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General Discussion · fxclub
msg #103439
11/22/2011 1:40:36 PM

Does anyone have any recommendations for this forex company? fxclub. It seems to be pretty cool with the demo but is the real account good also? Would like to know.
Or any good suggestions of a good forex broker?

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msg #102417
8/23/2011 3:07:38 PM


"the Malakhi is making a higher low. ...add it to your's not the holy grail but it works excellent for my trading style. "

What is the Malakhi indicator? Can you share some highlights on it, since some of us here are not so IT inclined.

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msg #101986
8/3/2011 7:34:49 PM

I tried to copy the chart but I can't because it uses something called silverlight from Microsoft, but CVLT and PAAS gave the signal yesterday and they were both bullish today.


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msg #101977
8/3/2011 3:54:27 PM

This is one of the leading indicators on freestockcharts where they plot the StochRSI on the moving average. It turns to give an early signal for early entry and early exit. What I was trying to come up with is a filter that can signal the crossover as soon as it occurs. That is the StochRSI crosses over the MA or EMA.

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msg #101971
8/3/2011 1:50:47 PM

Thank you Cacher, but is there a reason why its only producing penny stocks? I wonder why.

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msg #101969
8/3/2011 1:14:48 PM

I need help in writing this correctly,

show stocks where StochRSI(10) crosses over EMA(13)

and also StochRSI(10) should draw on the EMA(13)

market is not otcbb

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msg #101211
6/11/2011 1:54:41 PM

I need an excel template to calculate the black scholes option value, not the 20 min delay from ivol.

Filter Exchange · TRO Rat Reversal
msg #100914
5/26/2011 8:38:39 AM

Good thinking TRO, what will say your exit trigger should be. This is good for swing trading, You got me thinking like a Rat right now.

Filter Exchange · Run Forest, Run
msg #100878
5/23/2011 11:38:45 PM

TRO, in your (Run Forest Run - Swing trade - open to open 10 days, that has the C05 column), I am trying to master that setup because I can only swing trade right now. The setup is, when I run the filter in the evening, I will buy the one with the highest number of counts in the 05___ column at the open and sell at the next day open. Is this the correct way to trade this scan or is there something else. Your response will be greatly appreciated as always.

General Discussion · Option Spreads
msg #100826
5/20/2011 10:10:41 PM

That makes a lot of sense and thank you very much. I have another question, sometimes I get lucky and predict the directions of earnings correctly like in ARUN and RRGB today, but instead of making money, I ended up in slight red. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I need some help on this. I have read so much about the Greeks but I am still missing something in Options. Thanks guys.

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