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Filter Exchange · perf(%)
msg #159128
5/27/2022 10:42:59 PM

Those are default columns. To the best of my knowledge they can't be moved

Filter Exchange · Filter help
msg #158892
3/26/2022 10:15:35 AM

Something like this?

/* 3/26/2022 9:24:28 AM

draw MA (25)
draw MA (20)
draw MA (200)
draw ema(30)
draw ema(50)
draw ema (70)
draw Williams %R(14)
draw MACD Fast Line(12,26,9)

Can anyone come up with a way to add in when the green line only MACD crosses below -2.50 and draw a line at --2.50.Thanks,Miketranz...*/
draw MA (25)
draw MA (20)
draw MA (200)
draw ema(30)
draw ema(50)
draw ema (70)
draw Williams %R(14)
draw MACD Fast Line(12,26,9)
set{MACDfast_x250, count(MACD Fast Line(12,26,9) <= -2.5,1)}
draw MACDfast_x250
draw MACD(12,26,9) line at -2.5
add column MACDfast_x250 {fast line below -2.5}

Filter Exchange · Trend Trader Strategy
msg #158809
3/13/2022 11:36:01 PM


"Below is the most of your filter that I get to work before it runs into a SF too complex to run issue at the line "add column handl_val 1 day ago " due to more levels of set variable nesting that SF will allow for a filter to run. "
I have an Advanced Subscription, I thought that was supposed to eliminate these nesting issues?

What is Advanced Filter Support?

In short, Advanced Filter Support is related to the number of nested set{} statements or custom variables used within a StockFetcher filter. Once StockFetcher determines that a filter has reached this complexity, Advanced Filter Support is required to complete the filter. There is not a specified number of custom variables that flags a filter as "advanced". StockFetcher takes into consideration the complexity of the underlying measures, in addition to the number of variables.

At the standard subscription level, StockFetcher filters can certainly take advantage of custom variables; however, if your filter exceeds the complexity level required for an "advanced" filter, you will see a message indicating that the filter could not complete.

For nearly all filters, Advanced Filter Support is not required. Additionally, if you do experience this issue as a basic subscriber, typically there are work-arounds. If you are unable to find a work-around, you can upgrade your subscription at anytime to support the advanced filters.

Still need help?

General Discussion · A possible true false logic alternative
msg #158722
3/4/2022 1:19:37 PM

Try the filter I posted in this thread if you will..

General Discussion · an observation
msg #158691
2/28/2022 6:34:59 PM

recently many of the daily top performing stocks over the last few weeks have been coming off of recent 6 month lows. Many of them have also had some sort of news on the big move days
set{mdt, close / ma(126)}
/*mdt > 1.18*/
volume 1 day ago > 100,000
volume 2 days ago > 100,000
volume 3 days ago > 100,000
set{6molo, count(close is at close 6 month low,1)}
draw 6molo
draw mdt line at 1.18
draw mdt line at 1
draw close 6 month low
set{6molo_20pct, close 6 month low * 1.2}
draw 6molo_20pct on plot price
draw ma(126)
close > 1
sort by column 3 descending

General Discussion · Dollar volume
msg #158615
2/18/2022 12:52:38 PM

If I remember correctly if you don't have a real time data package with Trading View, the prices come from some other exchange rather than NASDAQ or NYSE (CBOE maybe). I remember reading that the price shown may differ from the actual price and I believe it is a 1 second delay. Stockfetcher has about a 15 min delay. Best to compare prices at about 4:30pm and see if they sync. If they don't, check another financial site and see where the discrepancy is.

General Discussion · Still Waiting
msg #158552
2/8/2022 8:58:28 PM


here is a good video and explanation of using using HA with a smoothing technique. as the trend wanes the candles get narrower. I thing there are a few folks on TradingView who have the code and use it.

General Discussion · help please for tech challenged
msg #158480
1/31/2022 5:57:44 PM

No worries !

General Discussion · help please for tech challenged
msg #158478
1/31/2022 5:47:50 PM

/*I'm trying to make a filter where the 52 week high is at least 25% above than the 52 week low. */

set{hi_target, close 52 week low * 1.25}
draw hi_target on plot price
draw close 52 week high on plot price
draw close 52 week low on plot price
close 52 week high >= hi_target
close > 1

Filter Exchange · Trend Trader Strategy
msg #158446
1/23/2022 6:51:37 PM

I think I have the IF, ELSEIF,ELSE part figured out but I'm at what I think is the last line and it breaks.

I think my logic is correct in the IF, ELSEIF, ELSE parts but I need some help from SF coders who are better than me.
Any help is appreciated!

/*1)avrTR = weightedaverage[Length](AverageTrueRange[1](close))
2)highestC = highest[Length](high)
3)lowestC = lowest[Length](low)
4)hiLimit = highestC[1]-(avrTR[1]*Multiplier)
5)lolimit = lowestC[1]+(avrTR[1]*Multiplier)
6)if(close > hiLimit AND close > loLimit) THEN
7) ret = hiLimit
8)ELSIF (close < loLimit AND close < hiLimit) THEN
9) ret = loLimit
11) ret = ret[1]
13)RETURN ret coloured(238,238,0) as "Trend Trader"*/
/*avrTR = weightedaverage[Length](AverageTrueRange[1](close))*/
set{avrTR_multiplier, Weighted ATR(21) 1 day ago * 3}
draw avrTR_multiplier
/* highestC = highest[Length](high) */
set{highestC, close 21 day high}
draw highestC
/* lowestC = lowest[Length](low) */
set{lowestC, close 21 day low}
draw lowestC
/* hiLimit = highestC[1]-(avrTR[1]*Multiplier)*/
set{hiLimit, close 21 day high 1 day ago - avrTR_multiplier}
draw hiLimit
/*lolimit = lowestC[1]+(avrTR[1]*Multiplier) */
set{loLimit, close 21 day low 1 day ago + avrTR_multiplier}
draw loLimit
/* if(close > hiLimit AND close > loLimit) */
/* we need to find if this condition is satisfied */
set{if_1, count(close > hiLimit, 1)}
set{if_2, count(close > loLimit, 1)}
set{if_3, if_1 + if_2}
set{if_3_count, count(if_3 > 1, 1)}
draw if_3_count
/*ELSIF (close < loLimit AND close < hiLimit) */
/* we need to find if this condition is satisfied */
set{elseif_1, count(close < loLimit, 1)}
set{elseif_2, count(close < hiLimit, 1)}
set{elseif_3, elseif_1 + elseif_2}
set{elseif_3_count, count(elseif_3 > 1,1)}
draw elseif_3_count
/*ELSE */
/* we need to find if this condition is satisfied */
set{else_1, if_3_count + elseif_3_count}
set{else_1_count, count(else_1 < 1, 1)}
draw else_1_count

/* set the values for TrendTrader Indicator calculations */
set{hiLimit_val, hiLimit * if_3_count}
set{loLimit_val, loLimit * elseif_3_count}
draw hiLimit_val
draw loLimit_val
set{lolimit_1, loLimit_val 1 day ago}
draw lolimit_1 on plot loLimit
/*set{hilimit_1, hiLimit_val 1 day ago}
draw hilimit_1 on plot hiLimit */
set{HandL_val, hilimit_1 + lolimit_1 }
add column HandL_val
draw HandL_val
set{handl_1, HandL_val 1 day ago}
draw handl_1
set{return_val, else_1_count * handl_1}
draw return_val

close > 1

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