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General Discussion · To Whoever LAFFED at me re: YouTube vids
msg #137539
8/10/2017 3:39:57 PM

Not sure a +/-1% decline qualifies as a crash.

Filter Exchange · Looking for another simple scan
msg #137351
8/4/2017 10:45:54 AM

Try this
Fetcher[close is near EMA(100)
close is above ema(100)
close is above 5
average volume(60) is above 100000

General Discussion · Discuss: Crowd Funding
msg #137051
7/27/2017 9:12:55 AM

four: interesting information, thanks for sharing it.

Stock Picks and Trading · Looking for a strategy that fits my time frame
msg #136955
7/22/2017 8:57:26 AM

The crossup column is the number of times over the past year that the fast MA has crossed above the slow MA, or in other words, the number of long trades over the past year. It's also an indicator of trendiness of the ETF. Lower numbers are better as I want to be invested most of the time to collect dividends.

Stock Picks and Trading · Looking for a strategy that fits my time frame
msg #136934
7/21/2017 9:25:58 AM

A little further explanation on executing my plan outlined above. I am slow to enter and to exit a trade, not necessarily doing so on the same day that the moving averages cross. Since these are low volatility stocks, they do not move too far too fast which allows me to wait for a pullback to enter and to wait a day or two to exit to eliminate and false crosses down. I also monitor the dividend record dates closely to make sure I don't exit a position a day or two or three before capturing the dividend.

Stock Picks and Trading · Looking for a strategy that fits my time frame
msg #136897
7/20/2017 1:04:48 PM

Yes, MORL does pay a hefty dividend, however, the largest portion of it is paid quarterly. Additionally, MORL doesn't satisfy two of my personal parameters - it's too volatile and there's not enough liquidity.

Stock Picks and Trading · Looking for a strategy that fits my time frame
msg #136892
7/20/2017 10:58:16 AM

Here is my plan: I invest (long only) in only liquid, low volatility ETF's that pay a good dividend as long as the 15 day MA is above the 45 day MA. These moving averages were chosen since backtesting indicated they were consistently the most profitable. Most trades last for a few weeks to months.

At this time, in what I believe is a wildly over valued market, I am content to collect dividends and bide my time until realistic values return again, which they will. I realize JNK and SJNK may be somewhat risky, but I have chosen to accept that risk for now in return for the yield. Here is the filter I use:

Fetcher[apply to symlist(bnd,jnk,sjnk,pff,pgx,lqd)
draw ema(15)
draw ema(45)
sort column 1 ascending
Set{Abov, count(ema(15) above ema(45),1)}
Draw Abov
Set{Belw, count(ema(15) below ema(45),1)}
Draw Belw
set{crossup, count(ema(15) crossed above ema(45),240)}
add column crossup
set{a, ema(15) divided by ema(45)}
set{diff, a multiplied by 100}
add column diff
add column average volume(60)
add column Historical Volatility(100,1)

Filter Exchange · Open, Close 8-day SMA
msg #136312
6/12/2017 10:44:17 AM

Gene: try this out
Fetcher[average volume(60) is above 50000000
close is above 5
draw cma(open,8)
draw ma(8)
Set{Abov, count(ma(8) above cma(open,8),1)}
Draw Abov
Set{Belw, count(ma(8) below cma(open,8),1)}
Draw Belw

General Discussion · Desperately need filter help
msg #136073
5/26/2017 10:40:21 AM

Write the filter to show you the stocks that meet all your criteria. After you run the filter, back it up one day. Whatever stocks fall off the list are the ones that met all your criteria today, but not yesterday.

General Discussion · Elliott Wave Question
msg #135653
4/28/2017 8:58:14 AM

I have studied and followed EW for years and based upon my experience, there is no objective way to identify the beginning of a 3rd wave. My best answer would be for you to first identify a five wave advance (wave 1) and then identify a corrective wave 2. Once you have correctly identified wave 1 and wave 2, wave 3 should then follow. The problem is that if you have not correctly identified the degree of the waves, or the end of wave 2 which can take several different forms, you're in trouble.
To get around these issues, I have become a trend follower. If the short term MA crosses above the long term MA, I buy and hold on as long as the ST MA is above the LT MA. If it crosses back below, I bail on the trade. I have a lot of small losses, but every now and then I catch a whale that more than makes up for the losses.

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