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Filter Exchange · MACD 52 Week Low
msg #141296
1/23/2018 7:46:13 PM

Well I can draw the MACD Histogram 52 week high on the chart, so I assume I will need a "set" statement to get the value of both the high and the low and then a statement to say the value of the low is 2x less than the value of the high. Just thinking out loud.

Filter Exchange · MACD 52 Week Low
msg #141295
1/23/2018 7:39:46 PM

Now a new problem: How to find the 52 week avg value of the Histogram and find a 52 week low that is twice as low as the 52 week avg. Is that even possible to do in SF?

Filter Exchange · MACD 52 Week Low
msg #141292
1/23/2018 7:16:55 PM

Thanks Mahkoh. I see my error now. I was saying the MACD above the MACD 2 days ago without adding the "1 day ago" before the "above" statement. Makes perfect sense now. Thank you.

Filter Exchange · MACD 52 Week Low
msg #141233
1/21/2018 8:36:40 PM

Maybe I said that wrong. I want the 52 week low to be 2 days ago and yesterday to be higher. Otherwise, yesterday could be the same value - same as the 52 week low.

Filter Exchange · MACD 52 Week Low
msg #141194
1/20/2018 1:18:51 PM

I am trying to make a scan where I find the MACD 52 week low 1 day ago and the MACD yesterday is higher than the 52 week low.

This is what I have so far. I find the stocks that have hit the 52 week low, but need help with moving it back 1 day and getting the value of yesterday higher.

Thanks in advance for any help.

volume > 200000
price between 1 and 10
MACD Histogram(12,26,9) equals 52 week low
and stocks where shares outstanding is below 20
add column MACD Histogram(12,26,9)
add column MACD Histogram(12,26,9) 1 day ago

Filter Exchange · FILTERS with SAME stock results ....
msg #140522
12/31/2017 3:25:33 PM

Nice, I didn't know this.

General Discussion · 3 Black Crows Then Bullish
msg #139127
11/7/2017 8:06:43 AM

Thanks Graftonian

General Discussion · 3 Black Crows Then Bullish
msg #139095
11/5/2017 7:51:03 PM

Is there a way to write a filter for Three Black Crows followed by a bullish engulfing pattern, or a harami pattern?

I looked at some examples in the forums, but charts don't match this pattern all the time. Some will only have 2 crows and some are just bullish lol.

I will keep trying to write my own unless someone has a good answer.


General Discussion · COG
msg #138889
10/26/2017 3:13:33 PM

Any idea why in the chart it shows "Line 0" three times?

General Discussion · COG
msg #138887
10/26/2017 2:42:28 PM

Perfect! As always, you are quick to help. Thanks

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