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General Discussion · Time to start buying XTHN & NVAO again!!!!
msg #43464
5/4/2006 10:55:28 AM

My filter picked these stocks mentioned here at the following days as buys
Symbol Buy dates
PEIX Jan19, Mar27
XTHN Feb10, Mar10, May2
MGPI Feb24
NVAO Not on stockfetcher data base and
using my filter
and looking at a chart
a buy Mar30, Apr20
ADM May1, Dec1/05

Look at your charts and see how they have done, would have been nice to get these earlier, can you say cyrstal ball
just my 2 cents worth...

Filter Exchange · Share your best filter, here mine
msg #36906
7/13/2005 1:05:58 PM

I use this filter to look for energy and their related stocks. More for a buy and hold time period until you think you made enough

[show stocks where slow stochastic(5) %K is below 25 and slow sochastic(5) %K 1 day ago is below slow stochastic(5) %K 2 days ago and slow stochastic(5) %K is above slow stochastic(5) %K 1 day ago and average volume(10) is above 100000 and price between 1 and 100]

Not sure if this belongs to someone else and I just use it or I have taken it and altered it to suit me.

Historically check these stocks from 6 months ago
There are more in my watchlist.

Filter Exchange · Do you really need to buy this when you are given enough information to find it?
msg #36895
7/13/2005 10:25:46 AM

Ya your right, I get these e-mails with the tease of a stock they are pushing, do a search on the internet with some key words and sure enough you will come up with the stock or something close.

Filter Exchange · Do you really need to buy this when you are given enough information to find it?
msg #36888
7/12/2005 11:49:08 PM

What makes us think it is an American listed stock, plenty of energy stocks in Canada. Try UTS.TO involved in the tar sands with Petro Canada, check recent news. Not sure about recent institution buying. Bot at $2.00 and still holding to ...maybe $19

General Discussion · Hot Stocks for Tomorrow!
msg #34698
1/2/2005 9:41:15 PM

go to

Announcements · New Feature: Support and Resistance Lines
msg #31457
3/18/2004 9:19:06 PM

Thanks for your reply.

Filter Exchange · Slow Stochastic (9,3)
msg #30701
1/17/2004 6:42:35 PM

sorry... correction to the previous message, dont not use
which shows at the end of the main filter description, by using this no hits will appear, maybe someone can figure out how to work it into the filter

sorry... I dont know how to high light in blue so it would be easy to use the filter by just clicking onto it

Filter Exchange · Slow Stochastic (9,3)
msg #30700
1/17/2004 6:33:00 PM

This filter identifies stocks ready for a POSSIBLE short term uptrend move.
I use slow stochastic to help identify pivot points at which bulls are gaining strength. I use a 9 bar slow stochastic smoothed over a 3 day period. Additionally the close for today is greater than the close of yesterday to further identify stocks gaining strength. This filter identifies bullish strength when closing prices continue to be at the high of a particular days trading range. Slow stochastic is used because it does a better job of screening out noise associated from market volatility.

daily slow stochastic %K(9,3) for today is greater than or equal to daily slow stochastic %D(9,3) for today
and daily slow stochastic %K(9,3) for yesterday is less than daily slow stochastic %D (9,3) for yesterday
and daily slow stochastic %K(9,3) for 2 days ago is less than daily slow stochastic %D(9,3) for 2 days ago
and daily slow stochastic %K(9,3) for 3 days ago is less than daily slow stochastic %D(9,3) for 3 days ago
and daily close for today is greater than daily close for yesterday

With this you will get a large number of hits, to refine the number you can add the following

and close is below upper bollinger band (20) and RSI (2) is below 5 and low is below EMA13

with the RSI (2) you can vary the hits by changing the number "below 10" "below 15" etc.

I also use for volume and price the following but you can change the numbers to suit your needs

and volume (90) is greater than 1000000 and close between 0 and 5

Filter Exchange · mika's Big MACD filter
msg #30672
1/15/2004 8:59:23 PM

Mika thanks, tried the variations you suggested and sure enough there it was the stocks I was looking for. MAGIC i tell ya MAGIC

Filter Exchange · mika's Big MACD filter
msg #30611
1/12/2004 8:43:45 PM

Mika I have a question about your MACD filter. On the weekend I tried your filter and of course I viewed a number of stocks. But there were 2 stocks I found later that did not filter out, they are BFUN and CMRC. If you look at the chart of these 2 at you will see that the MACD line, (4,7,2,) did cross over the 0 line after Fridays close. Is there something about these 2 stocks that did not meet the filters criteria? These 2 stocks did well today. I hope I am reading the charts correctly as I am new to trading.

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