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General Discussion · Change to determine angle of any sloping line
msg #127497
3/3/2016 11:18:43 PM

I'm the original developer of this code ~9 years ago and still use it today in my binary sorting filter (using TRO's Logic). This is essentially Trig math, so I would think that you can apply it to your slope idea with a little effort.

Filter Exchange · Bollinger squeeze
msg #105490
3/17/2012 12:04:09 AM

Yes, they're all late. I'd try another filter. One that's early.

General Discussion · Ipad charts.
msg #97379
11/7/2010 10:53:07 PM

As an alternative, go into the SF settings and select "Standard Charts".

General Discussion · how to add column with numbers
msg #97166
10/23/2010 11:50:30 PM

What would be the purpose of doing this? Seems useless for SF filters and trading?

General Discussion · Script for "angle" search
msg #96786
10/6/2010 10:13:41 PM

It would be helpful if you read and understood the thread(s) before posting. Thanks.

General Discussion · Script for "angle" search
msg #96781
10/6/2010 10:52:55 AM

I think it is possible. Using trig like in this code. Just need the price today and the price 10 days ago for the hypotenuse and opposite, apply this to incremental time for adjacent.

Be sure to read all that thread. I posted 5-day and 20-day. From there you could figure it out quite easily.


General Discussion · Script for "angle" search
msg #96771
10/6/2010 12:24:32 AM

Posted this 3 years ago:

Slope Angle in Degrees

Get you started.

General Discussion · Bolinger Squeeze Over Stochastics
msg #96607
9/29/2010 8:44:13 AM

I posted this 2 years ago with Bollinger bands against the Keltner bands. Even it is not a direct response to your question you might find it interesting.

Fetcher[close above 5
volume above 200000

set{UBxUK, count(upper bollinger(20,2.0) below the Upper Keltner Band(20),1)}
set{LBxLK, count(lower bollinger(20,2.0) above the Lower Keltner Band(20),1)}

set{Uxc, UBxUK * 1}
set{Lxc, LBxLK * 10}
Set{SQxc, Uxc + Lxc}

set{Ux, UBxUK * 100}
set{Lx, LBxLK * 100}
set{SQx, Ux + Lx}

set{sqxtrend, count(sqx above 150,1)}
set{t123trend1d, count(t123 1 day ago below 250,1)}
set{t123trend, count(t123 above 250,1)}
set{sqxtrendx, sqxtrend + t123trend1d}
set{sq123alert, sqxtrendx + t123trend}

and draw SQx
and draw SQcross on plot SQx
and draw SQzenith on plot SQx
and draw SQnadir on plot SQx

sqx above 150
sqx 1 day ago below 150

offset 15

General Discussion · Multiple Computers Using ONE mouse and ONE keyboard
msg #96376
9/18/2010 8:48:57 PM

Thanks mktmole.

I've been looking recently at something similar for my MacBook Pro notebook. Could be the same, but it is about $30 less in price (and more ugly):

Filter Exchange · Using the results from one filter to feed another filter. Any Help?
msg #96316
9/17/2010 10:16:45 AM

Good you appreciated the help, as Four already helped you with the correct answer. Requires work on your part, not magic.

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