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Filter Exchange · Bullish Hammers after a downtrend
msg #45384
6/30/2006 3:37:24 AM

a little modification of your filter
Fetcher[set{body_bottom,min(open 0 day ago,close 0 day ago)}
set{body_top,max(open 0 day ago,close 0 day ago)}
set{low_shadow, body_bottom - low 0 day ago}
set{top_shadow, high 0 day ago - body_top}
set{body_size, body_top - body_bottom}
set{body_size2, body_size * 2}
set{body_bottom1,min(open 1 day ago,close 1 day ago)}
set{low_shadow1, body_bottom1 - low 1 day ago}
set{body_bottom2,min(open 2 day ago,close 2 day ago)}
set{low_shadow2, body_bottom2 - low 2 days ago}
set{body_bottom3,min(open 3 day ago,close 3 day ago)}
set{low_shadow3, body_bottom3 - low 3 day ago}
show stocks where low_shadow > body_size2
and body_size > top_shadow
and close 0 days ago > open 0 days ago
and open 0 days ago < open 1 days ago
and low 0 days ago < low 1 days ago
and low 0 days ago < low 2 days ago
and low 0 days ago < low 3 days ago
and low_shadow > low_shadow1
and low_shadow > low_shadow2
and low_shadow > low_shadow3
and volume > 100000
and 2 days slope of the close is above -0.5

I've added "and 2 days slope of the close is above -0.5" to prevent stocks which dropped too much to rebounce

General Discussion · Are you tired of being on the "wrong" side of the trade?
msg #45311
6/27/2006 1:14:35 AM

I'm sure there is a BIG difference between practice account and real one. In practice account you don't have any emotions, while at real account you have a lot of them... from my poin of view the only way when practice account is usefull is when you trade something which has big diversification in it's nature and secured againts single bad event(missed earnings, court decision etc.)... Currently I'm paper trading ETF's because they are secured against single bad event and I'm shure they can't drop 10% or more in one day...
my 2 cents

msg #45064
6/17/2006 8:27:37 PM

Hi, TRO!
Your filter finds stock with high probability of gaps, but what remains unclear for me is what to do next? ok, I have stock XYZ with high probability of gap, but this gap can be up or down, so I have to be on right side. I'm not a good day trader so it's not easy to me :( Should I "wait for green" and go long? or what?
thanx in advance

Filter Exchange · Telling the Future...
msg #44300
5/27/2006 7:17:23 PM

Hi !
I have another question: How to "backtest" such filters? All those filters "fetch" stocks which "predicts" tomorrow's QQQQ, so I need to buy QQQQ if most of those stocks with high "precaution" value goes up . How to set such condition in backtesting? By default "backtest" assumes to buy fetched stocks, not QQQQ if stokcs goes up !!! Please, somebody, help !!!
thanks in advance

Filter Exchange · Telling the Future...
msg #43953
5/20/2006 7:03:24 PM

heyen, I would like to fetch stocks in your filter
Fetcher[market is nasdaq
set{c1,count(day change 1 day ago above 0,1) + count(ind(qqqq,day change) above 0,1)}
set{c2,count(day change 1 day ago below 0,1) + count(ind(qqqq,day change) below 0,1)}
set{precaution,count(max(c1,c2) equal 2,100)}
volume above 5000
and add column precaution
sort by column 5 descending

with "precaution" value equals to "precaution" of QQQQ but I don't know how to do that :( Could you help me?

Filter Exchange · 5 day swing trades
msg #43864
5/18/2006 4:42:41 PM

Did you notice that P/E ratio in stockfetcher's database is far from P/E ratio from any other financial site, for example and P/E ratio exists not for all stocks.
Fetcher[price above 1 and volume above 100000 and P/E above 0]

(2334 stocks)
Fetcher[price above 1 and volume above 100000]

(3674 stocks)


Filter Exchange · Telling the Future...
msg #43716
5/14/2006 7:20:18 PM

ok, heyen, thanks
according to your filter most stocks dropped in price at friday, May 12. So at Monday, May 15, index QQQQ also should drop .... lets see...


Filter Exchange · Telling the Future...
msg #43707
5/14/2006 4:03:26 PM

heyen, your last filter may show stocks (if precaution is, say, above 60) which has strong correlation with QQQQ, but what is practical advantage to know such stocks? sorry, may be I'm too stupid, but I can't understand... ok, you know some stock wich has high correlation with qqqq, for example AMLN, so How you may predict the future price of AMLN knowing current QQQQ and AMLN???

General Discussion · After hours screening
msg #43614
5/10/2006 5:10:25 PM

I searched internet a lot to find best sites for pre-market analising, my results: - best - also good, but cost $25/month or something - worsest

General Discussion · After hours screening
msg #43613
5/10/2006 5:06:40 PM

stocktrader, I studied correlation between pre-market moves and market-hours behavior and I found some correlation! the key factor here is pre-market volume. if you interested in that info - drop me email: alex at
for pre/post market price changes I use, I also was a paid subscriber of but found no advantages of their paid service vs. free

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