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General Discussion · Filters don't show up?
msg #125832
10/26/2015 12:49:21 PM

"Myfilters" search works and the different filters show different results. My "Watchlist" stocks in the different Folders I have will not show the different filters I've assigned to the various Folders I have. In the old system everything worked fine and my different folders reflected the "Filters" I had chosen. Why have you chosen not to assign filters to individual folders? as you have heretofore? Thx, Papawally

General Discussion · Filters don't show up?
msg #125790
10/23/2015 8:46:35 PM

I have over 10 folders with different equities in each( Silver, Gold, Utilities, etc. I had designed different
filters(such as 50d cross 200d,etc). Now these filters don't show up when I plot a equity and since "Stockfetecher is making the system better??" could this be the problem. I don't have time to re-twick everything. Any suggestions? Thanks

General Discussion · Penny crap V
msg #56193
10/30/2007 12:36:21 PM

Back in the mid to late 70's I had a friend by the name of Lawson Pierce(deceased) who published a " Pierce Commodity Newspaper" which predicted the following weekly price movement with a chart(cattle,porkbellies,corn,etc). He traded with Lind-Waldock out of Chicago.
This was pre-computers unless you had access to a main frame which he did. A Box and Jenkins book has a analysis on "Periogram(sp?)" analysis which basically lets you pull from the random chart vibration the 3 main cycles(periods) associated with the short term market movement.
By using maybe 20 days close of a stock(or anything) he could mathematically predict the future price movement of a equity. I used his newsletter and his predictions were amazing 30 years ago.He sold his system to Wall and Broad in the 80's and I'm sure somebody has made a fortune. What Stock Fetcher needs is more mathematical expressions( like matrix solvers) to allow the programing of that algorithm by someone who can figure it out. Cheers

General Discussion · OT: All 3 Major Indices South of 200-day MA
msg #54112
8/16/2007 12:31:48 PM

I wouldn't listen to close to the pundits. Most are always bullish. go to and look at a 5 year weekly chart of the Wilshire 500(TMW)with a 40 week moving avarage. You can see that for more than 4 years that this index has drawn back to its 40 week MA 4 other times and then moved back up. Short of a calamity this chart says that the damage is about over. If you look at TMW daily with a 5,50,200 MA the 50 day has not penetrated the 200MA. Watch the 5 DMA, when its slope is 0(horz. line)chances are a up turn is coming.I would pay attention to the daily chart as it says where the general market is.

You can also do a excel chart by weekly close from 3/6/00. Just take the weekly close from 3/6/00 and divide by each weekly close from there. Draw your support and resistance lines and take a look. That tells you where the Nasdaq is. I attempted to attach the chart but.. Cheers

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #53857
8/5/2007 8:02:03 PM

6/1/2007 8:44:13 AM
A correction is coming. Look at a 5 year TMW weekly chart with a 40 week MA. The RS is approaching 80 as it was in 2004 before a correction and its the summer.
A correction?
Well, yeah ... e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y ....
That's what a bunch of people said back in February and March.
Matter of fact, some people here took the "summer off" back in March due to a "correction" .. that was not forthcoming.

Karennma, Can we now say that we are truly in a correction??

General Discussion · Return of the Jekyll & Hyde??
msg #52609
6/27/2007 9:47:16 PM

We gotta have a convention to see all you characters :*)

General Discussion · 1999?
msg #51906
6/1/2007 11:44:13 AM

A correction is coming. Look at a 5 year TMW weekly chart with a 40 week MA. The RS is approaching 80 as it was in 2004 before a correction and its the summer.

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · SF 2.0 is Confusing
msg #51702
5/19/2007 9:12:53 PM

How does one get to his watch list?

General Discussion · Please do me a small favor
msg #51516
5/10/2007 3:50:39 PM

Ditto- Good Luck!

General Discussion · Is this a Dead Cat Bounce?
msg #50684
3/26/2007 11:49:39 AM

Look at TMW(Wilshire 5000) on for time= 4 years; Frequency= weekly; SMA= 40(200day MA) for the general health of the overall market. You can add whatever other parameters you want.

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