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Backtesting Support · ROI don't match Equity Summary's bottom line
msg #50770
3/31/2007 4:02:31 PM

I'm comparing a filter using a 2% stop loss versus a 5% stop loss.
The 2% produced ROI of 808% and Equity Summary total of $102898.
The 5% produced ROI of 637% amd Equity Summary total of $103896.

Shouldn't the one with the larger ROI also have the larger Equity total?
Something is not right here.

General Discussion · How to write entry condition enter only on green?
msg #50769
3/31/2007 3:50:24 PM

I forgot to check the little box that says Do not enter if target price is not met.

Thanks just the same, lockwhiz.

General Discussion · How to write entry condition enter only on green?
msg #50709
3/28/2007 3:22:49 PM

In backtesting, how do you write the entry condition to only enter if open price is greater than yesterday's closing price?
I tried "price is above close 1 day ago" and results were no different.

General Discussion · Intraday movers
msg #50629
3/21/2007 9:17:42 PM

Wow 20%, a big congrats. How do you find such great movers? Do you mind sharing you filter with us newbies?

Filter Exchange · How to find a stock which makes 1500% move in a year
msg #50008
2/14/2007 3:03:52 AM

This filter kicked out over 140 stocks in each of the last 6 days. It would be more useful if it was one tenth of that. Maybe adding a carefully chosen indicator or two is what it needs. I'll monkey around with it and I hope others will do the same to see if the filter really is useful or not.

General Discussion · stocks up 10 days in a row
msg #49764
2/1/2007 6:01:01 PM

Are you looking to short them after up 10 days or go long?

Backtesting Support · Need help with basic backtesting
msg #49420
1/20/2007 3:25:59 PM

Click Refresh in the upper left. That should start the backtesting. And click Refresh periodically to see it process is completed yet.

Filter Exchange · FAST%K - AGAIN
msg #49212
1/12/2007 11:21:46 PM


Your filter generated 46 stocks three days ago. How does one keep an eye on all 46 so to catch the 6 double digit gainers? Do you have a method to narrow down the number? You're so talented you probably did watch all 46 and caught the big gainers. The rest of us mere mortals are not quite as talented as you. But I'm very willing to learn, so, impart some wisdom here, please.

Filter Exchange · 2-Period RSI
msg #49165
1/11/2007 11:45:03 PM


Thanks for the link to a very good read. With the empirical data backing up the power of the RSI2 strategy, I feel much more confident using it. I've always been more comfortable with buy low sell high rather than buy high sell higher. Not that I'm knocking buy high sell higher which I'm sure is a profitable strategy for some.

The RSI2 filter alone can return a very large number of stocks, too many for me to manage. Does anyone have a profitable RSI2 filter incorporating a few other conditions which will produce 20 or less stocks? Or just a method to narrow down which RSI2 selections to focus on will help.

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