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Filter Exchange · RSI(2) - The Little Indicator That Could
msg #30463
1/4/2004 9:48:49 AM

I am somewhat of a beginner with the Muddy method, don't have lots of time for researching...a little in the evening and then put in market/limits in the morning since I work. It seems to be "the rumpled one" who has this filter: "price is near the bottom linear regression line(60) and RSI(2) is below 1 and date offset is 0". Do you use this strictly by itself or in conjunction with any/all of the 3 Muddy Filters? If anyone would have any suggestions for filters for someone like me who has limited time/access to a computer I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much for any help....Frank

General Discussion · New To Trading
msg #30143
12/5/2003 2:13:31 PM

To Traveler,
You say you don't gamble...that gets a DUH! If you don't gamble why would you consider getting in the market...that's legalized gambling at its best.

General Discussion · Thanks but a question
msg #30128
12/4/2003 8:11:46 AM

Thanks to Joe/Chessnut1/Keithray/and Rumpled for your help getting me started but I have a question. I run stocks thru 3 filters and get matches...I then go to the prophet web site and run them thru that. I'm suggested to "toggle between the 1 year/1 week and 3month/daily periods and look for rock-bottom RSI(2), and a Linear Regression that is sloping upwards." I have the stock "ZL" that looks like that in the 1 year period but none of the other periods. My question is: is it a buy signal if I get a match in any ONE of those periods, should it match in ALL of the periods, or what am I ideally looking for there?
Thanks for any help and I'll probably have another question later...Frank

General Discussion · New To This
msg #30088
12/1/2003 12:32:41 PM

I just joined this site today and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share any suggestions. I'd like to filter stocks that are/will soon bottom out. Is anyone willing to share what they've found to be good filters?
Thanks for your help!! Oldsmar

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