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Filter Exchange · need help with 50 day ma
msg #27853
8/14/2003 10:57:42 PM

Fetcher[close 1 day ago crossed below ma(50) 1 day ago]

msg #27817
8/13/2003 8:36:11 PM

... looks nice

1) macd histogram?
2) don't you mean sar crossed below close to signal potential long entry points - it seems crossed above signals shorting entry points - or as one would expect of SAR parabolic - an exit point for long trades.

Please clarify your thinking.


General Discussion · Feature request(s)
msg #27661
8/2/2003 11:02:41 PM


You're describing something very similar to what I see the match list feature does in SF. If you load all your filters in My Filters and then click on Match List you can sort the resulting table by the number of hits and see the ticker symbols in order that matched the most filters. What else do you mean?


General Discussion · A Challenge ... the actual selections ...the best you can offer
msg #27640
8/1/2003 8:48:03 AM

August 1 - SGI @ 1.23

Filter Exchange · MACD
msg #27602
7/28/2003 11:05:27 PM

... I think you mean both the fast line and the slow line cross above 0

Fetcher[MACD fast line(12,26) crossed above 0 and the MACD slow line(12,26) crossed above 0]

Filter Exchange · New Filter Request
msg #27579
7/26/2003 11:34:51 AM

Thanks Rumpled One!! I don't know what I was trying at the time (equals, equal to, ?) but it wasn't working.

General Discussion · HG's Trading Buddy
msg #27571
7/25/2003 4:14:31 PM

... if you guys work together so much it seems to me it would make more sense to have one account and share (just kidding!!) - I love your posts - just try to be patient with those of us who are "filter-challenged".


Filter Exchange · New Filter Request
msg #27533
7/24/2003 8:45:52 AM

... wouldn't "close at the high of the day" be ...

Fetcher[high minus close is below 0.0001]

... or

Fetcher[close is above day position(0.999)]

SF doesn't allow for "equal to".


General Discussion · RSI Bottom Failure Swing
msg #27489
7/21/2003 12:28:11 AM


I think this is close -

Fetcher[low is above low 1 day ago
and low 1 day ago is below low 2 days ago
and RSI(14) is above RSI(14) 1 day ago
and RSI(14) 1 day ago is below RSI(14) 2 days ago
and low 9 days ago is above low 10 days ago
and low 10 days ago is below low 11 days ago
and RSI(14) 9 days ago is above RSI(14) 10 days ago
and RSI(14) 10 days ago is below RSI(14) 11 days ago
and low 1 day ago reached a new 10 day low
and RSI(14) 10 day low 1 day ago reached a new 10 day high

What is it missing?


General Discussion · GGAL
msg #27482
7/20/2003 5:30:14 PM

.. this filter (a variation of my BBSqueeze filter - see my "Explosion Filter??" post in filter exchange)

Fetcher[bollinger width(20) is below 0.20 and high is above upper bollinger band(20) and low is above lower bollinger band(20) and volume has gained more than 80% over the last 1 day and close is between 0.1 and 10 and average volume(90) is above 25000
and date offset is 35

.. catches GGAL on Thursday, May 29 - 2 days before it's walk up the UBB from ~3.20 - ~4.80


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