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General Discussion · flat horizontal channel
msg #37802
9/3/2005 3:36:33 PM

should be something like this:
and draw uplimit
and draw downlimit
and price is between uplimit and downlimit over the last 100 days
and price above 1
and volume above 100000

but this filter not works correctly because in first line "price" is not price for today, but price for every particular day over last 100 days, I don't know how to set variable for TODAY price :(

General Discussion · How to find job as a professional trader?
msg #37759
9/1/2005 9:15:51 AM

trade_4_money, you wrote that "You should trade on your own account first before attemping to find a trader job", but how to find such job? Ok, imagine that I have successful experience of trading for own money, but where to find such job? Do you know some online magazines which may post "job opportunities" in classified section? If I don't have economical education, but have IT education, is it a problem?

General Discussion · how to buy "pool of stocks"
msg #37711
8/30/2005 11:27:44 AM

Is there somebody who use service? Their "window trade" looks strange for me, they claim that "11:00 AM Orders placed between 2:00 PM and 11:00 AM Eastern Time the following business day are matched and processed starting at 11:00 AM" . Is it true that orders placed today will be executed tomorrow?

General Discussion · how to buy "pool of stocks"
msg #37688
8/28/2005 7:30:07 PM

to yaotiande: Thank you very much for link !!! looks like it's what I'm looking for ! thanks again!!!

General Discussion · how to buy "pool of stocks"
msg #37684
8/27/2005 7:26:39 PM

to roca1018: no, I don't want to buy ETF, ETF is a pool of stocks which was choosed by ETF manager, I want to buy my own pool of stocks, stocks which choosed by my filters, but since I want to diversify risk, I want to buy 20-30 stocks at the same time, so I will spent tooo much money on comissions ($10 per share multiply 30 stocks equals 300 USD, plus same 300 USD comission to sell), 600 USD on comissions for 1-3 days is too much .... I know only one service on the Internet which are close to what I'm looking for, it's "bivio investment clubs", but those clubs consist of non-active investors, not those who ready to buy/sell whole portfolio every 1-3 days :( Is there any other SF members who have same problem? If yes, may be start our own club and invest together? we will discuss our best strategies and choose which strategy to use

General Discussion · how to buy "pool of stocks"
msg #37647
8/26/2005 9:17:24 AM

to roncar: yes, I'd like to start "mutual fund" ! it's not bad idea to use own strategies and don't risk own money :) by the way, did someone noticed that there are a lot of very poor performed mutual funds? I use to see fund performance, there are sooo many fund with negative performance for YTD, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years etc...
I guess many people here, on SF forum, being hired as fund manager, would show much better performance!!! Why those fund owners don't discharge managers who shows negative performance?
... starting own "mutual fund" is pretty expensive thing, even offshore one,

to Ellen: thanks for link, but ther pricing are not good, ther best plan is:
20 FREE Automatic Investments* per month
$11.95 Real-time Trade market orders
I have couple of strategies with holding period 1-3 days, so if I buy/sell 20-30 stock every 1-3 day then not for me :(
I guess many traders here on SF forum interested in pooling money together to buy more stocks to diversify risk, but there is no service for it :( Hey, SF staff, may be you will cooperate with some online broker so propose such service for SF members?

General Discussion · how to buy "pool of stocks"
msg #37627
8/25/2005 5:19:19 AM

Is there any way to buy "pool of stocks" together with someone else? For example, I have some strategy and want to buy stocks, and I want to buy all stocks which meet strategy requirements to diversify risk, but I don't have enought money to buy all of them, (say 20-30 different stocks), so I'd like to pool my money together with several other people, it's like an investment club... Any ideas?

Filter Exchange · magic box
msg #37511
8/18/2005 11:22:21 AM

0 mathced stocks for this filter....

General Discussion · OK, I'm befuddled!
msg #37506
8/18/2005 5:18:02 AM

to TheRumpedOne:
Could you be so kind to post you larget filter, I have several your filters but all of them are different, some of them don't have "bbxover lrxover wbbxover lrxover" variables, some of them don't have "parsbuy parssell" variables, some of them don't have "volcnt vdbl volz" variables.... and if you will briefly explain all that variables it will be very nice, all of us will be grateful to you...
thanks in advance

General Discussion · recovery after rsi(2) <1
msg #37450
8/13/2005 9:33:19 AM

TheRumpedOne the best!

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