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12/2/2008 1:04:38 AM

A few more new ones..... Seem to be based on Russell 1000....financials etc...

FAS makes SKF look tame .

General Discussion · I have a thang...for "Fannie Mae" !!!
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10/12/2008 9:29:36 PM


General Discussion · Why the big drop rdn, fre, tma, abk,
msg #68036
10/3/2008 5:47:30 PM

Talking heads say that the credit markets didnt budge on the
House passage. Market sold off on that news.

If your a simpleton like me just look at this picture daily
( the short end 3m-2yr) for a snapshot of credit markets.

The headlines and THIS may be the what drives the market
short term.

According to Rick Santelli when we were near meltdown a couple weeks back the yeild on
the two year treasury varied from 1.6% TO 2.2% and any break from this range would be

The two year is at 1.58 today so the fear is the same as when P/B were calling for the "end of days".

Hey is this the new VIX? or a leading indicator?

Crporations can't find buyers for their commercial paper, they must offer unusually high interest rates to investors, which sharply raises their cost of doing business. Often they must cut jobs in response, which highlights how Wall Street's problems spill over onto Main Street.

Even at high rates, there aren't many buyers of commercial paper. Usually money-market funds buy this debt, but instead buyers are flocking these days to short-term Treasury bonds, which are believed to be safe.

Corporations "can't come to the market because everyone is scared, and this giant market is starved" for capital, Simons said. "It's really not a market anymore."

Alternative options for corporate borrowing are equally poor. Corporations can issue bonds with near-term maturity dates, but the market for them also is in turmoil.

Normally, drawing down lines of credit at a bank would be another option, but banks are barely lending to each other, much less to businesses, as the credit crunch deepens.

"You may see the Federal Reserve lend in the commercial paper market directly ... rather than jamming money into the banks," Simons said. The Fed "did that in the Great Depression."

The Fed operates as an emergency lender, and it's living up to its billing. The size of its balance sheet grew by $284.3 billion in the week ending Wednesday. Since the beginning of September, Fed credit increased by more than 63 percent to $1.48 trillion.

The credit crunch sent some of the nation's largest employers to Capitol Hill to twist lawmakers' arms Thursday. They hope the House will follow the Senate's lead and pass the Wall Street rescue package today. The House rejected the measure Monday, 228-205, before it was revised.

"Microsoft strongly urges members of the U.S. House of Representatives to reconsider and to support legislation that will re-instill confidence and stability in the financial markets," said Brad Smith, the Redmond software maker's general counsel, in an e-mail to lawmakers. "This legislation is vitally important to the health and preservation of jobs in all sectors of the economy of Washington state and the nation, and we urge Congress to act swiftly."

Corporate titans weren't the only ones pressing lawmakers. Dyke Messinger, chief executive officer of Power Curbers, said he'd laid off two-thirds of his work force at a machinery-manufacturing plant in Salisbury, N.C., because of the credit crisis. "We don't have the work because our American customers can't get the credit to buy our construction machinery," Messinger said.

Information from The Associated Press is included in this report.

Copyright 2008 The Seattle Times Company

More Nation & World headlines...
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General Discussion · New Here and Need Encouragement
msg #67751
9/25/2008 4:54:10 PM

Read Jack Schwagers 3 books where he interviews accomplished traders.

One very common trait among these people is that they blew out their
account early in their trading lives.

Realy, how else do you learn respect and risk management?

Filter Exchange · DEADLY COMBO
msg #66817
8/30/2008 9:14:07 AM


Filter Exchange · PLEEEEEEEES
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8/16/2008 3:55:32 PM


General Discussion · Oil & GAS
msg #66266
8/16/2008 9:59:11 AM

Here is my gas watchlist . The market has great interest in the top 5 who are the key players in the potentially enormous Haynesville Shale.


GGR...... a "penny" who has run up 100% despite this gas selloff due to a major new gas discovery. Several times in the last 10 years it has run hundreds of percents.

msg #66098
8/11/2008 10:37:35 PM

I gave UNG a try at 57 so who am I to say you cant pick a bottom Riggs.

Anyone have a scan for a more paitent bottom play. Like " weekly rsi(2) < 25 as the stock makes new 3 or 4 week lows , and, then you get a rally where cog crosses 0, and, then a two or 3 day pullback where the
previous lows hold up" ?

I have that feeling too that it would make sense if Nat gas and its bretheren stop falling NOW but I aint betting on it too soon this time.

msg #65460
7/26/2008 11:54:24 AM

Great site Riggs. Thanks.

General Discussion · Market Manipulation...
msg #65424
7/24/2008 7:59:50 PM

Nice observations IMO Eman93. They are the herd, not us, who can move any stock. Is it smart money? Yup! Not because of brainy market analysis but because we better be on their coattails or else.

40 hedge fund traders with a gazillion dollars. I like that.

Dont forget to look for the sirens and the "Federal Ambulance" parked in front of any financial institution. BUY!

This weeks trade was "Everythings gonna be ok in six months. The kitchen sink quater is in. "Dollar good " gee we need to rasie rates here soon"

I doubt the analysis goes any deeper before "ENTER" is hit to buy the financials.

I like fertilizer. SO WHAT! I like coal. WHO CARES. Nat Gas . WHAT FOOL.? That trade is tommorrow or next week maybe, not now.

Head fakes, failed reversals. It's hard going lately , but the one thing I ask myself now is "Where is the herd going this week".

Any ideas?

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