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General Discussion · Hello BES22
msg #49328
1/17/2007 7:33:02 AM


Nope, it was definitely part of the filter in the morning screen. The first hump requires the 3 month setting to really see it. CNR is a two humper but it might be a good call.


General Discussion · Hello BES22
msg #49297
1/16/2007 9:16:09 AM

Hello Bes22,

Check out NR, got it off the Cello13 filter this morning. The filter can be found in the Filters Exchange Forum. Also, the bottom graph of the screen provides lots of detail to aid in decision making.


General Discussion · Triple MACD histogram bottom
msg #49269
1/15/2007 12:04:36 PM

Thanks, oddly enough I found it by taking a 3 month offset on the Triple bottom MACD histogram screen. Yesterday I checked out some of the press on the stock. While the technicals are positive for a spike up, several pundits think the stock is over touted and the technology is warmed over DRAM. On the other hand, DOD has awarded NVEC a contract to develop a new type of sensor. They also report financials this week (Jan. 17) which could cause the long white candle stick mentioned by WSG. Contingent on positive news, of course. Sorry for the long winded answer.

Here is another TBMD play, AVNC. If my understanding of TBMD is correct, this one is forming the third hump and should start its traverse up soon. While I am not sure of the source, its probably and offset of the TMBD screen.
Work in progress.



Asking for a point of clarification. Is TBMD the result of a Fibonachi retracement since it does seem to follow the pattern? That would make this a predictor rather than an indicator, validating your premise. Apologies if this has been mentioned in a previous discussion.


General Discussion · Triple MACD histogram bottom
msg #49229
1/13/2007 7:12:29 PM


Thanks for the advice.

Best regards,
NBC Peacock

General Discussion · Triple MACD histogram bottom
msg #49139
1/11/2007 10:01:22 AM

Its up $1.60 in early trading. So the answer could be yes.

General Discussion · Triple MACD histogram bottom
msg #49118
1/10/2007 1:24:23 PM

Since I am new to the Discussion Board, I wanted to ask if I am on track. After digging through several old discussion threads, particularly on the MACD histogram triple bottom, does the current trend for NVEC fit the pattern? The second bump up doesn't appear to cross above the '0" line.

General Discussion · Stock Market Checkup Help
msg #48788
12/27/2006 4:30:14 PM

Here is the screen mentioned earlier:

set{E50b,days(close is above ma(50),100)}
set{E50a,days(close is below ma(50),100)}
set{CxM50, E50a - E50b}

set{test1, count(close above ma(50), 60) }

add column cxm50

sort column 5 descending

test1 above 59

draw ma(50)

draw ma(200)

General Discussion · Stock Market Checkup Help
msg #48786
12/27/2006 1:45:44 PM

The Zack's method does seem to have some merit. i looked it several weeks ago and they appear to look for stocks heading up with solid fundamentals. They were recommending T at the time and it had just hit the 200ma, its up over 60%annually since then.

A really interesting thing that was mentioned on the Zack's web site was that high ROE stocks that they play returned over 80% annually. Appologies for not remembering the author but there was a screen several weeks ago that found stocks where the 50ma and 200ma were parallel and heading up. The nice thing is that many of these stocks had high ROEs.

Another way is to play covered calls, buy the stock, sell an in the money call where the rate of return is greater than 30%. MSN Money has a column on the options screen called 'Time Value.' If time value is greater than 1.00 then the return is pretty solid. Also the 50ma must have a positive slope. (see paragraph 2 for a possible way to find candidates) The premium reduces your down side risk and the call limits your up side so the max you will make is whatever you bargained for originally. Also if the stock goes in the tank you loose everything below your cost basis. This will also provide fixed time frames based on the contract length. Or write out of the money calls for a better return. Now is probably not the best time to play this method, particularly if you think the market is going to drop in the next month or two.

If you find a method that works consistantly and reliably, let me know.

General Discussion · OT: Stock symbol for Samsung
msg #48785
12/27/2006 1:00:16 PM

Try SSNLF.PK, an article on Samsung from Trading Markets mentions dram so its probably the one you are looking for. If not try the foreign exchanges. Samsung is a major component in most South Korean etf/funds so it could be another way to play it.

General Discussion · my holygrail
msg #48732
12/21/2006 7:41:34 AM

More food for thought.

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