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Filter Exchange · Good thread for channeling stocks
msg #147081
3/25/2019 11:34:41 PM

Would like some help creating a filter, stock price above 10, large ATR if possible so we don't find quiet stocks. Something with maybe a 60 to 90 day regular channel range. Stocks that can be bought near the low of the channel and sold/short sold near the top.


General Discussion · Channeling/Rolling Stocks
msg #61423
4/12/2008 11:56:01 PM

Anyone have any good ones?

KO, for example. Buy 57, Sell 60. Rinse and repeat. Any filter to get some good ones? Thanks.

msg #58602
12/29/2007 6:26:12 AM


Your work is legendary. I had a question in regards to your "buy close, sell next day open filter" - if you first filter out for stocks that are trending MACD higher or maybe have a bullish MACD crossover, do you get a higher % of gap ups?

And, vice-versa for gap-downs?

In addition, it makes sense to me that if the general market (the nasdaq composite, for example) is "bullish," that the major stocks will tend to gap up more. And vice-versa, if the nasdaq is in a bearish trend (as defined by MACD), stocks will tend to gap down more.

I know you're against indicators, but does using a mechanical indicator improve results any?

Thanks and keep up the good work.

General Discussion · Filter results in email?
msg #58451
12/23/2007 7:32:02 PM

Is it possible for one to get his/her filter results emailed daily for a particular filter? For example, if I want to have the results for filter 7 on "my filters" emailed to me, is there a way I can send StockFetcher to do this?


General Discussion · FREE GIFTS
msg #46614
8/26/2006 2:20:08 PM

Anyone have "The Logical Trader" by Mark B. Fisher? I heard the ACD breakout system was pretty good.

Filter Exchange · HISTOGRAM MAGIC!
msg #45264
6/25/2006 4:14:04 AM

Hey WallStreetGenius,

I really agree with your prediction for next week. Major market bottoms are typically re-visited, and if next week is to be a major bottom, the 2070 area on the Nasdaq must be revisited. Finally, bullish divergence almost invariably in the onset of a major bottom.

And, if you read Hirsch, you know that the Dow tends to rally 50% from the low of a mid-term election year to the high of the following year!

Filter Exchange · What is the screen that as the highest percentage of profitable trades?
msg #45018
6/16/2006 4:06:14 AM

By the way, in the last 2 days, the screen at the top of this thread has done UNBELIEVEABLY well.

Filter Exchange · Basic ideas for trend-trading filter...
msg #44962
6/14/2006 6:01:27 PM

Okay, I tried to write something. Copy and paste the following:

1 year slope of close above 0
price between 15 and 400
atr(90) above 3 percent
volume > 500000
volume (90) > 500000
do not draw 1 year slope of close
do not draw atr(90)
ADX(14,14) is above 30

Filter Exchange · Basic ideas for trend-trading filter...
msg #44937
6/14/2006 3:55:51 AM

Hey guys,

I've been a lurker for a longtime, but still a newbie to coding.

I have some ideas and was wondering if someone could put together a filter.

I think it's ideal to trade a stock:

1) With the trend (use a moving average crossover, MACD, or some other indicator) of both the stock and the market (the Nasdaq or S&P). For example, if you're going to trade long on a Nasdaq-listed stock, make sure both the QQQQ and the stock itself are in an "uptrend." Vice-versa for downtrend.

2) Trade a stock that has a high ATR -- you want a stock that is moving. (this should be easy enough). You don't want something like GE which barely moves.

3) Trade a stock that has a very high likelihood of "trendiness." For example - take a look at HANS. When HANS had its runs, it would go up almost every single day. Or TASR. I got in on both of these towards the end of their runs but still made a decent amount because they would just keep running.
(Maybe the ADX indicator for this last approach)? How can we determine a stock that can go on streaks. I want a "streaky" stock.

Is there any way to combine all these 3 ideas into one filter? Also, in terms of entry, I've noticed that in a big-winner, it's best to enter in on pullbacks, such as the 20 day EMA. However, there then needs to be a stop loss limit, perhaps the 30 day EMA (just throwing out this number).

Thanks in advance.

General Discussion · Closed on the high side
msg #30364
12/20/2003 11:37:18 PM


Would anyone kindly tell me how to add a parameter that will screen for stocks that closed at (or very close to) the high of the day.


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