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Filter Exchange · V2 & V1 - Value Zone
msg #158877
3/24/2022 1:34:02 PM


1. After looking at your filter, and a chart of GLD on SF, and your GLD buy chart from TradingView I wrote the filter below to show what is going on in SF for their standard Keltner channels and their standard Average True Range.
I also subtracted the SF 2ATR value from the closing price of GLD yesterday and your buy price yesterday.
Note they are all different....
so I guess I need to research how TradingView calculater their Average True Range

apply to symlist(gld) date offset 1 days
show stocks with an Average Volume(30) between 500000 and 1000000000

add column Lower Keltner Band(20)
add column low
set{var1, lower Keltner Band(20)} add column var1 add column var1 1 day ago
set{var2, upper Keltner Band(20)} add column var2 add column var2 1 day ago
add column var2 1 day ago minus var1 1 day ago
add column atr(20) 1 day ago
add column 2 multiplied by atr(20) 1 day ago

add column 181.78 minus 6.43
add column 181.81 minus 6.43

2. I found the Trade Naviagator platform indicator manual (that's the trading platform Gossett uses in all of his videos) online and they calculate their Keltner Channels in essentially the same way that SF does, using the original Keltner method circa 1960 where the bands are averages of High-Low added to and subtracted from the center moving average.

Clearly neither piece of sw is using Average True Range for those channel/band calculations so the bands/channels are not 1 ATR in distance from one another on a chart.

In fact, SF actually has a way of basing the band/channel calculation on standard deviations if one wanted such.

Hope this helps some,
Ed S.

General Discussion · Hi Y'all ...
msg #158864
3/23/2022 10:19:52 AM

I wasn't aware Biden was president in the early 80's....

When we went to buyt our 1st home in 1983, the 30 yr mortgage rate quoted was 17% so we ended up going with a 4% lower 15 year mortgage rate.

Actual facts would be nice to see occasionally,
Ed S.

General Discussion · ATR above BB issue
msg #158862
3/22/2022 2:38:20 PM

You are probably going to have create a couple of variables using SF's Set command as you have to many math operations in your first line.

Try adding these 4 lines to the end of your filter so you can get an idea of what your issue is:

apply to symlist(panw,tsla)
add column ATR(21)*3 + close
add column 3 multiplied by ATR(21)
add column close plus 3 multiplied by ATR(21)

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Trend Trader Strategy
msg #158814
3/14/2022 11:16:17 AM

Advanced subscription allows us to run some filters that are too complex for basic subscription level but SF puts further complexity limits that advanced level can’t run.
Very annoying,
Ed S

General Discussion · A possible true false logic alternative
msg #158813
3/14/2022 11:11:02 AM

That Fibonacci filter runs in my advanced subscription with no changes required.
Thanks anyway,
Ed S

General Discussion · Gossett Trading & Mentoring - 2/12/22 - Review of last week's stock trades & potential stock trade set ups for the upcoming week
msg #158810
3/14/2022 2:13:53 AM


I'm not particularly keen on Gossett's trading approach per see, but his general discipline, his results, and its like having a trading journal to review and study without any trading risk.

Any tidbit I pick up hopefully will be useful and I'm also analyzing his actions and reasons for how he trades for logic plusses and minuses.

In fact, in his older daily videos he even goes over other persons trades that kind of follow his approach yet in many ways trade differently than he does.

It reinforces the idea that there are many reasons and ways to trade any given stock on any given day.

More of a curiosity to me, especially since our forum has been slumbering a bit of late on trading ideas.

Ed S.

General Discussion · Gossett Trading & Mentoring - 2/12/22 - Review of last week's stock trades & potential stock trade set ups for the upcoming week
msg #158803
3/13/2022 6:52:02 PM


Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Hope you get what you're after from the one on one training.

Ed S.

General Discussion · Gossett Trading & Mentoring - 2/12/22 - Review of last week's stock trades & potential stock trade set ups for the upcoming week
msg #158801
3/13/2022 4:04:40 PM


These questions are regarding the TradingView Deep Dip Buy trade simulation chart that you posted a link for:

1. On the left upper part of your chart you have a line that starts with "Ratings" and further down you have a line that starts DaveSt RSI Trend.

I assume those are your indicators and if so could you briefly describe them?

2. It appears from the 2 days of Profit Target executions you have described in the text boxes that the 2nd day Sold 10% of remaining shares after the first day sales and not 10% of the original shares purchased. Is that correct?

3. I can't tell which colored wavy lines are which moving averages, could you explain which is the 50day etc.?

4. When I look in the bottom section below the main chart for the rejection of the 50 RSI level I see an RSI section with a descriptor RSI_X3 (Close,5,14,21).

Is that Gossetts RSI and parameters, or yours?

Since the ATRs are based on 20 days why isn't the RSI being used based on 20 days?

5. In a lot of his videos that I've watched he normally would sell only 50% when the close is below the previous day's low, is the reason he sold all was because of the combination of rejected indicators?

6. The 3 profit targets are .45 ATR in succession which by my math is .45ATR .90ATR and 1.35ATR.
His Trailing Stop level is 1.5ATR.

Is there a some specific reason he just doesn't use the same !.35 ATR level for his trailing Stop mode since the .15ATR difference is so minor?

7. Looks like the MACD in the bottom section is using the standard 12,26,9 settings, instead of using the 20 day in any setting position, is there a specific reason for that?

and a Bonus question related to his one on one instruction you are participating in:

Is part of your practice/homework is to watch his weekly recap video for last week and this week to see if you would have made the same trading decisions?

Ed S.

General Discussion · Gossett Trading & Mentoring - 2/12/22 - Review of last week's stock trades & potential stock trade set ups for the upcoming week
msg #158796
3/12/2022 1:20:10 AM


I hope you are paying closer attention to your training sessions than you are to my last post in this thread.which you commented on.

I addressed it to Cheese because my questions were specifically related to his recent posts about a simplified Deep Dip Buying approach.

If you reread it I think you'll realize my questions for Cheese were not questions about what you had previously posted.

The questions for you will be coming soon :).

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Correction/Bear market
msg #158789
3/11/2022 1:34:29 AM


It probably depends on which of the many IBD products you are looking at and the time of day that you are looking and I don't know for sure for any of them.

It seems to me that on most daily charts, one of the intraday highs for a day prior to the current trading day ends up being the EOD high for that day, so in essence all EOD highs are/were an intraday high of some kind.

It is always a small conumdrum: Take note of 52 week high prices even though most of our technical analysis centers on daily Close and Open prices.

Ed S.

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