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General Discussion · SF Sources of Filter Coding Info POP QUIZ
msg #157201
7/8/2021 7:48:00 PM


Great post
Thank You !

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157189
7/7/2021 1:26:15 PM


My stop is based on the trade not position size. If I buy xyz @ $1.00 and my stop is 7% my mental stop is $.93 . If the stock goes up, I adjust my stop to the new close and it stays at that price until the stock goes up again then I adjust my stop upward.

Yes, assuming each position is roughly 1/10th of your account a 5% loss would be .005% of your account.

@ nibor100

I ain't mad at you! I appreciate you trying to give me an easier way to calculate, I'll play with it tonight when I have a little more time.

Also, regarding stops yes I move my stops upward when the stock increases above my entry

General Discussion · Did anyone by chance have position in this ticker?
msg #157181
7/7/2021 12:04:25 AM


I've never had great success using Stochastics any tips on using it?

Also what is var5? it seems to follow the price action well

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157180
7/6/2021 11:59:44 PM

Sorry for flooding the thread tonight , I finally had enough free time that I could sit down undisturbed to answer the questions y'all have been asking.

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157179
7/6/2021 11:55:58 PM



1. It seems to me that you have a few unnecessary calcs in your spreadsheet...I believe if you just divide your total 12 month gains by your total 12 month losses you'll get identical results; since dividing a total by a count is what gives you the average, which means multiplying the avg by the count gives you the total you started with.

Is your 7% stop loss a trailing stop?

Ed S.
Minervini talks a lot about managing your losses in order to improve your returns, specifically you should aim for your gain loss ratio to be minimum 2:1 regardless of your winning percent. If your winning percent is low, like 30% ish he says you should aim for 3:1.
Your math is correct if you're at 50% win rate on your trades (average gain 10% average loss 5%, ratio 2:1) however if your win/loss % are now 40/60 your ratio is now 1.33 : 1. You would have to move your stop loss to 3% assuming that your win/loss ratio stays at 40/60 in order for your gain loss ratio to be 2:1. I don't know how to find that 3% value by dividing only gains/losses without using the number of winning/losing trades in the equation

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
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7/6/2021 11:27:09 PM


What are the three indicators you like plus volume?
ok here goes...
volume: the only volume piece that I use is in my scan, average volume(63) > 100,000. I honestly don't even have the volume plot on my charts.

volatility: I don't use a volatility indicator either. Volatility comes from the stocks I choose. Stocks between $1-$15 with a float under 10 million. Also as part of my scan I have what I call MyRange which is the 52 week high / 52 week low. I only look at those > 3. Jesse Stein said in his book that stocks that were once runners often run again and I've read and heard that many time since. So... I don't use a volatility indicator per se but get natural volatility from the stocks that my scan spits out...or at least I think I do.

trend & momentum.... These are primarily what I use. I'm a swing trader so I'm basically looking to buy the short term pull back in a trend.

Trend: I use the ema(13) > ema(48) in my scan to find stocks in an uptrend and draw the emas on my chart. That works as my mid-term trend
I also have an indicator that I stole from someone here on SF and I think I modified the parameters ( I'm not sure) and it gives me the very short term trend. when mytrend_8 is 1 or less I start to look to buy.
/* MYTREND 8 code */
set{value1, count(ema(8) > cma(ma(2),7) ,1)}
set{value2, count(cma(ma(2),7) > cma(ma(2),7) 1 day ago,1)}
set{value3, ema(8) - cma(ma(2),7)}
set{value4, count(value3 > 0,1)}
set{value5, value1 + value2}
set{mytrend_8, value5 + value4}

I also plot the rsi(14) and the rsi(5) with moving averages and the rsi(2) on it's own. The rsi(2) is my primary "buy" indicator. I look for formation signals on the rsi(2), divergence between the rsi(2) and the rsi(14). cma(rsi(14),45) > 50 can also give a different look at the trend as does the cma(rsi(5),45) over 50. when the rsi(5) crosses above the cma(rsi(5),10) and the rsi(2) shows a pattern I like thats a buy signal for me.

I try to keep my charts simple and un-cluttered. I also try to keep my trading style simple ( at least simple to me) I know "simple" is quite subjective. The way I trade seems to work for me but may not be right for everyone or anyone else.

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157170
7/6/2021 10:31:54 PM


thanks for the heads up about " "Unknown Market Wizards", I ordered it this weekend and should be here tomorrow. Looking forward to the read.

General Discussion · Trading Strategy
msg #157169
7/6/2021 10:30:27 PM


noob question about
Buffett's holy grail (as Minervini called it)
Percentage of winning trades x average gain
divided by
Percentage of losing trades x average loss

What would you do if that ratio is 1 ? (in practical terms, not number crunching)

I'm asking that question because a few Minervini readers and followers
gave him the feedback that they still wiped out their accounts even
after following his rules. So, I thought I'd ask you as a successful practitioner.
Cheese, I don't trade Minervini's VCP, I just follow his rules for trading.
As far as "What would you do if that ratio is 1 ? (in practical terms, not number crunching)". Geez a ratio of 1 is breakeven so if they wiped out their accounts the most likely reasons to me are 1.) they didn't use stops or if they were using them they didn't have a stop level that would get them a ratio of two. 2.) I'll bet they were likely leveraged . 3.) They may not have actually had a VCP set up.
I guess there is a number of reasons they would have blown up their accounts. I feel like if they would have been following his 10 rules it likely wouldn't have happened though, to me following his rules would prevent that.

Buffett's holy grail (as Minervini called it)
Oddly I read an interview this weekend with Buffett and he said he doesn't use stops because stops are for traders and he's an investor :)

General Discussion · Set Statement Issue
msg #157156
7/5/2021 7:25:38 PM

General Discussion · Set Statement Issue
msg #157155
7/5/2021 7:24:44 PM

it looks like your set statement is working. Post the whole code and we can help figure out where your coding error is

set{aa9, close}
set{t, count(aa9 equals 10, 1)}
draw t
add column t
sort column 5 descending

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