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General Discussion · want to combine results
msg #33582
10/15/2004 2:38:02 PM

First, thanks for your feedback, but let me be more specific.
Let's say you have 2 filters and they give you 2 set of results.
I don't want to go to each filter and see the results separately.
I want to combine the results into one big result set. Can that be done, if yes then how?

General Discussion · want to combine results
msg #33577
10/15/2004 1:28:32 PM

Let's say I have 2 filters one showing stocks
that moved above MA(50)
and other filter showing stocks that moved above MA(20)
but I want to display results from each of these on one page.
Is it possible????

So, X Y AND Z results from filter 1
and A B AND C results from filter 2
and the result I want to see is


General Discussion · Backtesting
msg #33334
9/21/2004 12:28:04 PM

When we look for results in the past few days, we have to put in the number of days we want to go back to see the filter result. Isn't there a quick way of looking at results for the past 20 days or so and see the results for each day in big result set.

For example, if I want to display result from filter for the past 20 days, I would like to see Day 20 showing 10 stocks, Day 19 showing 5 stocks, Day 18 showing 3 stocks, etc......

Can this be possible in one screen or do I have to see the results individually for each day?

Filter Exchange · Fib #s weekly
msg #32328
6/12/2004 7:43:56 AM

How can I get fibonacci #s on a weekly chart displayed with my results?

Filter Exchange · MA(20) is declining MA(40) is rising
msg #32304
6/9/2004 7:26:26 AM

Thanks for the info. Can this be applied to weekly charts as well? If so, how?

Filter Exchange · MA(20) is declining MA(40) is rising
msg #32300
6/8/2004 9:41:50 AM

Can someone tell me how to write this filter
where MA(20) is falling but above MA(40) and MA(40) is rising
on a daily basis?

Announcements · New Pattern: Double Bottom
msg #31525
3/27/2004 12:33:25 PM

Can this work with weekly charts or I meant to say can we see this pattern on
a weekly chart

General Discussion · combine filter results
msg #30723
1/19/2004 8:09:57 PM

I want to display filter results from 2 different filters.
Is that possible?

General Discussion · How can I disable global chart settings and use filter
msg #30432
1/1/2004 12:27:02 PM

Thanks for the tip. I already looked in there and I could not find the answer to it. I hope you understood my question.

If you have certain parameters set in the global chart settings and do not want to disply maybe one of them in your filter results, how can one do that.


General Discussion · How can I disable global chart settings and use filter
msg #30429
12/31/2003 6:17:17 PM

I want to use certain chart settings when I display charts from filter results
other than global chart settings. Can I specify that in my filter description?

For example, if I have RSI(30) set as my global chart setting and I do want to display that in my certain filter results, how can I disable it.


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