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Filter Exchange · help with code line
msg #150507
1/26/2020 7:42:49 AM

I'm having an issue with syntax in this scan and hoped that one of the coding champions could help. I think that I have narrowed it to one of two lines of code. The problem lies either in this set phrase under /*my indicators*/ set{mymac%,close / ma(126)} or this line under /*criteria*/ mymac% crossed .8 from below.
The full scan is below, any assistance you can provide is appreciated

Fetcher[/*my indicators*/
set{myrange, high 52 week high / low 52 week low}
set{mymac%,close / ma(126)}
set{myslp, count( 7 day slope of PVI > -.01,2)}
set{mshares, shares outstanding *1,000,000}
set{maxshares, mshares * .0005}
set{myatr, count(ATR(10) > ATR(10) 20 day low, 2)}
set{mypvi, count(PVI > ma(PVI,20),2)}
set{mymo, count(momentum(10) > 0, 2)}
/*MoneyFlow RSI*/
set{up,count(close above close 1 day ago,1)}
set{down,count(close below close 1 day ago,1)}
set{MF, pivot * volume}
set{UPMF, MF * up}
set{PMF, sum(UPMF,10)}
set{DNMF, MF * down}
set{NMF, sum(DNMF,10)}
set{ratio, PMF / NMF}
set{MFI, 1 + ratio}
set{MFSI, 100 / MFI}
set{MFRSI, 100 - MFSI}
Market is not otcbb
Market is not etf
close > 1
avg volume(90) above 250,000
myatr > 1
mypvi > 1
mymo > 1
myslp > 1
mymac% crossed .8 from below
draw ma(16)
draw ma(126)
draw ATR(10)
draw ATR(10) 20 day low
draw PVI
draw CMA(PVI,20)
draw myslp
draw momentum(10) 20 day low
draw momentum(10) line at 0
draw mymac% line at 1
draw mymac% line at .8
draw rsi(2) line at 90
draw rsi(2) line at 10
draw cci(4) line at 0
draw cci(4) line at 100
draw cci(4) line at -100
draw cci(4) line at -130
draw RSI(14) line at 90
draw RSI(14) line at 70
draw RSI(14) line at 50
draw RSI(14) line at 30
draw RSI(14) line at 10
draw MFRSI line at 20
draw MFRSI 16 day low
add column myrange
add column shares outstanding
add column maxshares
sort column five descending
chart-time is 12 months

General Discussion · What would the coding be for this condition?
msg #149936
12/19/2019 6:48:25 PM

market is etf
count(ind(SPY,close) below ind(SPY,MA(10)),20) above 9

General Discussion · Nelp help please
msg #145299
11/16/2018 7:40:56 PM

I figured it out.....thanks anyway :)

General Discussion · Nelp help please
msg #145298
11/16/2018 7:13:50 PM

so I just clicked the link and now the ma(90) is gone! Freaking weird

General Discussion · Nelp help please
msg #145297
11/16/2018 7:11:25 PM

I figured it out

General Discussion · Guppy MMA's Video - By far the best I've found that explains it.
msg #144564
9/1/2018 8:25:40 PM

Great video Mac, very informative and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing!

General Discussion · Elder Impulse code help
msg #144380
8/11/2018 7:54:33 PM

Would someone please look over this code and help me find why it is returning a 1 value for XBIO on June 12th? I thought the code was correct and should only return 2,0 or -2 but apparently I have something wrong. Any help would be appreciated.
/*Elder Impulse*/
set{GreenEMA13, count(ema(13) > ema(13) 1 day ago, 1)}
set{GreenMACDH, count(MACD Histogram > MACD Histogram 1 day ago, 1)}
set{RedEMA13, count(ema(13) < ema(13) 1 day ago, 1)}
set{RedMACDH, count(MACD Histogram < MACD Histogram 1 day ago, 1)}
set{GEMAval, GreenEMA13 * 1}
set{GMACDHval, GreenMACDH * 1}
set{REMAval, RedEMA13 * -1}
set{RMACDHval, RedMACDH * -1}
set{EI1, GEMAval + GMACDHval}
set{EI2, REMAval + RMACDHval}
set{ElderImpulse, EI1 + EI2}

General Discussion · question about Williams AD line filter
msg #141789
2/2/2018 5:46:45 PM


LBTYK WAD 3 month high is 4.74 and the AD line is at -.46.

General Discussion · question about Williams AD line filter
msg #141783
2/2/2018 4:29:22 PM

General Discussion · question about Williams AD line filter
msg #141782
2/2/2018 4:28:27 PM

This message is for Tom B @stockfetcher but maybe anyone can answer it. On the Stockfetcher page explaining Williams Accumulation Distribution the second filter looks for the WAD line at a new 3 month high. However, if you click the clickable filter, some stocks are below the 3 month high such as LBTYK and some are ABOVE the 3 month high line such as SFLY. Can anyone explain? My understanding is that if the filter is looking for stocks that made a new 3 month high shouldn't the WAD be at the WAD 3 month high line?

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