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Filter Exchange · McClellan Oscillator and SPY
msg #159539
9/1/2022 4:24:27 PM

Snappy, Using RSI for confirmation is a good approach. Thanks.

Filter Exchange · McClellan Oscillator and SPY
msg #159503
8/26/2022 5:22:05 PM

Snappy, Interesting filter. Did you have a chance to back test it? Thank you for posting it.

General Discussion · Learning
msg #158963
4/10/2022 2:52:02 PM

@xarlor, Thank you for your comments and for the very useful filter. Good Trading. Ron

General Discussion · Learning
msg #158961
4/10/2022 12:22:03 PM

I understand the basics of using moving averages in up and down markets and oscillators in ranging markets. My big problem is trying to determine when the market is changing from trend to ranging and vice versa. Sometimes I act too soon and get whipsawed. Other times I am too slow and give back 30% of my profits. I prefer swing trading. Can anyone please give me some ideas on the best way to identify market shifts in a timely manner. Thanks a lot.

Filter Exchange · Swing/Trend Trader
msg #158636
2/21/2022 12:39:33 AM

@davesaint86, Thank you very much for posting the Deep Dip Buy Trading Rules. Good Trading. Ron

Filter Exchange · Swing/Trend Trader
msg #158630
2/20/2022 4:46:37 PM

@davesaint86, Regarding the filter posted on 1/31/22.

1. How many triggers are needed for a buy?
2. Do you sell 1/3 shares at pt1 and 1/3 at pt2 and final 1/3 at pt3 or do you ride the trend until the ts1.5% is hit?
3. Did you backtest this filter?
Thank you for posting this filter and for considering my questions.

Filter Exchange · Need help adding counts to my filter
msg #158201
12/16/2021 4:17:39 PM

@cheese and xarlor. Thank you both so much! That is exactly what I was looking for. Also, the "all above "

boxes will make back- testing a lot easier. I did not know that that was possible. You are both talented and give freely of your time to help me and so many others on this forum.

Filter Exchange · Need help adding counts to my filter
msg #158195
12/16/2021 12:17:19 AM

Fetcher[MACD fast line(12,26,9) is above MACD slow line(12,26,9)
show stocks where the stochastic %K (14,5,3) is above the stochastic %D (14,5,3)
price is above MA(20)

Please advise how I can add counts as follows:
1. number of days that MACD fast line is above MACD slow line
2. number of days that MACD fast line is below MACD slow line
3. number of days that stochastic %K is above %D
4. number of days that %K is below %D
5. number of days that closing price is above MA(20)
6. number of days that closing price is below MA(20)

I do not care about the count totals. I just want a red box to print on the chart for each day that each indicator is above or below criteria in items number 1-6.
If you click on a chart from the filter listed below then you can see the type of red boxes that I am referring to.
Fetcher[ apply to symlist(ABEV, AEG, GOL, drip,gush,dgaz,ugaz,dust,nugt,labd,labu,sqqq,tqqq,)
* 49 is number of consecutive days ema(4) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(9) */
set{49b,days( ema(4) is above EMA(9) ,250)}
set{49a,days( ema(4) is below EMA(9) ,250)}
set{49, 49a - 49b} and add column 49 {49}
do not Draw 49
Set{cnt49,count( eMA(4) > eMA(9) ,1)}
draw cnt49
Set{cnt49b,count( eMA(4)< EMA(9) ,1)}
draw cnt49b

Thank you very much for your help in this matter.
Happy Holidays! Ron

General Discussion · Hull Moving Averages
msg #157581
9/14/2021 10:22:37 AM

Bruce, This should work. Good Trading. Ron

/* 9,--21 Period Hull Moving Average Crossover */

close is between 5 and 150
volume(30) is above 1000000
set{fast2,2 * fast1}
set{valfast,fast2 - fast3}

set{slow2,2 * slow1}
set{valslow,slow2 - slow3}

set{diff,fastavg - slowavg}

draw fastavg on plot price
draw slowavg on plot price
draw diff
draw diff line at 0

show stocks where the close is above 5
and volume is above 100000
and not otcbb

add column fastavg
add column slowavg
add column diff

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157469
8/29/2021 10:13:34 PM
This reminded me of a rule by TRO and Muddy Wallman: WAIT FOR GREEN.
Thanks again.
snappyfrog, cheese,VenturaTrader,redversa721, and SAFeTrade: Thank you all very much for your valuable input.

I understand that WAIT FOR GREEN means at open wait for the price to get and stay above previous day's close. Sometimes the price gaps up and then goes down before it reaches a 2% target.
One question:
Do you think it would be beneficial on gaps up to: A) wait for 20 cent gain, B) wait for 1/2% gain, C) wait to hold GREEN for 10 minutes, or D) wait for price to be above previous day's high before entering a trade?
I would appreciate any feedback . Thank you. Ron

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