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msg #99718
3/17/2011 1:51:02 AM

I like the concept - will look at the candidates -action over the next few days. Any selection criteria besides column 3?

Filter Exchange · THEE ABSOLUTE ((( BOTTOM ))) FILTER!
msg #99191
2/17/2011 8:32:43 PM

You have average volume at 1,000,000 (1 million) and todays volume at 100,000 (100 thousand) is this what you intended?

General Discussion · Sector and Industry Question
msg #99068
2/12/2011 9:39:42 PM

Good question! I found the difference between the StockFetcher and FinViz classifications to be so large (FinViz is much more complete) that I don't use SF for any industry scans.

General Discussion · Including stocks from top industry groups
msg #98447
1/5/2011 9:40:09 PM

I really like the concept here. I ran this filter:

show stocks where close is above 2.00
and stocks in top industries(5,weekly)
and add column industry
and add column RSI(14)

sort on column 6 descending

I expected to see stocks from the top 5 industries (Industries ranked by the ones that had the highest performance in the last week) sorted by RSI. To check the results, I went to the home page, view all industries, and sorted the 1 week % column. This showed the top 5 industries for the last week to be (from 1st to 5th) Machinery-Elect Utilities (1), Retail-Drug Stores (7), Banks-West (45), Electronic Products-Misc (31), Insurance-Life industries(18.

The filter results were sorted by RSI and the last four industries were represented, but no stock from the top ranked Machinery-Elect Utilities, industry was displayed. So I ran the filter for the Machinery-Elect Utilities industry and found the missing stock was ZBB $1.20 and thus too low in price to be displayed by my filter.

I mention this only to point out that the industry that was ranked #1 got that ranking by having an increase of some 11 cents because the 10% percentage increase was calculated off a base of just over $1.12. I'll be inspecting the results to make sure I'm not looking at big increases off very small base prices.

General Discussion · TOO COMPLICATED FOR ME
msg #98206
12/25/2010 3:22:23 PM

Re: above post I added show column oldrsi and adjusted the show column to retain the sort sequence and the results in he columns appear to be correct i.e oldrsi was 1.16, RSI now 11.59, diff 10.43 which yields a percent change of + 898%.

General Discussion · TOO COMPLICATED FOR ME
msg #98205
12/25/2010 2:31:47 PM

I ran this filter today 12/25/10 and I'm a little unclear on the results and their interpretation. i.e. RMBS show a value of +8.98 in the 2daypctchg column, but when I look at the chart, the 2daypctchg lower study panel shows a dropping line from somewhere above 10 to just below 10 - likely to 8.98. I was expecting the 2daypctchg value to be the actual percentage shift in the RSI's over the 2 day period which in this case seems to be negative - not positive. Am I reading this wrong?

Filter Exchange · Money Flow
msg #98121
12/19/2010 7:24:22 PM

thanks - having i-net issues.- TTL

Filter Exchange · Money Flow
msg #98083
12/18/2010 3:03:31 AM

When I reread the above I see I wasn't crisp in describing things. I see that the bottom studies on the chart let you the see the MF/RS /price build up. What I was trying to describe was a way to capture the ramp up of all three when it starts via a filter that only shows candidates for ramping up.

Filter Exchange · Money Flow
msg #98082
12/18/2010 2:53:23 AM

Hi Dave:

The link shows the LEE daily chart. One thing that would really make this great is the ability to see if the money flow/rsi ramp up began just before the 12/3 lift off or on 12/3 or not till later. The dotted lines on the chart are David Elliot's MOBO (modified Bollinger Bands set to 5 days and +/- .8 std dev's plus a Fisher algorithm. Adding a filter that catches an upturn of the slope of a standard/modified upper BB or a short term sma (the yellow solid line is 20 sma which is still flat on 12/3) might be useful.

Filter Exchange · Money Flow
msg #98080
12/18/2010 12:29:45 AM

Nice work!
I need to really spend more time on this to understand if fully, but if I get the most basic logic, a stock with a high mfrsi score and buy =1 score is a good long prospect?

I got 971 stocks back so I added a few lines to filter out stocks with a zero buy score and a mfrsi score below 60. Top of the list was LEE. A chart shows the breakout happened 12/3 and the trend is strongly up.

Any comments on the above would be appreciated.

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