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General Discussion · 10 Steps to Retire a Millionaire
msg #68775
10/25/2008 3:53:52 AM


Let's say you started investing in the slotmarket five years ago. Today all the gains made since have been wiped out. You think I'll be able to convince you that buy and hope is the way? I don't think so. But if you do think so, then I got a bridge to sell you too.

This is heading toward the arguement between buy and hope versus market timing. TRO please let me know if you don't want us to hijack your thread and to start a fresh one.

msg #68774
10/25/2008 3:35:24 AM

Intraday the data is delayed about 20 minutes.

Filter Exchange · RIGGS filter
msg #68771
10/24/2008 10:40:19 PM

What I was getting at was how about a filter to give you stocks to sell? Going with trend is an easier way to make money than going against. Stocks are getting sold off in a bear market. Find stocks to sell and join the party. For example, the last month or so you could have pick any stocks with your eyes close to sell short and would have profited without using any filters.

Filter Exchange · RIGGS filter
msg #68726
10/23/2008 8:24:26 PM


You recognize that we are in a bear market, that's very good. Now tell me, are you looking for stocks to buy? Think about it.

General Discussion · 10 Steps to Retire a Millionaire
msg #68724
10/23/2008 8:18:49 PM

Can not agree with step 7, check your portfolio once a year. Take a peek now and find 40% gone will not make you a millionaire.

General Discussion · FYI: Decision Moose Market Timing Model
msg #67898
9/30/2008 1:30:16 AM

The two shots he took using goat herders had me cracking up. This Moose guy is really a political satirist moonlighting as a market timer.

General Discussion · pullback reversal
msg #64954
7/13/2008 8:07:15 PM

Let me try again with Friday's intraday chart of MWA which will show that the setup works intraday as well.

Thanks for the kudos WSG and 13th. I've got more to learn from u2 Fetchercionados.

General Discussion · pullback reversal
msg #64926
7/12/2008 7:10:23 PM

Oops, the OP was asking about intraday and my example is interday, my bad.
The setup may still be valid for intraday. I've heard that valid setups can be applied in different time frames. If my example is deem irrelevant and should be taken down, let know and I will.

General Discussion · pullback reversal
msg #64925
7/12/2008 6:46:32 PM

OK, WSG you got me, well sorta. My entry is the simple one for newbies and the more conservative. Yours is more sophisticated but definitely not for the unseasoned.
I'd love to learn all the details of your methodology but your relevant posts are gone from the forum so guess I'm s.o.l.

You posted your CLR trade on 7/10



EXIT:.............7/10/08.....$75.77 ($1,280)

Coincidently, I also traded CLR the same day. But my entry was 72.55 on the initial spike and exit 7/11... 76.77 for +4.22 to your +0.95.
So, touche'.

Btw, my call on CLR can be verified in the chat log at greenonthescreen.

General Discussion · pullback reversal
msg #64919
7/12/2008 5:00:37 PM

The signal that tells me the end of the pullback is when the price stops going down. The confirmation is when the price goes up the next day after the signal day. Most indicators are lagging. I practice KISS and look at price action mainly.

Using GDP as an example:

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