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General Discussion · Custom ROC
msg #157340
8/7/2021 10:57:05 AM

Edit: Sorry, but I found a conversation located here -

I have this custom ROC in ThinkorSwim and want to try to convert it over to SF.

#--Input variables
input rocLength1 = 10;
input rocLength2 = 15;
input rocLength3 = 20;
input rocLength4 = 30;

def sumRocLength = rocLength1+rocLength2+rocLength3+rocLength4;
def avgLength1 = 10;
def avgLength2 = 10;
def avgLength3 = 10;
def avgLength4 = 15;

#--Calc ROC - RateOfChange(length, color norm length, price)
def ROC1 = RateOfChange(rocLength1, rocLength1, close);
def ROC2 = RateOfChange(rocLength2, rocLength2, close);
def ROC3 = RateOfChange(rocLength3, rocLength3, close);
def ROC4 = RateOfChange(rocLength4, rocLength4, close);

#--Plot lines
plot zeroLine = 0;

plot fastKST = (Average(ROC1,avgLength1)*(rocLength1/sumRocLength))+

plot slowKST = Average(fastKST,rocLength1);

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157190
7/7/2021 7:06:01 PM

Thanks for your answers push5280

General Discussion · Did anyone by chance have position in this ticker?
msg #157185
7/7/2021 8:46:43 AM

I use several different scans with the above filter, <1$, 1-3$, >$3, >$20 and a symlist of my favorite optionable stocks.

General Discussion · Did anyone by chance have position in this ticker?
msg #157184
7/7/2021 8:39:45 AM

Stochastics are not signals for this filter, but I like to see the crossing of the 2 lines and / or them being under 50.

I call this my Murder Hornets scan. Change price / volume to whatever you like.

Var5 are the signals computed. I like 2 signals up to 5 signals as an entry window.

If you get a warning that it exceeds your subscription, click Fetch again.

market is not otcbb
market is not etf
price > 20

average volume(10) > 5000000

add column separator
add column sector
add column industry
add column var5

draw close 4 week high
draw close 4 week low

Set{cdm_7,count( cma(DMA(7,-5),7) > cma(DMA(7,-5),7) 1day ago,1)}
do not draw dma(7,-5,7)

set{c_13, count (close > ema(13),1)}
set{c_30, count (close > ema(30),1)}
set{rs_53, count (rsi(14) > 53,1)}

set{pvi_22, count (pvi > pvi 22 day low, 1)}

set{Weekly_MACD,wk1 - wk2}

set{Daily_MACD,dy1 - dy2}

set{Weekly_and_Daily_MACD,Weekly_MACD + Daily_MACD}

set{wd_up, count (Weekly_and_Daily_MACD > Weekly_MACD,1)}

set{var1, cdm_7 + c_13}
set{var2, c_30 + rs_53}
set{var3, pvi_22 + wd_up}
set{var4, var1 + var2}
set{var5, var3 + var4}
draw var5 > 1.99
and var5 1 day ago < 1.99

draw Stochastic %K(20,20,2)
draw Stochastic %K(40,40,4)

General Discussion · Did anyone by chance have position in this ticker?
msg #157167
7/6/2021 10:08:25 PM

I got 2 buying "windows". Each "window starts with 2 bars (signals) and ends with 5 bars (signals.


General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157146
7/3/2021 11:16:36 PM


7.) There are only 4 things that you need for a stock to go up that is trend, momentum, volatility and volume.


What are the three indicators you like plus volume?

Filter Exchange · Option Filter : any profitable improvement ideas
msg #157117
6/30/2021 11:21:34 AM

Any profitable stock scan can be used for trading options.

BUT one first must understand the Greeks along with strike prices and dates (weekly / monthly).

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157097
6/27/2021 10:35:20 PM

Making it clickable.


pattern is Bullish Kicking
and draw MA(200)
and market is not OTCBB
and market is not ETF

and Average Volume(30) Above 500000

and Price Above 1

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157086
6/26/2021 2:20:36 PM


I hope you don't mind, but I shared your post above with my private Swing Trading for Beginners group on Facebook.

Well put rules for trading.

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157079
6/26/2021 8:38:28 AM

There is a lot to be said for keeping it simple.

Take a look at the True Golden Cross of the EMA(13) and EMA(48). Simple but effective place to start.

show stocks where EMA(13) crossed above EMA(48)

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