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General Discussion ·  ** **Trading The Marquee** **
msg #39978
1/5/2006 1:41:13 PM

Something that has helped me immensely as of late is pulling up % gainers and plugging them into SF symbol analizer to see how my filter configs did the day befor the moves.I have been culling and creating filters targeting those specific price moves ever since.I am using Ask Chart market stats to veiw daily movers,Stockfetcher of course for a pre-trade day charted list,and Med Ved Qtracker for the intraday , mostly free.The idea is to have at least 75% of the top gainers show up on my mainstream Stockfetcher filters every day and I have achieved that.Part two is to carefully study charts and put selected ones into Qtracker 100 Shr@ prev close for reference,I know but a little paper traded doesn't hurt.Part three is to select entry.I use candles:One,Three,and mostly Five Min. and I use only Two bottom Histogram indicators at this time for entry/exit:PPOh(3,6,6) and CCIh(6,6) on Med Ved.When both Histograms cross above 0-Long,when Both Histgrams cross below 0-Short or Exit.These Histograms work well for trading ECFs also.Pete.

General Discussion ·  ** **Trading The Marquee** **
msg #40314
1/15/2006 9:17:38 PM

Don't forget to play the Cashin'in Challenge!Shouldn't be too hard to beat Dagen McDowell's funds.Top Trader appears on the show,maybe the Rump himself!

General Discussion ·  ** **Trading The Marquee** **
msg #44098
5/23/2006 1:59:38 PM

RSI(2) and OSCI(8) rules the Gainers today.This has been a huge downdraft and a solid green bounce.I have never seen these bottom filters dominate the %-Gainers Marquee befor as they have today.When the makets are in an uptrend,these rarely show % gainers.PEIX,RMBS and most others rocking today!
Fetcher[Aroon Oscillator(8) touched -92 and close is between 1 and 65 and volume(10) is above 400000 and date offset 0]

Fetcher[RSI(2) < 2 and close is between 1 and 65 and volume(10) is above 400000 and date offset 0]

.This is quite a large list but I prefer the sift method.

General Discussion ·  +++ NEWS RULES +++ (here is a pick for next week)
msg #54966
9/20/2007 1:06:48 PM

Darn,just stuck a little guy like this on watch yesterday,TMY.Squeezing BB(12) on green candles.Take the green,Leave the red.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #46495
8/20/2006 11:57:17 AM

Well that was a nice little ralley tribute to the fed pause.RACK was flattened out and Bollinger(12) was squeezing and MACD was about to cross = +22%,Oh well,was fun to watch.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #46594
8/25/2006 12:37:18 PM

I'll be danged,SCT just pulled the same little chart trick as Rack did last week.Flat,BB(12) squeeze with OBV.

General Discussion · "Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda!"
msg #67646
9/23/2008 11:40:00 AM

Ride more in the SKF before Daddy took the T-Bird away.

General Discussion · #1 Thing Ive Taken Away from my 4 year SF Subscription
msg #50392
3/3/2007 11:54:18 AM

Change your one stock to QID:)

General Discussion · ** Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all **
msg #84948
12/25/2009 6:29:35 PM

Merry Christmas Happy New Year and may every one make the very most of the holidays
! !

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #52019
6/6/2007 12:23:38 PM

I remember visiting someone's web page in '99' where you would enter your stock pick with an explanation of why it was going to double in price,a 'Doublers Page'.Most at least doubled and one guy picked a 19-bagger,impressive even for the bubble!Corel I think or something like that.as214 could have started another one off with his TEX,those were the days.Anyway,I keep SDS,DXD,and QID at the bottom of trade list for the ability to jump them when the market cuts back.

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