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General Discussion · John Carter - Squeeze
msg #156764
5/8/2021 7:35:48 PM

Hi everyone, I use the original TTM Sqeeze with TOS and noticed often, that our one here plots the first dot 1 day late, probably due to both Kel and BB's here at SF are not the standard ones other platform use. Does anyone has a fix to that? Thanks in advance! Saico

General Discussion · John Carter - Squeeze
msg #154064
9/19/2020 8:57:46 AM

Thanks Ed, really appreciate your help!

General Discussion · John Carter - Squeeze
msg #154034
9/15/2020 2:52:24 PM

Hi everyone,

is there a way to change the code below, so that it will show stocks with a count of at least 4 days being in a squeeze?

Thanks for your help!

/* Keltner Bollinger Squeeze Filter Modified*/

set{xUp, days(upper bollinger(20,2.0) above the Upper Keltner Band(20,1.5) , 100 )}
set{xDn, days(lower bollinger(20,2.0) below the Lower Keltner Band(20,1.5) , 100 )}

set{xUBB, days(high >= upper bollinger(20,2.0) , 100 )}
set{xLBB, days(low <= lower bollinger(20,2.0) , 100 )}

set{xRange, high - low }
set{xRPCT, xRange / atr(20) }

set{xMomStudy, cema(momentum(12), 5) }
set{xReturn1, xMomStudy + MACD Fast Line(12,26) }
set{xReturn, xReturn1 / 2 }

/* plots */

draw xUp
draw xDn on plot xUp

draw xRange
draw atr(20) on plot xRange

draw momentum(12)
draw macd(12,26,9)
draw xReturn

draw xMomStudy
draw line 0 on plot xMomStudy

set{TTMSqueezeTop, count(Upper Bollinger Band(20,2) < Upper Keltner Band(20,1.5),1)}
set{TTMSqueezeBotA, count(Lower Bollinger Band(20,2) > Lower Keltner Band(20,1.5),1)}
set{TTMSqueezeBot, TTMSqueezeBotA * -1}

draw TTMSqueezeTop on plot xMomStudy

draw TTMSqueezeBot on plot xMomStudy

set{Kwidth, Upper Keltner Band(20,1.5) - Lower Keltner Band(20,1.5)}
set{Bwidth, Upper Bollinger Band(20,2) - Lower Bollinger Band(20,2)}
set{KBRatio, Bwidth / Kwidth}
add column KBRatio

/* column displays */

add column xUp
add column xDn

add column xUBB
add column xLBB

add column xRange
add column atr(20)
add column xRPCT
add column xReturn

/* squeeze selection */

upper bollinger(20,2.0) below the Upper Keltner Band(20,1.5)

lower bollinger(20,2.0) above the Lower Keltner Band(20,1.5)
xMomStudy above 0
price near upper bollinger(20,2)
/* price, volume selection */

close above 1
volume above 300000

General Discussion · RSI color condition.
msg #127770
3/30/2016 12:26:59 PM

Hi everyone,

when a chart plots a RSI on the bottom, extrem zones get colored either red, or green. But what condition must be met for that? Since even when the RSI rises into an extreme zone, like above 70, it doesnt mean the field turns red.

Much thanks in advance!

Filter Exchange · how to scan for incomplete double bottom that occur after a sharp drop
msg #127401
2/23/2016 9:57:38 AM

show stocks where pattern is incomplete double-bottom

Add you criteria to it.

Filter Exchange · How to avoid multiple positions...
msg #121636
10/2/2014 5:31:20 AM

Hi everyone,

is there a way to filter out and avoid multiple positions of the same stock at the same day for the use of 2 separate filters? Its mostly important for backtesting since you can easily do it by hand when trading live.

Much thanks in advance!

General Discussion · NEVER LOSE AGAIN!!
msg #121626
10/1/2014 8:53:50 AM

How do you manage stops guys?

Filter Exchange · 6% below yesterdays close...
msg #110594
1/27/2013 11:25:59 AM

Hi Kevin,

thanks for the fast reponse. Actually I want to use it as entry criteria for the ConnorsRSI script to backtest the method.


Filter Exchange · 6% below yesterdays close...
msg #110592
1/27/2013 9:46:53 AM

How can I write a filter to buy a stock at 6% below yesterdays close?

Much thanks in advance!

General Discussion · connor's 7 and 7 filter
msg #110442
1/23/2013 3:12:20 AM

Dont forget that the ETF has to close at a new low, not just touching it during a session. The current filter shows also a signal, if the market made just a new low, with still closing higher.

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