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General Discussion · Gap Up and Gap Down Pre Market Scan
msg #93138
5/25/2010 6:20:50 PM

I was in search for an easy way to scan for pre-market gap opportunities. In my search on the web, I found many services that can provide this but most charge a one time fee and/or monthly fee or require a fairly high opening balance to utilize their service.

I stumbled upon a very useful website

All lists, pre-market, after-market, market hours, are all sorted by absolute change percentage(up or down). They update the lists every 5 minutes from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Registration is free. Hard to beat free.

Filter Exchange · Penny Stock Filter
msg #93061
5/23/2010 10:58:47 AM

I’ve seen the same problem. Play around with the stop loss to avoid a big loss triggers additional losses that were showing up previously as gains. As Kevin says, it speaks to the volatility.

I might suggest tying to assess the true liquidity of these stocks. Nearly all are trading in the 0.000X range so even with high volumes, you’re not talking about a lot of $$ traded in a given day. Depending on your level of investment, you may have trouble selling your position.

Have you tried running your filter for slightly higher priced stocks, say “close above 1”?

General Discussion · 30 Day Low for a User Defined Variable
msg #92369
5/8/2010 11:25:35 PM

I would like to find the 30 day low for a user defined variable. For example, variable1 might be defined as:

set{variable1,MA(20) / MA(10)}

Then I'd like to find out the lowest variable1 in the last 30 days.

I can do this with indicators but I'm not sure how to do this with user defined variables. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Sorry: figured this out. Had a syntax error.

variable1 reached 30 day low

General Discussion · Stock Data Granularity Unacceptable for Penny Stocks
msg #90631
4/1/2010 3:29:52 AM

Apparently SF has fixed this issue. I have not formally heard from them but the 33 stocks retrieved previously has been reduced to 11. The 11 appear to be correct. Thanks.

Update: I received the following response from SF, 4/1/10:

"Thank you for the feedback. As indicated previously, the data precision issues you highlighted, with respect to our end-of-day updates, have been resolved. Additionally, as evidenced by your results, StockFetcher does receive and employ floating point precision up to 4 significant digits for pricing data."

General Discussion · Stock Data Granularity Unacceptable for Penny Stocks
msg #90593
3/31/2010 12:54:18 AM

Has anyone experienced problems indicating that data used by SF (for penny stocks) does not contain sufficient significant digits? I was playing around with simple filters for stocks less less than 0.1 and noticed some peculiar "Change %" reported by SF. Upon further inspection, it appears that the data may be rounding off to the nearest 100th instead of nearest 10,000th. It's also possible that the data stream received by SF does not contain this granularity. That makes a huge difference when you calculate the percentage change from the previous days close.

Run the following:
[price < 0.1
close is 50% below close 1 day ago
volume > 50000]

For March 30, 2010, I get 33 hits.

I looked on and checked each of the stocks and determined the following:
1. 7 stock "Change%" reported by SF are correct.
2. 26 stock "Change%" reported by SF are incorrect.

I've run many backtests with penny stocks and I believe a large percentage of these are in error.

I hope I am missing something here. I have not gotten a satisfactory response from SF to explain this. Please review and advise if you can shed some light on this.


Backtesting Support · Newbie Needs Help Understanding Results
msg #89210
3/6/2010 2:42:35 PM

The Stock Fetcher team helped me out. I incorrectly selected "Short" instead of "Long". Thanks.

Backtesting Support · Newbie Needs Help Understanding Results
msg #89201
3/6/2010 10:53:22 AM

I am new to Stock Fetcher and am having problems understanding the results from my backtest. Setup is as follows:

Entry Filter
Show stocks where close is above 10
and average volume(10) is above 400000
and the RSI(2) is less than 2
and Slow Stochastic(14,3) Slow %D is below 20
and close crossed below lower bollinger band(20)

Basic Setup
Name: Bollinger Band Crossed Below 01
Approach Type: Short
Start Date: 10/01/2009
End Date: 02/01/2010
Benchmark Symbol: ^SPX

Exit Setup
Stop Loss: N/A
Profit Stop: 5%
Trailing Stop Loss: N/A
Minimum Holding Days: N/A
Maximum holding days: 40

Extra Indicators
Entry Columns:
Show Performance After: after 2 days
after 5 days
after 10 days
after 25 days
after 40 days

Advanced Options
Selection Method: select by volume descending
Entry Price: open
Conditional Entry: No
Exit Price: open
Maximum Trades Per Day: 25
Maximum Open Positions: 250
Maximum Selected Stocks: All

I have a problem understanding the results. The program should execute a profit stop if I reach a 5% profit. It doesn't seem to do that correctly. As an example, here are 2 of the results:

Symbol Trigger Date Entry Price Exit Date Exit Price Days Held Last Close Draw Down Max Profit Gain/Loss 2 day chg 5 day chg 10 day chg 25 day chg 40 day chg Exit Type

MOS 10/1/2009 45.69 11/30/2009 54.41 40 54.45000076 -25.67% 1.51% -19.09% 0.59% 8.69% 10.90% 8.32% 18.95% TRIGGER

For MOS, why does it wait for 40 days to trigger? I made 5% very early (within 5 days) but the program waits for 40 days and shows a -19.09% loss.

PNM 10/1/2009 11.24 10/29/2009 10.68 19 11.26000023 -11.92% 13.26% 5.00% 4.80% 9.70% 8.99% -1.78% -0.80% PROFIT STOP

For PNM, why does it wait for 19 days to execute a profit stop at 5%? It made 5% within the first 2 days and should have triggered then.

Please help.

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