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Announcements · New Measure: Comparative Relative Strength
msg #33683
10/26/2004 9:25:26 AM

This is outstanding! Thanks SF.

General Discussion · short term momentum indicators ?
msg #32578
7/14/2004 5:02:56 AM

Currently I use only moving averages to guess the short term trend of a stock.

What other indicators can I use to detect short term (3-6 days) trends
(especially upward trends) ?

Filter Exchange · help "did not cross"
msg #32541
7/9/2004 11:49:20 PM

I'm trying to write a filter with the following condition:-

MA(10) and MA(20) did not cross within the last 20 days

Is there a way to do this ?

Filter Exchange · Surprized at the accuracy of this one
msg #32506
7/5/2004 9:32:44 AM

Also add the following condition for better results:
"close is above MA(50)"

Filter Exchange · does anybody use force index ?
msg #32504
7/5/2004 3:05:13 AM

apart from the simple example provided on the help page, can anybody
post a filter which uses Force Index FI(2) or FI(13) ?

FI seems like a pretty useful filer, though I dont see any discussion / threads
on it .

Filter Exchange · Surprized at the accuracy of this one
msg #32503
7/5/2004 2:08:07 AM

nice filter! Just an observation, your filer gives better results if:
1) price range is 15-50 (more liquid stocks)
2) ma(3) is typically 3-5% below ma(9) before crossing

Filter Exchange · cup and handle - check this out
msg #32451
6/28/2004 3:16:30 AM

I was playing around with moving averages and I found a simple but very
effective way to find "cup-and-handle" formations:- (any suggestions for improvement are welcome)

Fetcher[show stocks where price is above 25 and MA(20) is approaching MA(50)
from below and MA(20) has been increasing for the past 10 days and draw MA(10)

Filter Exchange · swing trade - MA10, MA20 crossover - help me improve on this
msg #32337
6/14/2004 6:36:22 AM

Hi guys! Please help me fine tune the following filter: -

I'm trying to track stocks which crossed MA10 a couple of days ago; also
MA(10) is about to cross MA(20) from below.
I've noticed that this kind of swing trade can be give good returns in the short term.

This is as far as I got:-
- price crossed MA(10) from below within the last 3 days
- price is above MA(10)
- price is below MA(20)
- slope of MA(20) is approaching slope of MA(10)
- average volume(200) is above 500000

Any suggestions ?
-- rsdivekar

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