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Filter Exchange · Winning Streak!
msg #46028
7/21/2006 5:52:46 PM

It's a pivot point, based on the trading range the day before. There's more explanation in the Index, under Pivot Points.

Filter Exchange · Winning Streak!
msg #46009
7/20/2006 5:40:42 PM

In the Advanced Page, change the entry price from Open to S1. Make sure to check the conditional box. Simple as that.

General Discussion · * * * H O T T I P S * * *
msg #45976
7/19/2006 2:03:52 PM


Filter Exchange · Winning Streak!
msg #45963
7/19/2006 9:41:21 AM

Stocksight is close. The results are dependent on the price you are able to buy the stocks at. But the entry price is not 'low'. There is no way to trade this in the real world. Look up 'pivot points' in the index. That should give you a clue.

General Discussion · Need some help on a filter build
msg #45931
7/17/2006 4:48:40 PM


I wasn't sure if OR worked yet or not. I think you're probably right. I've never used OR in one of my own filters.

General Discussion · Need some help on a filter build
msg #45923
7/17/2006 12:21:19 PM

Fetcher[set{15hi,high 15 day high}
set{15lo,low 15 day low}
15range is above 5 or 15ratio is above 0.10

General Discussion · Parabolic SAR
msg #45858
7/14/2006 11:23:19 AM

count(price crossed below parabolic SAR,10) above 0.5

General Discussion · Market Direction?
msg #45758
7/13/2006 11:46:56 AM

I think we'll see a double bottom for the NASDAQ at around 1200.

Filter Exchange · ROI = 277916.98% - or: who wants to be a millionaire...
msg #45736
7/12/2006 4:21:18 PM

competitions, no.
designing filters, yes.


Just to add to your thought, I wonder how many here are current or ex- engineers? (I am) This question was asked on another trading forum, and the response was humorous. So many engineers trying to become stock traders.

This has always gotten in my way. I like designing and analyzing. I have a hard time sticking to a winning system. I'm always trying to improve, so I end up jumping around too much. Discipline. Easy to say, hard to do.


General Discussion · canceling the service?
msg #45521
7/7/2006 12:08:13 PM

Just go to Help, and type in cancel in the search box.

P.S. If you change your mind and decide to re-subscribe, all of your filters, settings, etc. are saved, and you will be back the same as you left.

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