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General Discussion · Amivest Ratio - Coding help for ABSValue and Summation
msg #114584
7/22/2013 1:47:28 AM


How do you plan using the Amivist Ratio for trading or screening?

set{liquidity, close * volume}

set{dv, sum(liquidity, 22)}
set{prc_chg,abs(close - close 1 day ago)}
set{prc_dec,prc_chg / close 1 day ago}
set{prc_perc,prc_dec * 100}
set{r_1, sum(prc_perc, 22)}

set{Amivest1, dv / r_1}
set{Amivest, Amivest1 / 1000}

add column Amivest
draw Amivest

msg #113079
5/1/2013 11:26:20 PM

I might be mistaken but I believe the volume based indicators, such as Chaikin Money Flow, will not work with ^SPX in stockfetcher. Therefore, SPY should be used for CMF. If this is inaccurate please advise. Thanks.

Filter Exchange · What am I doing wrong?
msg #111659
2/23/2013 1:00:20 AM


Robert, Thank you for the submission. I can't imagine that your filters are organized as such. Please press the "enter" or "return" key when posting to the forum. Also, if you type "Fetcher" with "[]" and add your code in between you can make it clickable. It would be a real time saver for the post viewers.

set {liquidity, price * volume} and set {avg_liquidity, ema (20) 1 day ago * avgvol (20) 1 day ago} and set {vol_diff, volume / avgvol (20) 1 day ago} and set {hl, high - low} and set {r, hl / low} and set {range, r * 100} and set {cmar, cma (r, 20) 1 day ago} and set {avg_range, cmar * 100} and set {ee, ema (10) - ema (20)} and set {mine, min (ema (10), ema (20))} and set {em, ee / mine} and set {PDX, em * 100} and show stocks where liquidity is more than 1000000 and vol_diff is more than 2 and price is above price 1 day ago and price is less than 20 and PDX is below 0.2 and slow stochastic (30,4,4) %k is above slow stochastic (30,4,4) %d and do not draw liquidity and do not draw vol_diff and draw median bollinger band (20, 3.00) and draw ema (10) and draw ema (200) and draw ema (50) and draw avgvol(20) on plot volume and draw cma (PDX, 8) on plot PDX and draw cma (cmf (30), 8) on plot cmf (30) and add column avgvol (20) {avg_volume} and add column vol_diff and add column liquidity and add column avg_liquidity and add column range and add column avg_range and add column PDX and add column industry and add column sector and sort column 6 descending

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #111091
2/6/2013 4:07:02 PM

Got it. Thanks.

General Discussion · ConnorsRSI
msg #111064
2/6/2013 12:56:57 AM

Kevin, Great filter. I have a question regarding the SS code you posted previously in the thread. In the third line of code, you reference the "low tomorrow" (ref(low,1) < close * 0.94) to create a limit order at close*0.94 of current day. Can you please explain why this is coded this way? I'm trying to follow the logic. Thanks, Tom

"Yes. The exact SS code is as follows:

(close-low)/(high-low) < 0.2 and
ref(low,1) < close * 0.94 and
low < ref(close,-1) * 0.94 and
adx(5) > 40 and
close > 5 and
mov(volume,21,simple) > 250000

Entry is a limit order at close*0.94. "

Filter Exchange · KST (know sure thing)
msg #110219
1/15/2013 11:10:19 PM

Sorry, it will only work with the advance SF subscription. I've only ever had the advanced subscription, therefore, I usually don't know at what point a filter will require it.

Filter Exchange · trading the right stocks by
msg #110163
1/14/2013 9:45:48 PM


set {vx, avgvol(10) * ema(10)}
set {hl, high - low}
set {r, high / low}
set {rx, r * 100}
set {cmar, cma (rx, 10) 1 day ago}
set {hp, high 8 week high - price}
set {hpp, hp / price}
set {hpx, hpp * 100}
show stocks where price is below 2
vx is above 125000
price is above price 1 day ago
volume is above volume 1 day ago
rx is above cmar
price is more than 15 percent below the high 8 week high
do not draw vx
do not draw rx
do not draw cmar
do not draw high 8 week high
draw ema(50)
draw ema(20)
draw cmf(90)
draw slow stochastic (30,4,3) %k
add column avgvol(50) {Avg_Volume}
add column vx {Daily_Liquidity}
add column hpx {Potential_Gains}
add column slow stochastic (30,4,3) %k {Stoch_k}
add column rx {Range}
add column cmar {Avg_Range}
add column Sector
add column Industry
sort column 5 descending

Filter Exchange · KST (know sure thing)
msg #110113
1/12/2013 10:25:52 PM

I wrote this a couple years ago. This might help with what you are looking for.

/* Short Term - Day */
set {sd101,close / close 9 days ago}
set{sd102,sd101 * 100}
set{sd10,sd102 - 100}

set {sd151,close / close 14 days ago}
set{sd152,sd151 * 100}
set{sd15,sd152 - 100}

set {sd201,close / close 19 days ago}
set{sd202,sd201 * 100}
set{sd20,sd202 - 100}

set {sd301,close / close 29 days ago}
set{sd302,sd301 * 100}
set{sd30,sd302 - 100}

set{var,sd_30ma * 4}
set{var1,sd_20ma * 3}
set{var2,sd_15ma * 2}
set{var3,var2 + var1}
set{var4, var + sd_10ma}
set{sd_kst,var3 + var4}

/* Intermediate Term - Week */
set {sw31,close / close 49 days ago}
set{sw32,sw31 * 100}
set{sw3,sw32 - 100}

set {sw41,close / close 64 days ago}
set{sw42,sw41 * 100}
set{sw4,sw42 - 100}

set {sw61,close / close 74 days ago}
set{sw62,sw61 * 100}
set{sw6,sw62 - 100}

set {sw81,close / close 99 days ago}
set{sw82,sw81 * 100}
set{sw8,sw82 - 100}

set{var02,sw8_8ma * 4}
set{var12,sw6_6ma * 3}
set{var22,sw4_4ma * 2}
set{var32,var22 + var12}
set{var42, var02 + sw3_3ma}
set{sw_kst,var32 + var42}


draw sd_kst
draw sd_ma on plot sd_kst
draw sw_kst
draw sw_ma on plot sw_kst

show stocks where close is above 1
and volume is above 100000

add column sd_kst
add column sw_kst

General Discussion · Real-time screening software
msg #110019
1/9/2013 8:37:38 PM

NinjaTrader + a purchased data feed. A lot of flexibility/steep learning curve.

General Discussion · 2-Period RSI trades with ETFs -- Using Options
msg #109822
1/3/2013 12:38:21 AM

If your time frame is short, look at "in the money" weekly or front month options with high delta. If you don't know what "delta" means, don't trade options and read a book to educate yourself (many available that are good). As eman suggests, futures would a good instrument to trade if they fit with your strategy.

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