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Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157601
9/20/2021 11:27:08 AM


A few questions if you don't mind.

1.. For week1 of your testing you indicated you had invested about $5K

a. Are you investing nearly the same amount in each position in a given week?
b. Are you increasing the total amount you have to invest with the gains you've accrued?
c. Is the total amount available for a given week's trades reduced due to the positions you held over?

2. For the 2 positions you held over from week 1, how did they turn out?

3. Did you run a Week 3 of tests last week?

Ed S.

General Discussion · Filter not working
msg #157583
9/14/2021 12:07:29 PM

I believe you guys have run into one of SF’s occasional anomalies between math symbols and English text.

If you change this line

show stocks where rsi71 = 0

To this

show stocks where rsi71 equals 0

I believe it will work as expected

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Need help to write filter
msg #157574
9/13/2021 1:59:17 PM

For those who like 1 line solutions that don't use Set statements, I offer several:
Ed S.

add column low 10-day high {Highest Low past 10 days}

the next 1 liner adds the price line drawing at 10 day highest Low

add column low 10-day high {Highest Low past 10 days} draw price line at low 10 day high

the next 1 liner adds filtering for only lows greater than $100, note SF overrides my column header label

add column low 10-day high is greater than 100 {Highest Low past 10 days}

my final 1 liner adds filtering for those 10 day highest Lows that occurred today

add column low 10-day high is equal to low

Filter Exchange · Filter not getting the correct results
msg #157516
9/8/2021 10:18:36 AM


1. I believe you syntax works fine, if you run the filter after hours; as your volume requirement of 5M is not reached for many stocks until later in the day.

If I change that line to
volume 1 day ago is above 5,000,000
then I get 23 results including MSFT on a scan at 10:15am today.

2. You can always check your filter for any single stock symbol by clicking on the Star drop down and choosing Check filter for symbol which gives you a line by line breakdown for your chosen symbol vs. your filter lines.

Ed S.

General Discussion · Help: SF Code for xx trading days back
msg #157452
8/27/2021 5:28:21 PM


I'm not quite following how your suggestion will give the Perf(%) 50 days (April 6th to June 16) .

As I understand the Perf(%) column in SF, it is measuring the performance from the date the filter is run on, in the past, to today's date, no matter whether we use offsets or not.

It appears to me that on Jun 15th that performance column will show the percent change from Jun 15th to Aug 27th not the percent change from April 6th to Jun15th on the one test I tried.

Perhaps you have a clarifying example?

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · date offset
msg #157438
8/26/2021 12:00:37 PM


a. The answer to your 1st comment question is that it returns the daily volume value for the day that is that specific number of days in the past from the date the filter is run.

b. 2nd comment question answer is that I added "add column volume 70 days ago" to show that for NNRX the volume value returned based on the days function result(73) was considerably lower than the actual 52 week high volume value on day 70 but that it was correct for the other 3 stocks in my list.

You definitely don't need that line in your filters.

c. 3rd comment question answer is No, add5 is not a sum of volumes it is just the daily volume value for the day that is 52WL2WH number of days in the past from the date the filter is run.

To my knowledge SF has no way to sum volume using a variable, you must enter a numeric value for number of days in the SF Sum function.

d. 4th comment question is unclear to me what you are asking, please clarify using regular english descriptions without the word "offset" as it has more than one interpretation in SF.

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · date offset
msg #157426
8/25/2021 11:07:59 AM


In the filter below is one way on how to get the volume from a specific day in the past, with the rarely used VarOffset command.

However, I limited the results list to those 4 stocks because NNRX is coming up with the wrong volume info for some unknown reason as the most recent 52 week volume high is much greater than what the filter reports back. But as you can see from the other 3 stocks it seems to work right most of the time...

Your previous posts seem to indicate that you expect recent 52 week lows to precede 52 week highs, I don't believe that will always be the historical order of those 2 events.

Right now, I don't know of any way to get the volume totals between those 2 volume values.

Hope this helps some,
Ed S.
chart-time is 1 year
apply to symlist(nnrx,amc,baba,tqqq)
draw volume 52 week high
draw volume 52 week low

set{var1, days(volume reached a new 52 week high,252)} add column var1

set{add4, VarOffset(volume,var1)} add column add4
add column volume 70 days ago

General Discussion · Is there a bug in the donchian fx?
msg #157424
8/24/2021 10:26:52 AM


Generally, in SF 252 is the maximum lookback number you can use in a filter for any indicator.

Some of the workarounds are:

a. to use the offset command in your filter to have it start its lookback from a point X days in the past.

b. use the date offset command for example "date offset is 1/15/2020"

c. use the date box that appears above your filter results web page, to step thru history one day at a time, or by SF chosen increments, or up to 999 days in the custom Date Offset box at the bottom.

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · date offset
msg #157414
8/22/2021 2:17:56 PM


I can get you access to the 52 week high and lows for volume but I'm not understanding what you mean about average volumes?? as to what length averages are you intending on looking at? or did you just mean to say ordinary daily volumes summed across a specific time-span?

Ed S.

General Discussion · First Filter - Breakout filter
msg #157391
8/16/2021 4:31:53 AM


Things to consider:
Right now it looks like you are first screening the highs for the last 5 days which includes today yet your narrative seems to indicate you are looking for the Close to be between 5 day high value and 5 day low value.

Most of your filtering is going to happen in the adr and close price monthly comparisons.

If you give us a couple of example stocks you expect to see in the results we may be better able to help

Ed S.

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