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General Discussion · Intraday data?
msg #39743
12/23/2005 12:37:24 AM

General Discussion · Low Priced Stocks
msg #38684
11/3/2005 11:55:47 AM

I received a recommendation in the mail (The Fagan Report) for Tornado Gold (TOGI). Looks ready to pop. It's too thinly traded for me and I've never had a winner drop in my mail box, but I wanted to pass it on to those interested in stocks < $1.00.

General Discussion · Exit Strategies
msg #37736
8/31/2005 2:24:35 AM

Look over some of Gary B. Smith's writings:

msg #37673
8/27/2005 3:11:24 AM

Also, do a search on "pateljr" 7/19/2005 11:59:31 AM

General Discussion · Parabolic SAR question
msg #37625
8/25/2005 2:13:16 AM

Check out:
This demonstrates why the Parabolic SAR is not a good trend indicator.

General Discussion · Fundamentals vs Technicals
msg #37321
8/5/2005 9:34:34 AM

As a die-hard market technician I always believed that the fundamentals were already "baked " into the price pattern. I've come to realize that given 2 similar chart patterns, e.g. ascending right triangle, the one with the better fundamentals results in more reliable breakouts, pull-backs, targets, whatever.
The question is how to properly evaluate fundamentals. The IBD100 is a good place to start. These are stocks with good credentials and the work of identifying them has been done for you.
But of course being an IBD stock doesn't guarantee a profitable outcome. How many people got burned by the good story put out by Enron for example. That's where the technical analysis comes in. You definetly need both.
I suggest buying the Friday edition of IBD and scanning the charts for good technical buy candidates as this is what your eyes can recognize quickly. Then select those stocks that have a composite rating of say 90 or higher. Now you have the odds in your favor in the biggest casino in the world, the stock market.
I use this approach for trades that last from 1 day to about 2 weeks. I also subscribe to a service that makes recommendations based on O'Neil's
CANSLIM approach. There are several services of this type available.
Keep it simple.

Filter Exchange · Stocks & Commodities Mag April 2005
msg #35747
4/26/2005 1:56:34 AM

Here is the filter for the article on page 16, "Trading Moving Average Pullbacks"

Show stocks where close is above MA(30) over the last 30 days
and Average Volume(20) is above 100000
and close is between 1 and 250
and close 1 day ago is less than 1.5% above MA(30)
and high is above high 1 day ago

The last line is the trigger for the trade.
This is another method for buying pullbacks in an uptrend.

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