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Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157406
8/17/2021 11:01:48 PM

Xarlor & Cheese, Thank you both for your help in fixing my code. I thought that it was a small error that I was overlooking. Thanks again, Ron

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157402
8/17/2021 8:30:36 PM

Cheese, Thank you very much for your fast reply and helpful code. That is exactly what I wanted.
I do have one other problem. I want to add another column labeled "diff" that subtracts the 2.0%belowopen column from the up2% column.
I added below code but it does not work.

set{diff, up2% - 2.0%belowopen}
add column diff

Any ideas?

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157399
8/17/2021 5:25:36 PM

Is it possible to add a column that counts how many times stock achieves 2.0% below open?
I appreciate any help in this matter.

set{hiop,high - open}
set{hioppct,hiop / open}
set{trigger,0.03} /*Trigger - Stock Up 3% from open*/
set{trigger1,1 + trigger}
set{triggervalue,trigger1 * open}
set{gain0.25%,trigger + 0.0025}
set{gain0.5%,trigger + 0.005}
set{gain1.0%,trigger + 0.01}
set{gain1.5%,trigger + 0.015}
set{gain2.0%,trigger + 0.02}
set{gain2.5%,trigger + 0.025}
set{gain3.0%,trigger + 0.03}
set{uptrigger,count(hioppct > trigger,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 3% above open*/
set{upgain0.25%,count(hioppct > gain0.25%,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 0.25% above trigger*/
set{upgain0.5%,count(hioppct > gain0.5%,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 0.5% above trigger*/
set{upgain1.0%,count(hioppct > gain1.0%,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 1.0% above trigger*/
set{upgain1.5%,count(hioppct > gain1.5%,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 1.5% above trigger*/
set{upgain2.0%,count(hioppct > gain2.0%,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 2.0% above trigger*/
set{upgain2.5%,count(hioppct > gain2.5%,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 2.5% above trigger*/
set{upgain3.0%,count(hioppct > gain3.0%,100)}/*Count how many times stock achieves 3.0% above trigger*/
add column open
add column uptrigger{trigger3%}
add column triggervalue
add column up0.25{up0.25%}
add column up0.5{up0.5%}
add column up1.0{up1%}
add column up1.5{up1.5%}
add column up2.0{up2%}
add column up2.5{up2.5%}
add column up3.0{up3.0%}
sort column 8 descending

average volume(30) above 500000
close above 10
uptrigger above 40

General Discussion · Watchlist for 7/29/21 (DAY TRADE THEORY)
msg #157344
8/7/2021 3:32:49 PM

This is an interesting article by Zacks that compares INOV to DXC.

General Discussion ·
msg #156924
6/5/2021 12:11:26 AM

@mac, As always, your reply and input are very helpful. Thanks a lot.

General Discussion ·
msg #156920
6/4/2021 1:01:37 PM

@mac, tickeron has a very large amount of signals each day. When you review the charts how do you decide which stocks to buy and what entry price to use? Thank you for your input.

General Discussion · Is my assumption true or false?
msg #156529
4/8/2021 3:53:26 PM


Your gap filter is very interesting. It reminds me of TRO's stat scans. Is it possible to add two columns?
1. close to open average gap up %

2. close to open average gap down %

Thank you for your help and for posting this filter.

Filter Exchange · RSI2/Qstick Filter by Lapre506
msg #156399
4/5/2021 2:59:59 PM


Thank you for your help and for your fast reply.

Filter Exchange · RSI2/Qstick Filter by Lapre506
msg #156395
4/5/2021 11:07:13 AM

The RSI data display shows red and green when RSI is above 70 and below 30. Is it possible to change overbought to 50 and oversold to 20 so that RSI display will show red and green when RSI is above 50 and below 20? Thanks Ron.

Fetcher[market is not otcbb
close is above 1

Average Volume(30)> 100000
RSI(2) was below 3 within the last 4 days
Qstick(5) > Qstick(5) 1 day ago
shares outstanding > 50
Add column rsi(2)
add column market cap
add column shares outstanding
add column sector
and add column dividend yield
add column dividend
add column since dividend {Last Ex-Div}
add column sector


General Discussion · Let's Play "The Falling Knife" Game
msg #156369
4/1/2021 6:52:12 PM


I appreciate your helpful feedback. Good Trading! Ron

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