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Filter Exchange · distance between MAs
msg #123927
6/2/2015 1:16:47 AM

Wouldn't using MACD have the same usefulness?

General Discussion · how to find stocks which follow the pattern of dow?
msg #123344
3/26/2015 1:48:04 AM

This should be close to what you are looking for simply using Beta. Beta measures how a stock moves in relationship to the market as a whole, not the DOW. A BETA OF 1 follows the market.

beta > .99
beta < 1.01
add column Beta

Filter Exchange · Hull Moving Average
msg #123250
3/18/2015 1:18:38 PM

Dreyer, the only criteria filtering here are lines:

show stocks where the close is above 1
and volume is above 100000
and not otcbb

The rest of the filter sets what is calculated and displayed.

General Discussion · at least 120 up days in the last 200 days
msg #121676
10/8/2014 6:00:10 PM

Already had the setting at 1 year. Now all of a sudden it works right and I had made no changes. Go figure! Thanks for responding.

General Discussion · at least 120 up days in the last 200 days
msg #121664
10/6/2014 11:17:35 PM

Is anyone else getting only a 50 day chart using these filters? My SF settings are for 1 year charts and that is what happens with the rest of my filters, unless explicitly coded otherwise. I tried adding "chart-length is 1 year" and still got 50 days!

General Discussion · Please Help: Penny Stocks before the Parabola?
msg #121616
9/29/2014 9:36:04 PM

Mike and Mshivalu:
I took your ideas and in essence basically have a very similar scan. This will allow you see a stock's history of your scan on a particular stock via the plot. Your scan has 5 criteria. Looking at several results it appears that when all 5 are met that a stock often had peaked. My default scan is a score of at least 4, denoted also by the "Yes" column. Maybe choosing stocks with 4's will give better returns.

SET{VAR1, Count(CLOSE REACHED new 30 day high,1)}
SET{VAR3, Count(Price BETWEEN .20 AND 5,1)}
SET{VAR4, Count(Volume above 500000,1)}

set{volumeYestr, volume one day ago}
set{volume2day , volume}
set{var5a,volumeYestr * 2}
set{var5,count(volume2day > var5a,1)}

Set{Var6, VAR1 + VAR2}
Set{Var7, Var6 + var3}
set{var8, Var7 + Var4}
Set{Var9, Var8 + var5}

set{Yes, var9}
Yes > 3 /*change to > 4 if total of all 5 criteria is desired*/
Draw cma(Yes,1)
Add column Yes
Price BETWEEN .20 AND 5

General Discussion · Just for the Fun of It
msg #119636
5/12/2014 7:57:37 PM

General Discussion · Fisher Transform(10) as an oscillator?
msg #115444
9/19/2013 1:29:27 PM

Four, from your link:
"Since momentum is unbounded however, we don't have an objective way to determine exactly how "overbought" or "oversold" the market is. What we can do instead, is look at historical data for the particular instrument we are charting, and determine suitable "overbought" and "oversold" areas based on past levels"

I guess I can conclude that my unanswered question is moot. It does seem like it is unbounded Your above filter should do what would be needed. My thanks to you and JP.

General Discussion · Fisher Transform(10) as an oscillator?
msg #115429
9/19/2013 1:11:34 AM

Thanks Four, it seems like your filter would almost act like an oscillator if the time period was many days(like 200). I'd still be curious if the Fisher Transform theoretically had no limits or if it was truly an oscillator

General Discussion · Fisher Transform(10) as an oscillator?
msg #115420
9/18/2013 1:50:46 PM

Thanks for your comment JP. By SF definition in the index, the indicator is normalized and that is clear from looking at screens. You are probably correct that it is already an oscillator, however if that is true, what would be the boundaries? Most results cluster between -3 and +3, but there are many exceptions. Readings much higher like 5's and 6's are rare but seem to have significance. For example on 3/28/2013 NX's Fisher transformation (10) was -6.06, within a week or so the stock made a big rally and reversed again when the indicator reached 3.97. What I would like to find out if there are any numbers that align well with reversals.

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