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General Discussion · Interesting Research
msg #132009
10/19/2016 12:56:30 PM

I like simple systems, so following c1916's lead, I crunched the numbers in Excel for the last 10 years and here is what I came up with:

Total trades 140 (in market 27% of the time)
Winners 88 (62.9%)
Losers 52 (37.1%)
Total gain 38.5% or 3.85% per year

Needless to say, not very impressive over the last 10 years. 2008 was a big down year at -28.5%. All other years were positive except 2010 at -3.48.

Changing the parameters to -.25% and -2.75% yielded better results:

Total trades 157 (in market 30% of the time)
Winners 99 (63.1%)
Losers 58 (36.9%)
Total gain 65.5% or 6.55% per year
2008 was -18.1%

Still not very impressive.

On the bright side, I did enjoy the superhero video attached to one of the BTFD articles!

General Discussion · Can't save
msg #131811
10/7/2016 11:44:42 AM

Try this:

set{var1,close minus open}
set{var2,high minus low}
set{var3,var1 divided by var2}
show stocks where var3 is above 0.9
and var2 is above 0.50

General Discussion · Help Please: I need help Creating a filter
msg #131156
9/14/2016 11:02:16 AM

It is interesting how few stocks remain under the 50 day ma for an extended period of time - these few may be candidates for long positions once they close above the ma(50).

Fetcher[count(close below ma(50), 90) above 89 and
close is above 5 and
average volume(60) is above 100000

General Discussion · Trend Following
msg #130465
8/17/2016 8:23:27 PM

I hope there are some young guys out there that can benefit from this guys perspective as I have. Episode 476 is priceless - I just wish I had discovered trend following 20 years ago! PS. I have nothing to do with this website and have bought only one book from them - just think its good stuff!

Filter Exchange · How do I code a range?
msg #129533
7/1/2016 12:38:46 PM

To show a 52 week low on a chart it would be:
draw low 52 week low
Just replace low with high to draw the high on the chart.

General Discussion · Counting moving average crosses
msg #127265
2/10/2016 1:28:24 PM

Thanks mahkoh. This does work, although the count is limited to the only the last 100 days per the SF user guide. Not sure why, but it is.

General Discussion · Counting moving average crosses
msg #127154
2/4/2016 8:42:23 PM

Can anyone help me with an indicator? I want to count how many times a fast MA crossed (above and below) a slow moving average for the last two years and display the cumulative count at the bottom of the chart.

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