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General Discussion · FREE Trial: Real Time Average Daily Range(ADR) scanner
msg #122054
11/22/2014 11:05:31 PM

If you are a fan of high day rangers/runners such as TRO's RFR or Deadly Combo(13th's?) you can convert the Stockfetcher scan to an intraday real time scan to monitor say: ADR(10)>ADR(30) and made HOD/LOD or over previous/2/3 day HOD etc.. Still playing with it.

General Discussion · FREE Trial: Real Time Average Daily Range(ADR) scanner
msg #122051
11/22/2014 2:23:40 PM

Just started using this a week ago. Using my Stockfetcher scans in real time scans now. It can't do as much as Stockfetcher, but is a good add-on for intraday + Stockfetcher is a bargain for what u get. You can do ADR(10) > ADR(30)+last > upBB(1m), previous day range, ADR(60)(5) etc.You can build custom scans or use their prebuilt. I have no affiliation with these guys and if this post is out of line please take it down.

Filter Exchange · holygrail's "the worlds best intraday setup"
msg #121284
8/8/2014 4:22:48 AM

Great work on all of this! Will have to try some of these setups.

msg #121271
8/5/2014 6:58:31 PM

I think this indicator would work with the ADR(5). Check it out: clayburg directional day filter and

msg #121246
8/4/2014 2:53:38 PM

Anybody using this filter?

Filter Exchange · Ichimoku help needed please
msg #117982
2/1/2014 10:57:03 AM

Thanks guys great.

Filter Exchange · Ichimoku help needed please
msg #117890
1/25/2014 1:26:01 PM

I am trying to make a filter for price crossing up
through Span A and Span B at the same time.
These crosses are through very thin parts of the cloud.
OXBT from 1/10/14 is an example. I can't get the filter
to show only the crosses.

/* Ichimuko */

find stocks where close is less than 20

and stocks are optionable

set{Tenkan_Sen, Middle Donchian Band(9,0)}
draw Tenkan_Sen on plot price

set{Kijun_Sen, Middle Donchian Band(26,0)}
draw Kijun_Sen on plot price

/*Chikou Span*/
set{Chikou_Span, DMA(1,-26)}
draw Chikou_Span on plot price

/*Senkou Span A*/
set{SSA1, Tenkan_Sen + Kijun_Sen}
set{SSA2, SSA1 / 2}
set{Senkou_Span_A, SSA2 26 days ago}
draw Senkou_Span_A on plot price

/*Senkou Span B*/
set{Senkou_Span_B, Middle Donchian Band(52,0) 26 days ago}
draw Senkou_Span_B on plot price

price crossed Senkou Span B
and Senkou Span A

Filter Exchange · seasonality filter>big bucks
msg #112710
4/9/2013 6:07:53 PM

Here's a link for more info:

Filter Exchange · A Little Help TRO
msg #108013
9/11/2012 3:41:11 PM

People are still using the TTM guys
did a great job on this...bump.

Filter Exchange · TRO Rat Reversal
msg #103152
10/29/2011 4:03:16 PM

good info on the rally and 52's low and high

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