stocks.

Set{hi52w, high 52 week high}
Set{lo52w, low 52 week low}
Set{hi/lo-Ratio, hi52w / lo52w}
SET{ATR%, X * 100}

SET{VolDiff, Avgvol(20) - AvgVol(90)}
SET{y, VolDiff / AvgVol(90)}
SET{Vol-Increase%, y * 100}
and add column Vol-Increase%

sort by column 5 descending

set{options?, count(optionable > -1,1)}
and add column options?

Show stocks whose price is near the 3 year high and AvgVol(20) is above 100000 and volume is above 50000 and close is above 3 AND hi/lo-Ratio IS GREATER THAN 1.85

and market is not otcbb and add column AvgVol(90) and add column AvgVol(20) and add column high 3 year high and add column ma(30) and add column ATR% and add column hi/lo-Ratio and add column industry description AND DRAW DARVAS BOX and draw high 3 year high and do not draw hi/lo-ratio and draw ema(30) and chart is candlestick and draw ma(50) and add column market and draw adx(10) and draw macd(12,26,9)



This filter has given some good picks. However, Darvas' method of buying the stocks on a breakout of the top box and setting the stop just under the top of the box has stopped me out of stocks that went on to give great returns. That's why I'm asking for any help with a better entry method.

General Discussion · Camarilla Equation
msg #63602
6/12/2008 10:40:17 AM

Has anyone ever used this equation to day trade? Supposedly gives daily pivot points with great accuracy.


Filter Exchange · The quick pick (or:get in today, out tomorrow)
msg #61455
4/14/2008 10:38:01 AM


Thanks for the filter,
by the way, what is a CFD with leverage 10 you mentioned?

Also I see you're trying to make a clickable filter. You don't put fetcher at the end. It is the bracket that goes at the end and fetcher and bracket goes at the start

Fetcher[ your filter ]

there can't be a space between fetcher and the bracket or it won't work


Filter Exchange · i will help you make millions with very little money-i need your help
msg #58205
12/16/2007 8:08:07 PM

It sounds like you're talking about placing trades before the Approval Date in your first post. Then in your second post you mention NBIX and it seems you're saying to buy Calls after the Date, since you mention the block trades that took place after the drop occured.

Please clarify?

Also have you tested using straddles before the date, so you don't have to be right about the direction of the move?



P.S. Also thank to Stan22 for the links, very helpful.
The website mentioned in the link looks promising as well

General Discussion · Low float stocks
msg #55543
10/5/2007 10:20:42 AM

General Discussion · Do you still watch NTRI?
msg #55508
10/3/2007 8:46:22 PM


NTRI has over 40% short interest. At what point do you think shorts would cover? I know if I was short and was handed an overnight extra gain of $10, I would have to think about covering.


General Discussion · extending the right side of the chart
msg #55488
10/3/2007 10:35:52 AM

Sorry about posting previous thread with no subject.

Is it possible to extend or add days to the right side of the chart? This would help in drawing trendlines.


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