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General Discussion · Filter help?
msg #48090
11/21/2006 12:34:22 AM

I suggest you to explain your request little bid more.

General Discussion · Good broker to use
msg #48066
11/20/2006 1:48:38 AM

I consider now to go to Tradestation based on what I read from TRO. Not banning from forums but how you can customize their software. Their are definitelly not low cost but it is about your requirements and priorities.

Can anyone using Tradestation tell me what kind of difficulties I can expect, especially at the beginning? Programming shouldn't be a problem once I get EasyLanguage syntax in my blood.

Thank you

General Discussion · Missing Stocks?
msg #47978
11/15/2006 4:00:25 AM

juha, with all respect,
Did you ever try to find what is he talking about? Did you look at the rimm price and options? First make your homework and than come with questions.
It's you who wants to understand so put your effort in it.


Filter Exchange · One Line Filter Revisited
msg #47976
11/15/2006 1:16:53 AM

Hi muddy,

thank you for this filter and your explanation how you are using it. I followed your approach and changed / added some more criteria: price 1 - 50, market_cap > 500mil. I also use Day Range to find the most volatile shares.

I found this divergence between fast%k, rsi2 and Williams working very well for me: fast%k and williams to be really down (below 5 or very close and below -95%) while rsi2 to be up but not too much (around 15-20). It is more-less about sensing it. I also like when all of them make a sharp dive to 10 resp. -90% within 3 days.

I use it now for intraday paper-trading: I'm waiting till 10 min candel closes 'in green' and the next one keeps holding green. My target is to make in average 1% per day. Once I have it I put stop-loss and move it up with the price.

In your explanations you mentioned that you use this filter also with 9 days date-offset. Can you explain more? I can't see how to approach it.

Regarding similar performance of a filter I was looking at filter from MARY4MONEY:
market is nasdaq 100 and weekly rsi(2) below 3 and weekly +di(2) below 3

Thank you once again for your ideas

Filter Exchange · Filter on predefined stock group
msg #47932
11/12/2006 6:29:44 AM

read about watchlists and 'apply to watch list' function

Filter Exchange · Average Price Expansion Volatility Measurement
msg #47913
11/11/2006 8:08:58 AM

Hi all,
I want to ask if you have any idea how to measure average volatility during price expansions.

What I mean with this:
There are times when price is in congestion area and times when the price is rapidly moving. See e.g.HOT - Congestion area: 26-Sep to 3-Oct and than expansion till 6-Oct or see LCC - Congestion area: 20-Jul to 26-Jul and than expansion till 2-Aug.

What I would like:
To measure volatility just in the area when the price is rapidly moving.

To prioritize stocks shown by filter.

How I'm doing it now:
Manually... I run my filter, look at the charts and calculate average price gain/loss during last 3-4 volatility expansions.

Encountered difficulties:
- besides manual calculation only time bounds (when starts and ends congestion area and expansion area) I would define start of congestion area as 1st day when the volatility decreases and it ends when volatility increases. Easy to see from charts but difficult to define for computer (at least difficult for me).

Any idea how to automate calculation of these averages?
Any experience trading break of congestion areas?

Best regards

General Discussion · Need help with a filter.
msg #47882
11/9/2006 9:57:41 AM

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I wanted to create a filter for stocks reaching 55 day highs on volume of greater than 500000. I have done that, but I also want to filter out any highs that have taken place within the last 20 days. Can anyone help me with putting that filter in? I want to filter out 55 day highs, but only those that have taken place in the last 20 days.


Tony B
high reached new 55 days high
volume > 500000
days(high reached new 55 days high 1 day ago) > 19

General Discussion · Current stock price that is within 15% of its high over the past year
msg #47770
11/2/2006 7:34:02 AM

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All: looking for a filter to find stocks that are within 15% of its high for the last year! appreciate the help!

close is less than 15% below high 52 week high

General Discussion · Last Candlestick?
msg #47763
11/1/2006 11:49:05 AM

Intraday Measures and Charts Not Availble

At the current time, your screens still operate only on daily and weekly time-frames. We currently do not have plans to provide screens based on intraday intervals (minutes, hours.)

General Discussion · volume
msg #47761
11/1/2006 4:20:00 AM

It is just a case of writing the price action as a second line.

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